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SHOPWORN - Gambit Busters

Take it, Keep it and Win!

Product Code: SWB0318EM

Publisher: Everyman Chess
Author: Sam Collins
Year of Publication: 2010

Pages: 207
Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

Book Description

We have all had the experience of facing nasty gambits and ultra-aggressive opening play. It's scary and it's always been difficult to find good, practical advice on how to react. Now, however, help is at hand.

In this book, Sam Collins tackles this subject head on. He explores in depth the basic gambit approaches, the typical mistakes made at all levels, the world-class defensive and counterattacking techniques displayed by the great players, and how you can learn from them. In addition, he covers some key theory of many popular gambits in modern chess. Be bold, be brave and grab those pawns!

This book shows you how to:
Beat unsound gambits Keep a cool head under pressure Counterattack when the time is right Make your extra material count
About the Author:

Sam Collins is a young FIDE Master from Ireland who won the Irish Championship in 2002. He competed in several World and European junior championships and has represented Ireland in two Olympiads, winning a gold medal at Bled in 2002. He is also an experienced chess teacher who has lectured at the Berkeley Chess School in California.

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Shopworn Yes
ISBN 9781857446425
Manufacturer Everyman Chess
Author(s) Sam Collins
Publication Date Dec 25, 2010
Media Mail Eligible Yes

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