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OPAL - Novag Chess Computer

Product Code: CPU0030-B


The Star Opal, from Novag Computers, is a beautiful travel chess computer. The Star Opal has a rating of 1900 Elo and a large library of openings and 128 redesigned playing levels offer strength and versatility. The Novag Star Opal is an excellent quality chess computer and represents the latest and finest in electronic innovation from Novag.

* Very strong 16K program with 8MHz System clock speed
* Now 128 redesigned playing levels offer strength and versatility
* Including opening book with more than 8500 halfmoves
* 5" x 5" fully sensory chessboard with unique move indicator system
* Piece storage and miniature Staunton Pattern Chessmen for maximum ease of use
* HINT, TRAINING and REFEREE function if you need advice
* Moves can be taken back (25 halfmoves)
* Random generator
* Solves most mates in 6 moves
* Many hours of fun from 4 x AAA cells (must be purchased separately)



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