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Chess Clocks

Invest in a quality chess clock with a variety of styles and brands to choose from at The House of Staunton. Some chess clock brands offered include: Chronos, Saitek, and Excalibur. There are also a variety of styles of clocks to choose from including digital clocks, analog clocks, and mechanical clocks. There are clocks for both the serious chess player and the casual chess enthusiast. These clocks are easy to use and easy to set up. Chess clocks serve as timers for chess players, they record the players accumulated times, and have buttons for stopping and starting the time at the end of each move. The easy timer digital clocks are ideal for chess beginners and chess players that are budget conscious and do not need the advanced features offered on the more expensive models. The digital folding clock has all the features a chess player needs in a clock for tournament or blitz chess. Some mechanical clocks do not require batteries, just winding. These mechanical clocks are housed in a beautiful solid wood case, and have quiet mechanisms. You won't find a more attractive chess clock for these prices anywhere.

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