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    Excalibur Game Time II Digital Chess Clock

    Available in Both Red and Black

    Product Code: CLKGTII-B

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    The Game Time II is the finest timer available for gaming activities where the time element is critical to game play. This clock offers the widest variety of preset game options available on any game timer on the market today. It covers just about any situation imaginable. It also allows users to set their own unique custom settings which can be saved for future use. This includes Delay (1-19 seconds) and Bonus (up to 60 seconds.)

    The GameTime II offers the largest display available on any game timer and has the largest number of user-controlled options such as an end-of-game tone, a warning beep (useful for 10-second chess), a move counter, claim mode and the ability to end a game after a specific number of moves, all of which can be switched on or off. Aside from the more traditional primary and secondary time controls, sudden-death time controls are available for primary, secondary and/or tertiary time controls. There are over 90 preset game options, which include all the popular chess time controls as well as time controls such as Canadian overtime, Byo-yomi for Go players, Hour-glass and Gong.


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