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    1959 2015 1959 to 2015
    1. Ishi Press (24)
    2. Dover Chess (12)
    3. Everyman Chess (10)
    4. Russell Enterprises (6)
    5. Hays Publishing (5)
    6. Silman James Press (4)
    7. Batsford Chess (3)
    8. Quality Chess (3)
    9. Self Published (2)
    10. Random House (2)
    11. American Chess (2)
    12. Chess Digest (1)
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    1. Endgames (4)
    2. Match and Trounament (1)
    3. General Chess Instruction (1)
    4. Beginner Chess (1)
    5. Chess Puzzles (1)
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    Popular Book Series
    1. My Great Predecessors (7)
    Foreign Language?
    1. Written in Russian (3)
    2. Written in Spanish (1)
    Chess Notation Type
    1. DN - Descriptive (33)
    2. FAN - Figurine (19)
    3. AN - Algebraic (18)
    4. NL - Notationless (3)
    1. Yes (8)
    Hardware Requirements
    1. Windows (3)
    1. Alexander Alekhine (3)
    2. Alexander Kotov (1)
    3. Aron Nimzowitsch (4)
    4. Bobby Fischer (5)
    5. Donn Mosenfelder (1)
    6. Edward Lasker (1)
    7. Emanuel Lasker (1)
    8. Frank Brady (1)
    9. Fred Reinfeld (4)
    10. Garry Kasparov (7)
    11. H. Kramer (3)
    12. Hans Kmoch (1)
    13. Howard Staunton (3)
    14. I.A. Horowitz (3)
    15. Igor Zaitsev (foreword) (1)
    16. Ilya Maizelis (1)
    17. Irving Chernev (3)
    18. J.F.S. Rumble (1)
    19. Jennifer Shahade (1)
    20. Jeremy Silman (3)
    21. Jose Raul Capablanca (3)
    22. Larry Evans (1)
    23. Lou Hays (4)
    24. Ludek Pachman (3)
    25. M. Blaine (1)
    26. Mark Dvoretsky (1)
    27. Max Euwe (6)
    28. Miguel Najdorf (1)
    29. Mikhail Tal (2)
    30. Neil McDonald (1)
    31. Paul Keres (2)
    32. Peter Romanovsky (2)
    33. Reuben Fine (1)
    34. Richard Reti (1)
    35. Rudolf Spielmann (1)
    36. Siegbert Tarrasch (2)
    37. Stuart Marquilies (1)
    38. Tigran Petrosian (1)
    39. Vik Vasiliev (1)
    40. Walter Meiden (2)
    41. Yasser Seirawan (1)
    42. Yuri Averbakh (4)
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    1. How to Win in the Chess Openings

      How to Win in the Chess Openings

      Our Price: $24.95

      International Master Al Horowitz goes through every major chess opening system and provides just one line of play for White, one line of play for Black, and the reason for each move by White or Black. This book will not show the reader how to win every game, but it will provide an easy route which will enable the player to get a reasonable, playable position out of the opening with good winning chances, even against the strongest opponents, without having to memorize a bunch of opening lines.

      Learn More

    2. My 60 Memorable Games

      My 60 Memorable Games

      Our Price: $26.95

      This is an exact reproduction of the original 1969 classic work, My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer. Unfortunately, there have been many efforts by other authors and contributors to "improve" on Fischer's work by converting the text into algebraic notation and then correcting what they thought were mistakes in analysis. It turned out that what they thought were mistakes by Fischer were mistakes by themselves. Fischer's analysis was correct. Their's was wrong. As a result, Fischer famously went on the radio to denounce those who claimed to have "improved" on his work.

      Learn More

    3. My 60 Memorable Games

      My 60 Memorable Games

      Our Price: $22.95

      In this authoritative reissue of one of the most important chess books ever written, the great Bobby Fischer takes the reader move by move through 60 of his most instructive and entertaining games, including the astounding 'Game of the Century' played when he was only 15 years old!

      Learn More

    4. Modern Ideas in Chess

      Modern Ideas in Chess

      Our Price: $25.95

      Modern Ideas in Chess is one of the Great Classics of chess literature. Originally published in German in 1923 as Die neuen Ideen im Schachspiel, it created an immediate sensation. This was a period of the emergence of new theories and new ways of thinking about chess.

      Learn More

    5. Chess Fundamentals

      Chess Fundamentals

      Our Price: $25.95

      This is the masterpiece by World Chess Champion Jose Raul Capablanca who is regarded as the strongest chess player who ever lived, prior to the arrival of Bobby Fischer.

      World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik regarded Capablanca's Chess Fundamentals as the best chess book ever written.

      Learn More

    6. Tigran Petrosian - His Life and Games

      Tigran Petrosian - His Life and Games

      Our Price: $25.95

      Tigran Petrosian (1929-1984) was World Chess Champion from 1963 to 1969 and was one of the strongest players in the world throughout his lengthy career. Petrosian was a Candidate for the World Championship on eight occasions (1953, 1956, 1959, 1962, 1971, 1974, 1977 and 1980).

      Learn More

    7. Fundamentos Del Ajedrez - SPANISH EDITION

      Fundamentos Del Ajedrez - SPANISH EDITION

      Our Price: $25.95

      Tratado de los principios basicos del juego-ciencia, expuestos con notable precision y claridad, y desarrollados y aplicados en una serie de partidas comentadas por el propio campeon.

      Fundamentos del Ajedrez se publico por primera vez hace trece anos. Desde entonces han aparecidos numerosos articulos bajo el titulo, por lo general, de "teoria hipermoderna del ajedrez".

      Learn More

    8. Staunton's Chess-Player's Handbook

      Staunton's Chess-Player's Handbook

      Our Price: $25.95
      The name "Staunton" has become so closely associated with chess that the words have become virtually synonymous. All modern tournament chess games are required to be played with Staunton chess pieces. The First International Chess Tournament, London 1851, was organized by Staunton. The leading distributor of chess books and equipment in the USA has taken the name "House of Staunton". Learn More
    9. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

      Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

      Our Price: $25.95

      Learn to think the same way Bobby Fischer did. This is the fastest, most efficient, most enjoyable book on chess ever compiled. As the student, you start at the beginning and progressively develop your skills as you apply Bobby Fischer's principles and learn how to play Chess the Bobby way.

      Learn More

    10. Chess Duels

      Chess Duels

      Our Price: $34.95

      Four-time US Champion Yasser Seirawan provides a fascinating and highly entertaining account of his games and encounters with the world champions of chess including: Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky, Tigran Petrosian, Mikhail Tal, Vassily Smyslov, Mikhail Botvinnik and Max Euwe. Having been involved in frequent battles against world champions over a 25-year period, Seirawan is in an ideal position to reveal how it really feels to be facing the legends of the game. He describes and analyses, in depth, his most memorable encounters - both famous victories and painful defeats, against the best chessplayers of the last 50 years.

      Learn More

    11. 107 Great Chess Battles - 1939-1945

      107 Great Chess Battles - 1939-1945

      Our Price: $9.95

      One of the game's greatest players annotates scores of fascinating games involving such masters as Capablanca, Bogoljubov, Kashdan, Reshevsky, Tartakower, Keres and others, including many of Alekhine's own games. Includes delightfully candid views on fellow masters and rivals for the world title. Edited and translated by E. G. Winter. Preface. Index.

      Learn More

    12. LIMITED EDITION - How to Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition - AUTOGRAPHED BY JEREMY SILMAN

      LIMITED EDITION - How to Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition - AUTOGRAPHED BY JEREMY SILMAN

      Our Price: $49.95

      For a limited time purchase the special autographed, collector's edition of Jeremy Silman's How to Reassess Your Chess, 4th Edition, in hardcover version and get the author's commemorative t-shirt free! This offer is limited to the first 100 customers!

      Learn More

    13. How to Reassess Your Chess - 4TH EDITION

      How to Reassess Your Chess - 4TH EDITION

      Our Price: $29.95

      How to Reassess Your Chess has long been considered a modern classic. Now this fourth, and final edition completely rewritten and featuring all new example stakes Silman's groundbreaking concept of imbalances to a whole new level.

      Learn More

    14. The Chess-Player's Companion

      The Chess-Player's Companion

      Our Price: $29.95

      This is the third in a series of three books by Howard Staunton, who is considered to have been the best player in the world at that time.

      Learn More
    15. Chess Praxis

      Chess Praxis

      Our Price: $29.95

      This is a reprint of the 1891 edition of "Chess Praxis" by Howard Staunton. This book contains so much valuable infomation about chess and chess players that it has never gone out, and never will go, out of style. This book is especially noteworthy because of the sections of the games by Morphy.

      Learn More
    16. The Art of Sacrifice in Chess

      The Art of Sacrifice in Chess

      Our Price: $12.95

      The first systematic attempt to explain and exploit the theory of chess sacrifice, this guide remains an extremely helpful weapon in the arsenal of players at every level.

      Learn More
    17. The Logical Approach to Chess

      The Logical Approach to Chess

      Our Price: $19.95

      This has long been one of the standard books on basic chess strategy. It takes the player from the middle game of chess and shows how to take it to a favorable conclusion.

      Learn More
    18. Alexander Alekhine - My Best Games of Chess - 1908-1937

      Alexander Alekhine - My Best Games of Chess - 1908-1937

      Our Price: $19.95

      This unequaled collection reproduces Alekhine's 220 best games, his own personal acounts of the dazzling victories that made him a legend. Spanning almost thirty years of tournament play, it includes historic matches against Capablanca, Euwe and Bogoljubov, and chronicles his briliant ascent to world mastery, his surprising defeat in 1935, and his dramatic return two years later - the first deposed champion to regain his crown.

      Learn More
    19. The Road to Chess Mastery

      The Road to Chess Mastery

      Our Price: $25.95

      Through an introduction that explains how the ordinary chess player can improve in the various phases of the game of chess, and in enlightening commentaries far more extensive than space permits in an ordinary annotated game, former World Champion Dr. Max Euwe shows how a chess player should think, by indicating the moves for all but the most obvious moves of each game. By applying what he learns in this work the reader may, indeed, find himself traveling the road to chess mastery.

      Learn More
    20. Endgame - PAPERBACK

      Endgame - PAPERBACK

      Our Price: $15.95

      ENDGAME is acclaimed biographer Frank Brady's decades-in-the-making tracing of the meteoric ascent--and confounding descent--of enigmatic genius Bobby Fischer. Only Brady, who met Fischer when the prodigy was only 10 and shared with him some of his most dramatic triumphs, could have written this book, which has much to say about the nature of American celebrity and the distorting effect.of fame

      Learn More

    21. The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings

      The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings

      Our Price: $25.95

      This book presents the indispensable foundations for the understanding of the variations of the chess openings.

      Learn More
    22. A Complete Chess Course - How to Win at Chess - VOLUME I

      A Complete Chess Course - How to Win at Chess - VOLUME I

      Our Price: $25.95

      This is a combined work, taking five separate books and combining them into one volume, but then re-dividing them into two volumes.

      Learn More
    23. A Complete Chess Course - How to Win at Chess - VOLUME II

      A Complete Chess Course - How to Win at Chess - VOLUME II

      Our Price: $25.95

      This is a combined work, taking five separate books and combining them into one volume, but then re-dividing them into two volumes.

      Learn More
    24. Power Chess

      Power Chess

      Our Price: $25.95

      Paul Keres — "the greatest player never to have been world champion" — was a legendary figure in chess. The depth of his conceptions and the elegance and beauty of his play rank him among such immortals as Alekhine, Tal, Bronstein, Botvinnik, and Bobby Fischer.

      Learn More
    25. Zurich 1953

      Zurich 1953

      Our Price: $29.95

      A great tournament deserves a great book. That's what grandmaster Miguel Najdorf produced in his account of one of the greatest and most important chess events of all time, the 1953 Zurich Candidates Tournament

      Learn More
    26. Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 1

      Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 1

      Our Price: $19.95

      The First volume of Ludek Pachman's great trilogy Complete Chess Strategy which first appeared in Czechoslovak and German. Planning the Pieces deals with the long term planning, handling and positioning of the individual chess pieces.

      Learn More
    27. Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 2

      Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 2

      Our Price: $19.95

      Publisher: ISHI Press
      Author: Ludek Pachman
      Year of Publication: 2012 (Reprint)

      Pages: 185
      Notation Type: Descriptive (DN)

      Book Description

      Continuing his major work on strategy and tactics in modern chess, the internationalyl renowned Grandmaster, Ludek Pachman, now turns his attention to the play of the pawns and the achievement of control of the center squares.

      Though the pawns are the weakest pieces in chess, their importance in determining the character of the attack (and defense) and the development of strategic play cannot be underestimated. Pawns are essential to the protection of important squares and pieces. They are the best means of blockading enemy pawns and when correctly deployed, their advance can open vital files and diagonals, thereby creating weaknesses in the opposite position. Despite its limited power, the pawn has one special advantage over other pieces in that it can be promoted when it reaches the eighth rank; a successful pawn advance can completely change the balance of power and the outcome of a game. Pawns have aptly been described as "the soul of chess."

      Vital of chess mastery is a basic understanding of the importance of control of the center squares. The effectiveness of the pieces depend upon the strength of their position and center control creates a vital sapatial superiority.

      The effective play of the pawns and center control have been touched upon on other works, but seldom with the insight and lucidity revealed in this second volume of Pachman's masterwork.

      Learn More
    28. Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 3

      Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 3

      Our Price: $19.95

      In each of these books the need for understanding is emphasized: there are too many variations for any memory to store. The player must understand the basic principles involved and the typical positions or maneuvers that can arise.

      Learn More
    29. The Immortal Games of Capablanca

      The Immortal Games of Capablanca

      Our Price: $12.95

      Superbly annotated treasury includes 113 of the Cuban master's greatest games against Marshall, Lasker, Euwe, and many other formidable opponents.

      Learn More
    30. The Game Of Chess

      The Game Of Chess

      Our Price: $16.95

      Finally, the author deals with openings and offers enlightening comments on many historically important variations. Over 340 diagrams and 12 complete games.

      Learn More
    31. My Best Games of Chess

      My Best Games of Chess

      Our Price: $34.95
      In chess literature, there have only been a very few chess books that have immediately-and permanently-established themselves as classics. Lasker's Manual of Chess by Emanuel Lasker, Masters of the Chessboard by Richard Reti and Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual by Mark Dvoretsky are three that come to mind. There are of course others, among them My Best Games of Chess, 1908-1937 by the fourth world chess champion, Alexander Alekhine. Learn More
    32. How To Play Chess Like a Champion

      How To Play Chess Like a Champion

      Our Price: $14.95
      Reinfeld's Masterpiece How to Play Chess like a Champion is Fred Reinfeld's sequel to his How to be a Winner at Chess and an absolute gem. In it the reader will find an exquisite blending of classic games, stories, insights, and instruction as only Reinfeld can put together. Rarely has an author succeeded so well as here, combining instruction, entertainment, and pure enjoyment. This new 21st-century edition is presented in modern algebraic notation in a double-column format, with many more diagrams. Throughout, the writing of Reinfeld, the master wordsmith and instructor, has been left intact. How to Play Chess like a Champion is among the very best introductory chess books ever produced, bar none, capturing the essence of good chess in a most readable, enjoyable, easy-to-grasp format. Learn More
    33. 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices & Combinations

      1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices & Combinations

      Our Price: $19.95
      Enhance Your Tactical Weapons! 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combination is the companion volume to Reinfeld's 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate. Of course each book can be taken on its own, but together they make a wonderful collection, and cover the full range of tactical chess. And they are now both available in 21st-century editions, using modern algebraic notation. Learn More
    34. Dvoretsky Endgame Manual

      Dvoretsky Endgame Manual

      Our Price: $34.95
      The Fourth Edition of a Modern Classic When you are serious about improving your endgame skills, it is time for Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual. Perhaps the best known and most respected instructor of world class chessplayers, Mark Dvoretsky has produced a comprehensive work on the endgame that will reward players of all strengths. For those ready to immerse themselves in endgame theory, there may be no better manual available today. But, even if you do not play at master level, the book has been designed to help your endgame too. Basic theories and "must-know" concepts are highlighted in blue. You may skip the more complex analysis, focus on the text in blue, and still improve your endgame technique. Learn More
    35. The Soviet Chess Primer

      The Soviet Chess Primer

      Our Price: $24.95
      Ilya Maizelis’s masterpiece is the definitive introduction to the game of chess. It has inspired generations of Russians to take up the game, including arguably the two greatest players of all time, the 12th and 13th World Champions. The Soviet Chess Primer is a modern English translation of Maizelis’s witty introduction to the royal game. This new edition of a timeless classic includes an original foreword from the 2nd World Champion, Emanuel Lasker, as well as an introduction from the most celebrated chess trainer of modern times, Mark Dvoretsky. Learn More
    36. Chess World Championship 1972 - Fischer vs. Spassky

      Chess World Championship 1972 - Fischer vs. Spassky

      Our Price: $19.95
      This is the most complete book on the Match for the World Chess Championship between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. For every move, there is a diagram and an explanation of the reasons for the move. This new version of this timeless classic includes a new introduction, which includes comments and revelations by leading Soviet Grandmasters concerning the match and its outcome. Learn More

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