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Watson on the Play of the Hand at Contract Bridge

Product Code: B0021IS


Publisher: Ishi Press
Author: Louis Watson
Year of Publication: 2008(2nd)

Pages: 516
Notation Type: Notationless (NO)

Book Description

This is THE BOOK that every strong bridge player in the world has studied. Louis H. WATSON, the author of this book, was rated as one of the ten outstanding Bridge players in the world by all experts and authorities. Collier's Magazine of March 24,1934, ranked Mr. Watson as No. 4 player. Ely Culbertson considered Mr. Watson "among two or three authorities really qualified to write on Bridge, because he is a master player, a great analyst and a fine writer-all in one." For many years Mr. Watson was closely associated with Mr. Culbertson as, Technical Editor of The Bridge World Magazine. As Bridge Editor of The New York Post, Mr. Watson wrote daily for this newspaper and associated newspapers. The Post said: "Even more than for his skill, and his Bridge trail-blazing, Mr. Watson deserves a special niche among Bridge masters. For he is a Bridge expert who can also write. He can make the most complex and critical Bridge situation as clear as simple honors." MR. WATSON'S CHAMPIONSHIP RECORD In 1934 he won the Team-of-Four Championship of the All-American Whist League at Chicago with Samuel Fry, Jr., A. Mitchell Barnes and H. Hither Boscowitz; also won the Contract Pair Championship of the same tournament with Samuel Fry, Jr. In 1934 he won the Cavendish Club Individual Trophy, competing against a score of New York's master Bridge players. In 1933 he won the Team-of-Four Championship of the All-American Whist League with Samuel Fry, Jr., Walter Malowan and Charles Lochridge; also won the Contract Pair Championship of the same tournament with Samuel Fry, Jr. In 1932 he won the National Team-of-Four Championship of the American Bridge League at Asbury Park with Oswald Jacoby, Michael T. Gottlieb and Theodore A. Lightner.

Our Price: $29.95

Author: Louis Watson
Publication Date: April 7, 2008
Notation Type: NL - Notationless
Page Count: 516 Pages

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