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Tips for Young Players

Product Code: B0259EM

Publisher: Everyman Chess
Author: Matthew Sadler
Year of Publication: 1996

Pages: 160
Notation Type: Algebraic (AN)

Book DescriptionOne of England's highest ranked players, Grandmaster Matthew Sadler answers the critical questions that most often perplex young chess players, including...

* Which openings should I play?
* How do I learn to spot tactics?
* What do I need to know about the endgame?

Don't let the title fool you - Tips for Young Players is not just for children. Anyone who wants to improve their chess game would profit from this book. The author has a knack for demystifying some of the more abstruse aspects of the game and presenting them in a clear and easily understood manner.

In the first half of this book, Sadler concentrates on establishing general principles for the opening, middlegame, and endgame. For instance, the section on the opening discusses the principles of good development, king safety, center occupation, and the initiative. Each section concludes with a summary of the important points and selection of exercises to help you see how much you've internalized before you go on.

The second half of the book delves more deeply into the game, discussing the development of and opening repertoire to suit your individual style and the elements of planning and strategy, positional play, and some of the subtleties of the endgame.

The final chapter offers tips and exercises for improving your play as well as suggestions for further reading. Tips for Young Players is sure to improve the game of casual players or anyone rated under 1400 who wants to take their game to the next level. With his lucid and engaging writing style, Sadler is well on his way to becoming one of the top chess writers around.

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ISBN 9781857442311
Manufacturer Everyman Chess
Author(s) Matthew Sadler
Pages 160 Pages
Publication Date Jan 1, 1999
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
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Media Mail Eligible Yes

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