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  6. Chess Information (4)
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  8. Chess Digest (3)
  9. Chess Evolution (3)
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  11. Silman James Press (2)
  12. Sahovski Chess (2)
  13. Dover Chess (2)
  14. Hays Publishing (2)
  15. Ariva Publishing (1)
  16. Under Cover Publishing (1)
  17. Russian Chess House (1)
  18. McFarland Publishing (1)
  19. Random House (1)
  20. Quality Chess (1)
  21. Players' Press (1)
  22. Batsford Chess (1)
  23. Farrar Straus & Giroux (1)
  24. Cardoza Chess (1)
  25. US Chess Federation (1)
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  6. Aron Nimzowitsch (2)
  7. Assiac (1)
  8. Betty Roberts (1)
  9. Bobby Fischer (1)
  10. Boris Gulko (1)
  11. Burt Hochberg (1)
  12. Chess Informant (1)
  13. Chess Informants (2)
  14. Christian Hesse (1)
  15. Coach Jay Stallings (1)
  16. Colin Crouch (1)
  17. Dan Heisman (2)
  18. Danny Gormally (1)
  19. Danny Kopec (1)
  20. David Bronstein (1)
  21. David Friedgood (1)
  22. David Lemoir (1)
  23. David Levy (2)
  24. Dirk Geuzendam (2)
  25. Don Schultz (2)
  26. Donald M. Liddell (1)
  27. Dr. Danny Kopec (1)
  28. E. Ilyin (1)
  29. Emanuel Lasker (2)
  30. Eric Schiller (1)
  31. Eric Schiller (1)
  32. Fabien Libiszewski (1)
  33. Genna Sosonko (1)
  34. Genrikh Chepukatis (1)
  35. Georges Renaud (1)
  36. Hal Terrie (1)
  37. Howard Staunton (2)
  38. I.A. Horowitz (1)
  39. Irving Chernev (2)
  40. Irving Chernev. (1)
  41. Jacob Aagaard (1)
  42. Jacob Aagaard (1)
  43. Jeremy Silman (3)
  44. Jeroen Bosch (2)
  45. Jesse Kraii (1)
  46. John Graham (1)
  47. John Nunn (2)
  48. Jon Edwards (2)
  49. Jonathan Levitt (1)
  50. Jose Raul Capablanca (2)
  51. Josh Waitzkin (1)
  52. Kenneth Harkness (1)
  53. Kerry Lawless (2)
  54. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (1)
  55. Larry Evans (1)
  56. Larry Parr (1)
  57. Leonard Morgan (1)
  58. Lev Alburt (4)
  59. Lou Hays (1)
  60. Matthew Sadler (1)
  61. Max Euwe (1)
  62. Michael de la Maza (2)
  63. Nigel Davies (1)
  64. Paul Keres (1)
  65. Peter Zhdanov (1)
  66. Reuben Fine (2)
  67. Richard Marcus (1)
  68. Richard Reti (1)
  69. Richard Tarravechia (1)
  70. Robert E. Burger (1)
  71. Robin Smith (1)
  72. Roman Pelts (2)
  73. Russell Chauvenet (1)
  74. Sam Sloan (3)
  75. Siegbert Tarrasch (1)
  76. Simon Williams (3)
  77. Steve Giddins (1)
  78. Tim Just (3)
  79. Timothy Taylor (1)
  80. V. Grishin (1)
  81. Victor Kahn (1)
  82. Viktor Moskalenko (1)
  83. Walter Tevis (1)
  84. William Kent Smith (1)
  85. William Stewart (2)
  86. Yuri Felshtinsky (1)
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  1. Fried Liver & Burning Pants

    Fried Liver & Burning Pants

    Coach Jay Stallings takes coaches and players alike through some of the strangest and weirdest (yet true!) stories in Chess. From how Ossip Bernstein had to save his own life with a game of chess to Bobby Fischer's amazing winning streak to Harry Nelson Pillsbury's ability to play Chess, Checkers and cards at the same time, there is something in here for everyone, complete with Coach Stalling's insights on what you can learn from these stories to improve your own game! Learn More
  2. The World Champions I Knew

    The World Champions I Knew

    The legendary chess players that Genna Sosonko brings to life in this new collection of his acclaimed writing have one thing in common: Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal and Petrosian, they were all world champions. Learn More
  3. Learn Chess in 12 Lessons

    Learn Chess in 12 Lessons

    This is the first book in Lev Alburt's famous Comprehensive Chess Course. Learn everything from the basics of piece movement up to the value of the chess pieces, strategies, tactics, and opening principles. These practical exercises take the reader from beginner to tournament-strength chess player. This chess classic has been praised by players and teachers alike. Learn More
  4. CLEARANCE - How to Get Better at Chess

    CLEARANCE - How to Get Better at Chess

    Regular Price: $17.95

    Special Price $2.00

    The material in these pages form one of the most original chess books ever printed. Questions that have been in the mind of all chess players are answered by the greatest legends of the game. Luminaries such as Grandmasters Tal, Larsen and Seirawan present previously unpublished stories, comments and anecdotes that will usrely delight any chess enthusiast. Learn More
  5. 50 Ways to Win at Chess

    50 Ways to Win at Chess

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $5.00

    In a sequel to the hugely successful 50 Essential Chess Lessons, Steve Giddins now presents 50 games that each illustrate an important winning method. This engaging and highly readable book is a painless way to build your personal arsenal of techniques and ideas. Learn More
  6. Struggle


    Lasker's book delves deeply into all phases of life and struggles. He attempts to create a general theory of all competitive activities, including chess, business and war. Learn More
  7. Curious Chess Facts

    Curious Chess Facts

    Curious Chess Facts is Irving Chernev's first book. Published in 1937, it is his famous collection of chess anecdotes. The facts in this book are so famous that they have become part of chess lore, repeated thousands of times, published in countless books and magazine articles by many different authors, such that it is almost forgotten that this book is the original published source. Learn More
  8. Finding Bobby Fischer

    Finding Bobby Fischer

    Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam’s gripping encounter with the legendary American recluse, a journalist’s dream come true, is the worthy apotheosis of this unique collection of interviews which were first published in New In Chess between 1986 and 1992. Learn More
  9. Checkmate - Bobby Fischer's Boys' Life Columns

    Checkmate - Bobby Fischer's Boys' Life Columns

    From December 1966 until January 1970, Bobby Fischer wrote a chess column for Boys’ Life, the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. Now, for the first time, all of these columns have been collected in one volume. It is an eclectic mix, a fascinating look at Fischer’s writing and thinking as he reached his prime, maturing into the strongest player in the world. Learn More
  10. The Game Of Chess

    The Game Of Chess

    A famous chess manual for 75 years, now re-edited for the modern chess player. Dr. Tarrasch was one of the world's strongest players in the late 19th century and this manual teaches chess from the novice level to Class A / Expert strength players. It fully covers, tactics, endings, and opening play. A must for every serious chess player. Learn More
  11. Computer Chess Compendium

    Computer Chess Compendium

    The remarkable increase in strength of chess computers over the last ten years has resulted in a flood of books and articles on programming methods and new approaches to analysing positions.All important articles on the subject have now been collected together in one volume together with the best games by chess computers including the World Computer Championships. Learn More
  12. Analyse du je des d'echecs - FRENCH EDITION

    Analyse du je des d'echecs - FRENCH EDITION

    >Francois-Andre Danican Philidor (1726-1795) is widely regarded as the strongest chess player ever in history prior to the modern era. He was so much better than any of his contemporaries that it is impossible for us to know how good he really was. The edition of the book that is reprinted here was published in 1871 by C. Sanson. This shows that the original Philidor book was still the standard work on the subject one hundred years after it was first written. Learn More
  13. SHOPWORN - Rapid Chess Improvement

    SHOPWORN - Rapid Chess Improvement

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $9.98

    The two-part article, "400 Points in 400 Days" by Michael de la Maza was not only wildly popular when it appeared in the Skittles Room at early last year, but its popularity also continued unabated even when it was retired to the Archives. Now the dozen and a half or so pages that made up "400 Points" has been transformed into a full-blown 126-page book published by Everyman Chess: "Rapid Chess Improvement: A Study Plan for Adult Players".

    Learn More

  14. SHOPWORN - Chess Psychology

    SHOPWORN - Chess Psychology

    Regular Price: $26.95

    Special Price $10.78

    In chess, more than in any other game, battles are won and lost in the mind. US National Master William Stewart is convinced that a positive attitude is crucial if you want to develop and achieve success as a chess player, and in this book he focuses on the vital subject of chess psychology. Learn More
  15. Thought and Choice in Chess

    Thought and Choice in Chess

    What does a chessmaster think when he prepares his next move? How are his thoughts organized? Which methods and strategies does he use by solving his problem of choice? To answer these questions, the author did an experimental study in 1938, to which famous chessmasters participated (Alekhine, Max Euwe and Flohr). This book is still useful for everybody who studies cognition and artificial intelligence. Learn More
  16. Modern Ideas in Chess

    Modern Ideas in Chess

    Modern Ideas in Chess is one of the Great Classics of chess literature. Originally published in German in 1923 as Die neuen Ideen im Schachspiel, it created an immediate sensation. This was a period of the emergence of new theories and new ways of thinking about chess. Learn More
  17. The President's Crown of Thorns

    The President's Crown of Thorns

    Autobiography of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, President of the World Chess Federation (''FIDE'') from 1995 to the Present. This is an amazing book because it describes the break-up of the Soviet Union and provides an autobiography of how a man realizing the huge changes in the process of taking place in Russian society was able to become a millionaire. Learn More
  18. Understanding Chess Move by Move

    Understanding Chess Move by Move

    Publisher: Gambit Author: John NunnYear of Publication: 2008 Pages: 240Notation Type: Figurine (FN) Book Description John Nunn is one of the most highly regarded chess writers in the world. He has carefully selected thirty modern games to help the reader understand the most important aspects of chess and to illustrate modern chess principles in action. Virtually every move is explained using words that everyone can understand. Jargon is avoided as far as possible. Almost all the examples are taken from the 1990s and show how key ideas are handled by the grandmasters of today. The emphasis is on general principles that readers will be able to use in their own games, and detailed analysis is only given where it is necessary. Each game contains many lessons, but to guide the reader through the most important ideas in each phase of the game, the thirty games are grouped thematically into those highlighting opening, middlegame and endgame themes. About the Author(s) John Nunn is a grandmaster from England. He has won four individual gold medals and three team silver medals at Chess Olympiads. In the Chess World Cup of 1988/9, he finished sixth overall, ahead of several former World Champions. He is arguably the most highly acclaimed chess writer in the world, with two of his books receiving the prestigious British Chess Federation Book of the Year Award. Learn More
  19. The California Chess Reporter - VOLUME 2

    The California Chess Reporter - VOLUME 2

    This volume includes reprints “The Chess Players”, originally from the October 1953 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The story of Zeno the Rat by Charles Harness faithfully recreates the small chess club atmosphere of 60 years ago. Learn More
  20. SHOPWORN - The Chess Combat Simulator

    SHOPWORN - The Chess Combat Simulator

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price $12.48

    The Chess Combat Simulator is an exciting way to enhance your chess playing skills. You are invited to play a 'real' chess game against a Grand master - the difference is that the game has been played before. You can score points for each move, and at the end of each game you can rate your own performance.

    Learn More

  21. The Luneburg Variation

    The Luneburg Variation


    Readers even more than critics are impassioned by the beat of an unpredictable drum: The Luneburg Variation, a first novel, has become the most significant book of the literary year. Their enthusiasm gives hope. 

    Learn More
  22. Small Encyclopedia of Chess Opening

    Small Encyclopedia of Chess Opening

    The Small Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings is based on the same 500 fundamental codes and system of elimination but it's a fifth the length. Instead of five books just one! The best and most up to date information. The creative output of generations of chess masters filtered for the reader's convenience. Learn More
  23. How Computers Play Chess

    How Computers Play Chess

    This book attempts to satisfy two different goals. It presents a comprehensive history of computer chess along with many rare examples of the play of early programs. These examples contain both amazing strokes of brilliance and inexplicable catastrophes; they will give the reader a dear perspective of the pioneer days of computer chess. In contrast, contemporary programs are capable of defeating International Grandmasters; the text contains several recent examples including a remarkable victory over former World Champion Anatoly Karpov. The remainder of the book is devoted to an explanation of how the various parts of a chess program are designed and how they function. Learn More
  24. CLEARANCE - Hypermodern Strategy

    CLEARANCE - Hypermodern Strategy

    Regular Price: $8.95

    Special Price $2.00

    Hypermodern Strategy Learn More
  25. SHOPWORN - How to win at Chess - Quickly

    SHOPWORN - How to win at Chess - Quickly

    Regular Price: $26.95

    Special Price $10.78

    Mistakes are often made in the early part of the game - at all levels of chess - but a key skill is to recognize these critical moments as they happen and to exploit them with maximum efficiency. This is a skill which Grandmaster Simon Williams addresses in this book. Using instructive and entertaining games in which one side wins quickly, he examines all the typical mistakes chess players make in the opening and early middlegame, how you should look to exploit them, and how to avoid falling into similar traps yourself. Learn More
  26. Chess Psychology

    Chess Psychology

    In chess, more than in any other game, battles are won and lost in the mind. US National Master William Stewart is convinced that a positive attitude is crucial if you want to develop and achieve success as a chess player, and in this book he focuses on the vital subject of chess psychology. Learn More
  27. A Year Inside the Chess World

    A Year Inside the Chess World

    In this at times hilarious and tragic account, Gormally shares the inner workings of the chess world — a world riven with insecurities, strange social customs and petty rivalries, while casting his analytical eye even on topics as disparate as eccentric waiters, strange Amsterdam zoos and inspiring mountain passes. It’s a story you won’t want to miss. Learn More
  28. Learn From Garry Kasparov's Greatest Games

    Learn From Garry Kasparov's Greatest Games

    Before his recent retirement, Garry Kasparov held the number one position in chess for nearly twenty years. He is considered the greatest player of all time. Now, beginning and intermediate players, ninety percent of the chess playing audience, can benefit from his wisdom. Learn More
  29. Grandmaster Chess Move by Move

    Grandmaster Chess Move by Move

    A collection of John Nunn's best games from 1994 to the present day, annotated in detail in the same style as the best-selling Understanding Chess Move by Move. Throughout, the emphasis is on what the reader can learn from each game, so the book is ideal study material for those seeking to progress to a higher level of chess understanding. There is also entertainment in abundance: Nunn has a direct aggressive style, and many of his opponents in these games are ambitious young grandmasters from the generation inspired by Kasparov's dynamic chess. Learn More
  30. Bobby Fischer - The Greatest?

    Bobby Fischer - The Greatest?

    This is a book in Descriptive Chess Notation of great importance not only because of the question it addresses, but because of who asks and then answers that question. Dr. Max Euwe, who was world chess champion from 1935 to 1937, compares and contrasts Bobby Fischer with the three greatest players before him, world champions Lasker, Capablanca and Alekhine. Learn More
  31. CLEARANCE - Chess Juggler

    CLEARANCE - Chess Juggler

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $10.00

    These games are entertaining and instructive, and often somewhat unusual as they illustrate how one may prey upon human weaknesses. Learn More
  32. SHOPWORN - Tips for Young Players

    SHOPWORN - Tips for Young Players

    Regular Price: $15.95

    Special Price $7.98

    In the first half of this book, Sadler concentrates on establishing general principles for the opening, middlegame, and endgame. For instance, the section on the opening discusses the principles of good development, king safety, center occupation, and the initiative. Each section concludes with a summary of the important points and selection of exercises to help you see how much you've internalized before you go on.

    Learn More

  33. SHOPWORN - Chessbase Complete

    SHOPWORN - Chessbase Complete

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price $9.09

    There’s a general recognition among chess players at all levels that the ChessBase software application is critical for serious chess improvement, but many chess players are intimidated by the software. Now, for the first time, former U.S. correspondence champion Jon Edwards has created real-life scenarios that focus upon why the software is so important for chess players of every class, along with clear explanations of how to use ChessBase. Learn More
  34. Encyclopedia of Chess Openings - BOOK C

    Encyclopedia of Chess Openings - BOOK C

    The fifth thoroughly revised and updated edition of the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, Volume C, brings an additional 104 pages of brand new material with games up to 2006. Learn More
  35. CLEARANCE - The KGB Plays Chess

    CLEARANCE - The KGB Plays Chess

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $10.00

    The KGB Plays Chess is a unique book. For the first time it opens to us some of the most secret pages of the history of chess. The battles about which you will read in this book are not between chess masters sitting at the chess board, but between the powerful Soviet secret police, known as the KGB, on the one hand, and several brave individuals, on the other.

    Learn More

  36. CLEARANCE - My Love Affair with Tchigorin

    CLEARANCE - My Love Affair with Tchigorin

    Regular Price: $8.95

    Special Price $2.00

    By one of America's best players of the 1930's-40's and a world renown ''Romantic''. His pre-game comments and annotation of all games will delight you. The long introduction tells of how Santasiere is going to share the joys of one of the greatest chess artists of all time with us. He then encourages us to play romantic, fighting chess like Tchigorin, instead of unoriginal chess. This book could certainly be recommended for the Romantic chess player. Learn More

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