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    Miscellaneous Chess Books

    Year of Publication
    1960 2014 1960 to 2014
    1. Al Lawrence (2)
    2. Alexey W. Root (1)
    3. Andre Philidor (1)
    4. Angus Dunnington (2)
    5. Arnold Denker (1)
    6. Aron Nimzowitsch (2)
    7. Assiac (1)
    8. Betty Roberts (1)
    9. Bruce Pandolfini (1)
    10. Byron Jacobs (2)
    11. C J S Purdy (1)
    12. C. H. OD Alexander (1)
    13. Chess Informant (1)
    14. Chess Informants (3)
    15. Chris Baker (1)
    16. Christian Hesse (1)
    17. Coach Jay Stallings (1)
    18. Colin Crouch (3)
    19. Dan Heisman (3)
    20. Danny Gormally (2)
    21. Danny Kopec (1)
    22. David Edmonds (1)
    23. David Friedgood (2)
    24. David Lemoir (1)
    25. David Levy (2)
    26. Dorian Clay (1)
    27. Dr. Danny Kopec (1)
    28. E. Ilyin (1)
    29. Emanuel Lasker (2)
    30. Eric Schiller (1)
    31. Eric Schiller (1)
    32. Esben Lund (1)
    33. Genna Sosonko (1)
    34. Georges Renaud (1)
    35. Gerald M. Levitt (1)
    36. Hal Terrie (1)
    37. Hans Berliner (1)
    38. Harry Benson (1)
    39. Heinz Brunthaler (1)
    40. Howard Staunton (2)
    41. Igor Khmelnitsky (1)
    42. Irving Chernev (2)
    43. Irving Chernev. (1)
    44. Jacob Aagaard (2)
    45. Jacob Aagaard (2)
    46. Janet S. Wong (1)
    47. Jeremy Silman (3)
    48. Jerzy Konikowski (1)
    49. Jesse Kraii (1)
    50. John Eidinow (1)
    51. John Emms (1)
    52. John Graham (1)
    53. John Nunn (3)
    54. Jon Edwards (1)
    55. Jonathan Levitt (2)
    56. Jose Raul Capablanca (1)
    57. Kenneth Harkness (1)
    58. Kerry Lawless (2)
    59. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (1)
    60. Larry Evans (1)
    61. Larry Parr (1)
    62. Leonard Morgan (1)
    63. Lev Alburt (6)
    64. Lluis Comas Fabrego (1)
    65. Lou Hays (1)
    66. Marek Soszynski (1)
    67. Matthew Sadler (1)
    68. Maurice Ashley (1)
    69. Max Euwe (1)
    70. Michael de la Maza (2)
    71. Mike Henebry (1)
    72. Nigel Davies (3)
    73. Paul Keres (1)
    74. Paul Motwani (1)
    75. Reuben Fine (2)
    76. Richard Reti (2)
    77. Richard Tarravechia (1)
    78. Robert E. Burger (1)
    79. Robin Smith (1)
    80. Roman Pelts (2)
    81. Russell Chauvenet (1)
    82. Sam Sloan (1)
    83. Siegbert Tarrasch (1)
    84. Simon Webb (1)
    85. Simon Williams (3)
    86. Steve Giddins (2)
    87. Tim Just (1)
    88. Timothy Taylor (2)
    89. V. Grishin (1)
    90. Valeri Beim (1)
    91. Vassilios Kotronias (1)
    92. Victor Kahn (1)
    93. William Stewart (2)
    94. Yakov Damsky (1)
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    Chess Notation Type
    1. FAN - Figurine (45)
    2. AN - Algebraic (28)
    3. LAN - Long Algebraic (1)
    4. DN - Descriptive (14)
    5. NL - Notationless (14)
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    1. General Chess Instruction (3)
    Popular Book Series
    1. Comprehensive Chess Course (2)

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      The Game Of Chess
      Lessons in Classical Chess From the Greatest Teacher of All Time
      Catalog Code: B0006HY

      A famous chess manual for 75 years, now re-edited for the modern chess player. Dr. Tarrasch was one of the world's strongest players in the late 19th century and this manual teaches chess from the novice level to Class A / Expert strength players. It fully covers, tactics, endings, and opening play. A must for every serious chess player.

      The Game Of Chess

      Our Price: $19.95
      Dynamics of Chess Psychology
      Catalog Code: CB0088CD

      The author helps you follow the road to chess mastership with chapters on 1)Pre-History(600-1821), First steps and examine the different "Schools"., 2)The Romantic(1821-1859) The Development of Natural Talent(A very important chapter) looking at Bourdonnais, Staunton, Anderrsen, and Morphy, 3)The Classical Era(1859-1927) Chess as Science looking at Paulsen, Steinitz, Tarrasch, Tchigorin, Lasker, Rubinstein, and Capablanca, 4)The Modern Game(1927-1957)Individuality and Character examining Nimzovich, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Boleslavsky, and Bronstein, 5)Contemporary Chess(1957-) The Individual in Struggle with Tal, Petrosian, Korchnoi, Spassky, Fischer, Karpov, & Kasparov, Separate chapters on Philosophical Foundations and the Importance of Aesthetics ending with Rating and Training Understanding. This book is an all-time classic.

      Dynamics of Chess Psychology

      Regular Price: $5.95

      Our Price: $2.38

      SHOPWORN - Learn Chess
      A Complete Course
      Catalog Code: SWB0098EM

      Learn Chess: A Complete Course provides everything you need to know to get started in chess. The first part is devoted to first principles, explaining the rules and basic strategies, whilst the second develops a thorough understanding of the various winning methods, and includes a systematic study of openings, an introduction to attacking techniques, and a guide to fundamental endgame themes.

      SHOPWORN - Learn Chess

      Regular Price: $19.95

      Our Price: $10.00

      EBOOK - Chess Fundamentals
      Catalog Code: E-B0046EM

      This is a reprint of the original "Chess Fundamentals" by Capablanca, as first published in 1921 and only a preface added by Capablanca in 1934. The reader here can feel confident that this reprint contains the exact, complete words of Capablanca. Unlike other reprints, not one word has been changed or omitted.

      EBOOK - Chess Fundamentals

      Our Price: $19.95
      Pandolfini's Chess Complete
      The Most Comprehensive Guide to the Game from History to Strategy
      Catalog Code: B0011SS

      The perfect addition to any personal chess library, Pandolfini's Chess Complete is a comprehensive, accessible reference. National Master Bruce Pandolfini has covered every aspect of the game, from chessboard and pieces to history and strategy, and has responded to virtually any possible question or situation that could arise. From algebra notation to "zugzwang," Pandolfini has created the chess bible for players of all levels.

      Pandolfini's Chess Complete

      Regular Price: $17.95

      Our Price: $7.18

      How to Get Better at Chess
      Chess Masters on Their Art
      Catalog Code: B0016OB

      The material in these pages form one of the most original chess books ever printed. Questions that have been in the mind of all chess players are answered by the greatest legends of the game. Luminaries such as Grandmasters Tal, Larsen and Seirawan present previously unpublished stories, comments and anecdotes that will usrely delight any chess enthusiast.

      How to Get Better at Chess

      Regular Price: $17.95

      Our Price: $7.18

      My System - 21st Century Edition
      The Landmark Positional Chess Training Classic in an Easy-To-Study Algebaic Format / 419 Diagrams
      Catalog Code: B0002HY

      For many years, Nimzovich was known as the "Stormy Petrel" of the chess world. Today, his profound theories of positional chess are accepted as a matter of course, and a knowledge of them is essential to every player who wants to improve his game. My System describes a theory of chess; it also describes the character and genius of its author.

      My System - 21st Century Edition

      Our Price: $19.95
      Lessons with the Masters
      Catalog Code: CB0056CD

      Lessons with the Masters

      Lessons with the Masters

      Regular Price: $7.95

      Our Price: $3.18

      The Literature of Chess
      Catalog Code: B0008MF

      Through the fortunate chance of having developed a notation to record actual games, chess has become very much a literary game. This has resulted in a veritable flood of books, with more being written about chess than any other sport. Hence, for the average chess player who would like to improve, the choice among such a vast number of books can be bewildering. The author has undertaken to review those books written by the great writers of the game and to select recommendations.

      The Literature of Chess

      Regular Price: $32.95

      Our Price: $13.18

      Lasker's Manual of Chess
      Catalog Code: B0016DV

      Lasker's Manual of Chess is one of the greatest chess books ever written. The fact that it was first published over 80 years ago has diminished neither its relevance nor significance in today's modern chess world. Lasker was both a wonderful fighter and a deep thinker; his book is the quintessence of the exceptionally successful experiences he had over many long years, and his thoughts about them.

      Lasker's Manual of Chess

      Our Price: $10.95

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