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    1. Ariva Publishing (2)
    2. Batsford Chess (3)
    3. Cardoza Chess (1)
    4. Chess Digest (4)
    5. Chess Information (5)
    6. Dover Chess (2)
    7. Everyman Chess (31)
    8. Gambit Publishing (8)
    9. Hays Publishing (2)
    10. Igor Khmelnitsky (1)
    11. Ishi Press (18)
    12. McFarland Publishing (1)
    13. New in Chess (3)
    14. Quality Chess (4)
    15. Random House (1)
    16. Russell Enterprises (4)
    17. Sahovski Chess (3)
    18. Silman James Press (2)
    19. Simon and Schuster (1)
    20. US Chess Federation (1)
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    1. General Chess Instruction (1)
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    1. FAN - Figurine (3)
    2. AN - Algebraic (1)
    1. Dan Heisman (1)
    2. Jon Edwards (1)
    3. Richard Reti (1)

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      Chessbase Complete
      Chess in the Digital Age
      Catalog Code: B0075RE

      There’s a general recognition among chess players at all levels that the ChessBase software application is critical for serious chess improvement, but many chess players are intimidated by the software. Now, for the first time, former U.S. correspondence champion Jon Edwards has created real-life scenarios that focus upon why the software is so important for chess players of every class, along with clear explanations of how to use ChessBase.

      Chessbase Complete

      Our Price: $34.95
      Chess Juggler
      Balancing Career, Family, and Chess in the Modern World
      Catalog Code: B0060RE

      These games are entertaining and instructive, and often somewhat unusual as they illustrate how one may prey upon human weaknesses.

      Chess Juggler

      Our Price: $19.95
      Elements of Positional Evaluation
      How the Pieces Get Their Power
      Catalog Code: B0039RE

      This ground-breaking book by best-selling chess author Dan Heisman addresses the evaluation and understanding of how static features affect the value of the pieces in a given position. Now in its fourth edition, emphasis is placed on the static evaluation of each piece's value and its role in the overall position rather than the assessment of a specific position, but Heisman's approach can also be applied to help evaluate entire positions by helping to answer the questions who stands better, by how much, and why?

      Elements of Positional Evaluation

      Our Price: $19.95
      Modern Ideas in Chess
      New 21st Century Edition
      Catalog Code: B0036RE

      Modern Ideas in Chess is a series of 45 essays dealing with the evolution of game, its leading players, their ideas and contributions to their respective periods. The chronology starts in the Romantic era of Anderssen and Morphy, continues through the Classical School of Steinitz, Tarrasch, Lasker, and runs to the dawn of the Hypermodern Revolution; the 70-year stretch from 1852 to 1922.
      75% Off Books (Shown in Cart)

      Modern Ideas in Chess

      Our Price: $19.95

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