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    1. Everyman Chess (30)
    2. Ishi Press (20)
    3. Gambit Publishing (8)
    4. Chess Information (5)
    5. Chess Digest (4)
    6. Quality Chess (4)
    7. Batsford Chess (3)
    8. Russell Enterprises (3)
    9. New in Chess (3)
    10. Sahovski Chess (3)
    11. Silman James Press (2)
    12. Ariva Publishing (2)
    13. Hays Publishing (2)
    14. Dover Chess (2)
    15. US Chess Federation (1)
    16. Self Published (1)
    17. Igor Khmelnitsky (1)
    18. Cardoza Chess (1)
    19. McFarland Publishing (1)
    20. Random House (1)
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    1. General Chess Instruction (1)
    Chess Notation Type
    1. AN - Algebraic (2)
    1. Aron Nimzowitsch (1)
    2. Lou Hays (1)
    3. Siegbert Tarrasch (1)

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      The Game Of Chess
      Lessons in Classical Chess From the Greatest Teacher of All Time
      Catalog Code: B0006HY

      A famous chess manual for 75 years, now re-edited for the modern chess player. Dr. Tarrasch was one of the world's strongest players in the late 19th century and this manual teaches chess from the novice level to Class A / Expert strength players. It fully covers, tactics, endings, and opening play. A must for every serious chess player.

      The Game Of Chess

      Our Price: $19.95
      My System - 21st Century Edition
      The Landmark Positional Chess Training Classic in an Easy-To-Study Algebaic Format / 419 Diagrams
      Catalog Code: B0002HY

      For many years, Nimzovich was known as the "Stormy Petrel" of the chess world. Today, his profound theories of positional chess are accepted as a matter of course, and a knowledge of them is essential to every player who wants to improve his game. My System describes a theory of chess; it also describes the character and genius of its author.

      My System - 21st Century Edition

      Our Price: $19.95

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