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    A Parent's Guide to Chess

    Product Code: B0007OB


    Publisher: Russell
    Author: Dan Heisman
    Year of Publication: 2002

    Pages: 153
    Notation Type: Algebraic (AN)

    Book DescriptionSo your child has discovered Chess. You've probably heard the good news from teachers and other parents: kids who play Chess do better in school and learn self-reliance and analytical skills. It's great that your kid is interested in an activity that offers such lifelong benefits and provides so many chances to learn real life lessons - and it is so much fun!

    But you need to know some basics to help. This book is the roadmap for you and your child to get the most out of a sometimes confusing but extremely rewarding opportunity.

    The questions will come fast and sometimes sound like another language..

    What do you think of the Petroff Defense, Dad?

    What can I do with an isolated Pawn, Mom?

    Where can I find other kids to play Chess with and a good Chess coach?

    A Parent's Guide to Chess helps you make the most of an important opportunity to teach your child important skills while strengthening your relationship and sharing an activity that can serve as a life-long bond.

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    Product Details

    ISBN 9781888690125
    Author(s) Dan Heisman
    Pages 153 Pages
    Publication Date Jan 1, 2002
    Notation Type AN - Algebraic
    Book Edition N/A

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