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    1. American Chess (11)
    2. Ariva Publishing (2)
    3. Batsford Chess (51)
    4. Caissa Editions (18)
    5. Cardoza Chess (21)
    6. Chess Detective (3)
    7. Chess Digest (110)
    8. Chess Evolution (6)
    9. Chess Informant (2)
    10. Chess Information (19)
    11. Chess Stars LTD. (10)
    12. Dover Chess (35)
    13. Edition Olms (4)
    14. Everyman Chess (541)
    15. Everything Basics (1)
    16. For Dummies (1)
    17. Gambit Publishing (67)
    18. Hays Publishing (11)
    19. Igor Khmelnitsky (1)
    20. International Chess Enterprises (1)
    21. Ishi Press (223)
    22. KNSB Dutch (11)
    23. Lulu Press (4)
    24. McFarland Publishing (11)
    25. Mongoose Press (27)
    26. New in Chess (167)
    27. Quality Chess (55)
    28. Random House (7)
    29. Russell Enterprises (42)
    30. Sahovski Chess (18)
    31. Self Published (14)
    32. Silman James Press (8)
    33. Simon and Schuster (16)
    34. Thinker's Press (1)
    35. TPT Press (6)
    36. US Chess Federation (234)
    37. Winning Chess for Kids (4)
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    1. Opening (5)
    Chess Notation Type
    1. FAN - Figurine (10)
    1. Alexander Delchev (1)
    2. Alexandra Kosteniuk (1)
    3. Alexei Kornev (3)
    4. Alexey Dreev (3)
    5. Semko Semkov (1)
    6. Sergei Soloviov (1)
    7. Vladimir Malaniuk and Petr Marusenko (1)
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      The Cozio Defence
      Catalog Code: B0104EU

      Alexey Dreev offers a new look at the old system 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 Bb5 Nge7 which is one of the most challenging ways to combat the Spanish. At the beginning of the 21st century this system was given a new impulse and its popularity increased considerably.

      The Cozio Defence

      Our Price: $29.95
      The Leningrad Dutch
      An Active Repertoire Against 1. d4, 1. c4, 1. Nf3
      Catalog Code: B0105EU

      GM Vladimir Malaniuk has been the main driving force behind the Leningrad Variation for decades. Malaniuk has found many original plans which turned this branch of the Dutch into an active and dangerous weapon. White cannot enter dull and boring positions even if he insists on this.

      The Leningrad Dutch

      Our Price: $33.95
      The Most Flexible Sicilian
      Catalog Code: B0101EU

      This book is a follow up of The Safest Sicilian. It offers a repertoire based on 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6. This time It covers both the Taimanov and the Kan. The pawn structures are almost identical so many ideas work in both variations. At the same time the different move order offers subtleties which may turn decisive for the outcome of the opening battle. Delchev believes that the Sicilian players should know the full range of set-ups after 2...e6. That would allow to choose the most unpleasant system against any particular opponent.

      The Most Flexible Sicilian

      Our Price: $31.95
      A Practical White Repertoire with 1. d4 & 2. c4 - VOL. 3
      The Nimzo-Indian and Other Defences
      Catalog Code: B0100EU

      "The final volume consists of five parts. In the first part we analyse some seldom played moves for Black. The second part of the book is devoted to the Dutch Defence. In the third part we deal with the different defences for Black after 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4, besides 2...c5 and 2...e6. In the fourth part we analyse the Benoni Defence and the Benko Gambit. Finally, in the fifth part of the book, we deal with Black's most reliable opening - the Nimzo-Indian Defence. In this volume, just like in the previous two, we have emphasized on reliability and rationality in our choice of systems for White. For example, against the Dutch Defence we have preferred the move 2.Nc3, with which White reduces Black's possibilities considerably. Against the Nimzo-Indian Defence we analyse theRubinstein System - 4.e3, followed by Nge2, in which White's first task is to avoid compromising of his pawn-structure."

      A Practical White Repertoire with 1. d4 & 2. c4 - VOL. 3

      Our Price: $31.95
      A Practical White Repertoire with 1. d4 and 2. c4 - VOL. 1
      The Complete Queen's Gambit
      Catalog Code: B0106EU

      Most players, including the author, have no inclination to devote all their time to studying opening variations. Therefore, we have decided not to cover 1.e2-e4. As our main opening weapon for White we have chosen the closed openings arising after 1.d2-d4, in which an understanding of chess and a knowledge of the typical resources in the middle game and the endgame are often much more important than a detailed knowledge of a large number of variations.
      Out of Stock

      A Practical White Repertoire with 1. d4 and 2. c4 - VOL. 1

      Our Price: $31.95
      Dreev vs. the Benoni
      Catalog Code: B0096EU

      Dreev is the winner of many international tournaments. With the Russian team, he was three-time Olympic gold medalist and one-time silver medalist. He has also won the World team championsgip twice-in 1997 and 2005. European champion for rapid chess. Dreev is a leading expert on opening theory and a renowned chess author. His previous books, published by Chess Stars, are My One Hundred Best Games, The Moscow & Anti-Moscow Variations and The Meran and Anti-Meran Variations.

      Dreev vs. the Benoni

      Our Price: $31.95
      The Moscow & Anti-Moscow Variations
      An Insider's View
      Catalog Code: B0052EU

      The positions arising in the Moscow variation and the Anti-Moscow variation are in principle so different that I have decided to arrange the material in the two parts of the book in different fashion too. The part of the book, which deals with the analysis of the plans and possibilities in the much calmer Moscow variation can be compared to a thorough guide of the series "street by street".

      The Moscow & Anti-Moscow Variations

      Our Price: $29.95
      How I Became a Grandmaster at Age 14
      Catalog Code: B0029OB

      The book "How I became Grandmaster at age 14" includes an instructional part that will help anyone go from complete novice to a knowledgeable beginner in just ninteen lessons. This part will be very helpful for parents who wish to opem the magical wolrd of chess to their children.

      How I Became a Grandmaster at Age 14

      Regular Price: $19.95

      Our Price: $7.98

      The Modern Anti-Sicilian. 1.e4 c5 2.a3
      Catalog Code: B0099EU

      This hefty book offers the results of S.Soloviov's ten-year-long investigation of a nearly virgin territory of chess theory - 1.e4 c5 2.a3. This is a more flexible version of the Sicilian Gambit with 2.b4 as the play often takes original courses.

      The Modern Anti-Sicilian. 1.e4 c5 2.a3

      Our Price: $37.95
      A Practical White Repertoire with 1. d4 & 2. c4 - VOL. 2
      The King's Fianchetto Defences
      Catalog Code: B0098EU

      Alexei Kornev is an international grandmaster and coach. In 2001 he took the silver in the Russian Cup Final. He is also the winner of a number of international tournaments. Highest Elo so far - 2582. For many years, he has been the senior coach of the junior chess school in the city of Vladimir. His students are often among the Russian junior championships for boys and girls.

      A Practical White Repertoire with 1. d4 & 2. c4 - VOL. 2

      Our Price: $31.95

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