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  1. Everyman Chess (532)
  2. New in Chess (271)
  3. Ishi Press (269)
  4. US Chess Federation (263)
  5. Chess Digest (89)
  6. Russell Enterprises (85)
  7. Quality Chess (77)
  8. Gambit Publishing (58)
  9. Batsford Chess (43)
  10. S1 Editrice (39)
  11. Sahovski Chess (34)
  12. Dover Chess (30)
  13. Mongoose Press (27)
  14. Chess Stars LTD. (20)
  15. Chess Evolution (19)
  16. Caissa Editions (18)
  17. Self Published (17)
  18. Cardoza Chess (17)
  19. Chess Information (15)
  20. McFarland Publishing (13)
  21. Simon and Schuster (13)
  22. KNSB Dutch (12)
  23. Hays Publishing (10)
  24. American Chess (9)
  25. Silman James Press (8)
  26. Thinkers Publishing (7)
  27. Lulu Press (6)
  28. Pergamon Chess (5)
  29. Random House (5)
  30. Chess Informant (4)
  31. Winning Chess for Kids (4)
  32. Russian Chess House (3)
  33. Chess Detective (3)
  34. Edition Olms (3)
  35. RHM Press (3)
  36. Stein and Day (2)
  37. Cadogan Chess (2)
  38. Thinker's Press (2)
  39. British Chess Magazine (BCM) (2)
  40. Ariva Publishing (2)
  41. Metropolitan Chess Publishing (2)
  42. Chess Enterprises (2)
  43. Oxford (1)
  44. Paramount Ridge Press (1)
  45. The Crowood Press (1)
  46. Syzgy (1)
  47. U.S. Chess Center (1)
  48. Ukrania (1)
  49. Kopec Chess (1)
  50. Dearborn Chess Library (1)
  51. Under Cover Publishing (1)
  52. Harrie Grondijs (1)
  53. Players' Press (1)
  54. Prime Rate Szolgaltato Beteti Tarsasag (1)
  55. Harper Collins (1)
  56. International Chess Enterprises (1)
  57. Chess Press (1)
  58. Everything Basics (1)
  59. Moravian (1)
  60. Camelot Press (1)
  61. Chequers (1)
  62. For Dummies (1)
  63. Quadrangle (1)
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    Freddie Loses His Game
    Catalog Code: B0070OB

    A Wonderful Chapter Book About Learning to Be a Winner in Life. Freddie Pawn attends Chess Club at his chess-piece elementary school and becomes discouraged when he loses his chess game against Billy Bully Bishop. Meanwhile his friend, George Pawn, wins his game against Billy's brother, Bobby, further discouraging Freddie. To make matters worse, the Bully Bishop brothers love to tease Freddie. How will Freddie learn to overcome his losses and the constant teasing of the Bully Bishop brothers?

    Freddie Loses His Game

    Fried Liver & Burning Pants
    Curious, But True Chess Stories & The Lessons We Learn From Them
    Catalog Code: B0071OB

    Coach Jay Stallings takes coaches and players alike through some of the strangest and weirdest (yet true!) stories in Chess. From how Ossip Bernstein had to save his own life with a game of chess to Bobby Fischer's amazing winning streak to Harry Nelson Pillsbury's ability to play Chess, Checkers and cards at the same time, there is something in here for everyone, complete with Coach Stalling's insights on what you can learn from these stories to improve your own game!

    Fried Liver & Burning Pants


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Chess Books

Choose from a huge selection of chess books, including a wide variety of topics, players and strategies from The House of Staunton. There is a chess book for nearly every chess move or chess defense you can think of. Looking for a chess book talking about a specific chess player? Browse the many different miscellaneous chess books available. Need to strengthen your opening game? Middle game? Or maybe your end game is lacking. There are chess books covering all of these topics and much more. The purpose of a majority of the chess books available is to serve as guides for beginners and advanced chess players alike, and to address different tactics and strategies to help improve your game. There are also biographical chess books that talk about specific Chess Players such as Magnus Carlsen or Vishwanthan Anand if you are interested in reading about a chess player and their life.

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