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Livres D'échecs en Francais

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2009 2014 2009 to 2014
  1. Chess Evolution (2)
  2. Ishi Press (1)
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  1. Written in French (3)
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  1. FAN - Figurine (2)
  2. DN - Descriptive (1)
  1. Andre Philidor (1)
  2. Fabien Libiszewski (1)
  3. Matthieu Cornette & Fabian Libiszewski (1)

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  1. Les Professionnels - FRENCH EDITION

    Les Professionnels - FRENCH EDITION

    Au menu: des analyses de parties, des exercices, des questions/réponses pour découvrir le quotidien de nos GMs, vous saurez tout ou presque sur MVL, Bacrot, Fressinet, Edouard, Bauer, Millet, Guichard et bien d'autres. Learn More
  2. The Complete  Kalashnikov - FRENCH EDITION

    The Complete Kalashnikov - FRENCH EDITION

    If you are looking for a deadly weapon against 1.e4, the Kalashnikov Sicilian could well be your best choice! The Kalashnikov is a special opening were theoretical knowledge plays an important role. That’s why the opening only started gaining in popularity in the late 1980’s, in particular thanks to the famous Russian grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov. Ever since, many top level players have added it to their repertoire: Pavel Tregubov, Alexei Fedorov, Etienne Bacrot, Alexander Moiseenko and Teimour Radjabov. Learn More
  3. Analyse du je des d'echecs - FRENCH EDITION

    Analyse du je des d'echecs - FRENCH EDITION

    >Francois-Andre Danican Philidor (1726-1795) is widely regarded as the strongest chess player ever in history prior to the modern era. He was so much better than any of his contemporaries that it is impossible for us to know how good he really was. The edition of the book that is reprinted here was published in 1871 by C. Sanson. This shows that the original Philidor book was still the standard work on the subject one hundred years after it was first written. Learn More

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