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      Averbakh Chess Endings - RUSSIAN EDITION
      Bishop Against Knight, Rook Against Minor Pieces
      Catalog Code: B0166IS

      The book can be used as a training manual for the enactment of endings, as well as a reference in the analysis of the deferred parties.

      Averbakh Chess Endings - RUSSIAN EDITION

      Our Price: $25.95
      Alexander Kotov - RUSSIAN EDITION
      Catalog Code: B0155IS

      The book offers a sketch of the life and work of a talented writer and Soviet grandmaster Alexander Kotov. Chess games with commentary selected and grouped by topics (debut, a combination tactical strikes, defense, etc.) so that the book was not only an outstanding monograph on the players, but also a kind of textbook on the management of chess.

      Alexander Kotov - RUSSIAN EDITION

      Our Price: $25.95

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