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  1. The Chess Sacrifice

    The Chess Sacrifice

    Vladimir Vukovic (26 August 1898, Zagreb – 18 November 1975, Zagreb) was a Croatian chess writer, theoretician, player, arbiter, and journalist. He was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1951 and International Arbiter (IA) in 1952.He played for Yugoslavia on second board in the 1st Chess Olympiad at London 1927, posting a record of +7?6=2. Learn More
  2. Play Chess Combinations and Sacrifices

    Play Chess Combinations and Sacrifices

    David Levy, International and World expert on computer chess, has analyzed the brilliancies of the masters and, in this book, explains how you can learn to recognize the symptoms and produce your own stunning finishing stroke. Make a small sacrifice and buy this elegant combination of explanation and instruction! Learn More
  3. Hunting the Castled King

    Hunting the Castled King

    This book is a collection of attacks in chess against a castled king position. The author, a FIDE rated chess master and a professional chess coach and teacher, writes: ''In the course of my many years of teaching at all levels from elementary school to graduate school. I have often found it useful to use source books containing materials around which I could build lessons.'' Learn More
  4. Power Chess for Kids

    Power Chess for Kids

    A power move, explains experienced chess teacher Charles Hertan, is a winning master tactic that requires thinking ahead. To become one of the best chess players in your school you need to be able to think just 1,5 moves ahead, and this book teaches the four basic tricks do so. Learn More
  5. CLEARANCE - Chess Combinations of the World Champions

    CLEARANCE - Chess Combinations of the World Champions

    Regular Price: $8.95

    Special Price $2.00

    You are going to enjoy this book as the author gives entertaining quotes, little known facts, or tips before each chapter. Then you are challenged by the great combinations(that everyone of you should learn from). Only now collected in one book. Steinitz through Kasparov are your teachers. The author writes: ''It is no coincidence that the world chess champions were all extremely gifted in their ability to accurately execute a combination. One of the best ways that a player can efficiently improve is to practice finding combinations. This book contains 363 combinations played by the world champions and will provide the reader with many hours of study. The positions range in difficulty and will be challenges to chess players of all playing strengths.'' Learn More
  6. The Chess Traveller's Quizbook

    The Chess Traveller's Quizbook

    Now, in Chess Travellers Quiz Book, Hodgson reverses roles and, setting the brainteasers himself, challenges readers to find the winning combination in 200 test-yourself positions, all taken from practical play. These are arranged chapter by chapter, in order of increasing difficulty, anticipating that by the time you reach your final destination you will be a keener, sharper, more imaginative player. Learn More
  7. The Art of Sacrifice in Chess

    The Art of Sacrifice in Chess

    The first systematic attempt to explain and exploit the theory of chess sacrifice, this guide remains an extremely helpful weapon in the arsenal of players at every level. Learn More
  8. Advanced Chess Tactics

    Advanced Chess Tactics

    A mastery of tactics is essential to a competitive chess player and Lev Psakhis is ideally qualified to show the way. In Advanced Chess Tactics Psakhis showcases many beautiful attacking games to make his points. Psakhis has the ability to explain deep analysis while also offering simple yet wise tips gleaned from his lifetime of experience. Learn More
  9. Chess Tactics from Scratch - 2ND EDITION

    Chess Tactics from Scratch - 2ND EDITION

    These players clearly needed a good book, but when Weteschnik looked for it he found nothing suitable, so he decided to write it himself. But Weteschnik was not completely satisfied with the book and decided to restructure and rewrite it completely. Learn More
  10. Chess Camp - VOLUME 6

    Chess Camp - VOLUME 6

    Chess Camp is a new training system for beginning chessplayers, and for the parents and coaches who teach them. Starting with simple problems to illustrate key concepts, and then progressing to more complex positions, the student will learn by doing, methodically integrating new information with previous knowledge while building effective thinking habits at the board. Learn More
  11. Chess Camp - VOLUME 7

    Chess Camp - VOLUME 7

    Chess Camp is a new training system for beginning chessplayers, and for the parents and coaches who teach them. Learn More
  12. 1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners

    1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners

    1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners is a great first tactics book. It helps you in identifying weak spots in the position of your opponent, in recognizing patterns of combinations, and in visualizing tricks. Learn More
  13. First Chess Tactics

    First Chess Tactics

    This book is aimed at beginners who know the rules and nothing more. This is how chess players start. They must learn the simple tactics. This is the only workbook at this level. Completing the puzzles in this book will lead to improved results immediately! Learn More
  14. EBOOK - Greatest Ever Chess Tricks and Traps

    EBOOK - Greatest Ever Chess Tricks and Traps


    Out of stock

    There is no easier way to win a game of chess than by luring your opponent into a devious trap. Similarly, there's nothing worse than being the one on the receiving end. Tricks, traps and swindles lie in wait everywhere, especially so in the opening phase of the game, and many battles can be won or saved simply through learning and mastering the most important ones. In this instructive and fun book, Gary Lane looks back through chess history and at modern times to create a list of his own favourite tricks and traps.

    Learn More

  15. EBOOK - Art of Attack in Chess

    EBOOK - Art of Attack in Chess


    One of the finest chess books ever written, now revised in algebraic edition. The author expounds both the basic principles and the most complex forms of attack on the king. It has been updated by legendary author GM John Nunn. Still one of the great classics ever written on tactics.

    Learn More

  16. EBOOK - Excelling at Chess Calculation

    EBOOK - Excelling at Chess Calculation

    There are many differing opinions amongst the top players in the world of chess, but there is one thing upon which World Champions, Grandmasters and other experts all agree: the art of chess calculation is the absolute key to the success of a player. Master this discipline and you can surely expect your results to improve dramatically. Jacob Aagaard tackles the 'art of chess calculation', unravelling its many secrets and arming the reader with the necessary tools to be able to calculate effectively at the chessboard. Learn More
  17. EBOOK - Excelling at Combinational Play

    EBOOK - Excelling at Combinational Play

    Excelling at Combinational Play: Learn to Identify and Exploit Tactical Chances by Jacob Aagaard, 239pp. (Everyman 2004) Being able to solve puzzles and combinations is one of the principal components of a successful chess player. But how can one improve on such an important skill? How can one acquire combinational vision? The answer lies within the pages of this book! Experienced chess writer Jacob Aagaard explains how tactical intuition and ability develops and uses pattern recognition to improve the reader's tactical ammunition. Is also no secret that the continued practice of puzzles and combinations helps to sharpen the chess brain, and here there is a wealth of exercises and problems to solve accompanied by the full solutions and explanations. Learn More
  18. EBOOK - Starting Out - Chess Tactics and Checkmates

    EBOOK - Starting Out - Chess Tactics and Checkmates


    Once a chess player has figured out how all the chess pieces move, what is the next step on the chess ladder? This helpful and entertaining book provides players with the complete answer. In this easy-to-follow guide, renowned chess teacher Chris Ward explains all the crucial checkmating patterns, plus how to catch out opponents with an assortment of tricks and traps, commonly known as chess tactics.

    Learn More

  19. EBOOK - Winning Chess Combinations

    EBOOK - Winning Chess Combinations


    Combinations are the central element in chess; they make the game so magical and captivating. The beautiful point of sacrificing a queen, the strongest piece, in order to checkmate with a lowly pawn brings a smile of joy to all chess lovers. Virtually all chess games possess a combination, either one hidden in the shadows of analysis carefully avoided or one that provides a decisive blow.

    Learn More

  20. EBOOK - Winning Chess Tactics

    EBOOK - Winning Chess Tactics

    This is the second in Seirawan's four volumes, taking the reader from the very basics of chess through appreciation of advanced play. He does a remarkable job of discussing tactics that usually appear only in books for advanced players and communicating them to anyone with a grasp of playing fundamentals. The first part of the book deals with basic tactics and how they can be used individually and in combination. In the second part, Seirawan introduces some of the great chess tacticians and their games, further illustrating tactics as they work out in real-life play. Learn More
  21. CLEARANCE - The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal

    CLEARANCE - The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal

    Regular Price: $28.95

    Special Price $10.00

    Mikhail Tal was one of the greatest geniuses of chess history. The magician from Riga, as he was known because of his dazzling attacking games, took the chess world by storm and in 1961, at the age of twenty-three, he won the world championship. Learn More
  22. Strategy & Tactics in Chess

    Strategy & Tactics in Chess

    In this book, the great Dutch World Champion, Dr. Max Euwe, discusses both strategy and tactics in chess, having special emphasis on the latter, to which about two-thirds of the book is dedicated. Tactics have been, comparatively speaking, neglected in chess literature, and it is therefore, interesting to find that five out of eight chapters of this book are devoted to combinations which are analyzed and classified. Learn More
  23. Tune Your Chess Tactics Antenna

    Tune Your Chess Tactics Antenna


    Out of stock

    If only life was as straightforward as a book of chess exercises! If only someone would tap you on the shoulder every time the moment to show your tactical skills has arrived This book will teach you to recognize the signals that tell you that somewhere in the position you are looking at there is a tactical blow just waiting to be found. What you need, and what this book helps you to acquire, is a Chess Tactics Antenna. Learn More
  24. Sicilian Defense:Grand Prix Attack

    Sicilian Defense:Grand Prix Attack

    The f4 Sicilian has become popular and feared because it avoids the frightening amount of knowledge required to play Open Sicilians. It is often not treated with the respect it deserves. The strategic aims are quite simple to understand: CHECKMATE. The first edition was written when the Grand Prix Attack was just becoming noticed by strong chess players. Now there are over 20,000 examples in the databases. Nevertheless, the opening remains based more on the ideas explained by authors Hodgson and Day than on “theory”. Learn More
  25. Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations

    Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations

    ECC5 is a completely revised and updated edition of one of the fundamental books about the art of combinational chess. The content represents the work of our Editorial Board of experienced grandmasters and international masters. Learn More
  26. Power Chess for Kids - Volume 2

    Power Chess for Kids - Volume 2

    For kids who love to amaze their friends with their chess skills, Charles Hertan presents new ways to find Power Moves, winning tactics that require thinking ahead. In Volume 2, the four special teachers get a new colleague! Knelly the Knight arrives on the scene and will assists Zort (a computer from outer space), the Dinosaurs, the Power Chess Kids and the Chess Professor. Together they will help you to become a very dangerous chess player. Learn More
  27. Grandmaster Preparation - Attack & Defence

    Grandmaster Preparation - Attack & Defence

    In Attack & Defence Jacob Aagaard presents the main principles of how to attack and defend in chess. By carving dynamic chess into separate areas of ability, he gives the reader a clear way to expand his understanding of this vital part of the game. Learn More
  28. Winning Chess

    Winning Chess


    Out of stock

    Chess is 99% tactics, and this lively self-instructor, tailor-made for improving players, will teach you how to anticipate the possibility of a chess combination, identify the appropriate tactical device, calculate up to 3-4 moves ahead and visualize the final decisive blow. Reading this classic work by Irving Chernev and Fred Reinfeld, who each spent a lifetime writing about chess, will increase your tactical skills and lead you along the path to winning chess. Learn More
  29. SHOPWORN -  Checkmate! Tactics

    SHOPWORN - Checkmate! Tactics

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price $8.48

    Would you now like to know how to regularly beat your opponents and move to the next level? If so, then Checkmate Tactics is the book for you.

    Learn More

  30. Chess Queens Combinations

    Chess Queens Combinations

    Ladies do sacrifice pieces over the board, right!? Oh yes, they do, and they often do it in a blink of an eye. There is a collection of annotated chess combinations carried out by women players throughout history in front of the reader. These combinations throw some light on an attractive part of the chess creativity of some of the greatest personalities in chess. When it is about combinations, it is about the decisive point of every game. Learn More
  31. The Definitive Book - Encyclopedia of Chess Problems - Themes and Terms

    The Definitive Book - Encyclopedia of Chess Problems - Themes and Terms

    The Definitive Book, Encyclopedia of Chess Problems: Themes and Terms, written by Velimirovic and his colleague, GM solver and 1984 World Solving champion, Kari Valtonen from Finland. Inside, there are 1,726 selected problems and all the answers to any question that one might ask about chess problems. It can be read in different ways, like the classical Larousse encyclopedia or as a great collection of problems. Every theme and term is illustrated with the appropriate problem. Learn More
  32. Tactics Time

    Tactics Time

    The best way to improve at chess is to solve tactics puzzles. But why do regular tactics books make amateurs study master games? Is it useful for beginners to analyze games that are unreal for everyday chess players? YES! If you want to improve at chess but have limited time and energy available, this is your book! Now you can study positions that are happening in games you yourself might have played! Learn More
  33. Positional Attacks

    Positional Attacks

    The third installment of the best-selling series of attack books - Formation Attacks, Formation Attack Strategies, and now, Positional Attacks is another 500 page book, full of great attack information with 532 fabulous attack games from all openings and all eras. The aim of Positional Attacks is to uncover the artistic side of attacking, one that is primarily centered on the creation and exploitation of weaknesses. Learn More
  34. SHOPWORN - Can you be a Tactical Genius?

    SHOPWORN - Can you be a Tactical Genius?

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $9.98

    Test your tactical chess skills with a quiz book with a difference! Grandmaster James Plaskett, a player of distinguished tactical ability, has carefully assembled an abundance of tactical chess puzzles to test players of all levels. At the beginning of each chapter the puzzles are relatively easy, worth five points for a correct solution. However as you move on they become more and more difficult, soon becoming worth ten points and eventually 15. Learn More
  35. Mating the Castled King

    Mating the Castled King

    Every chess player loves to win with a devastating attack. But even beginners know the importance of early castling, so the most significant attacking strategies are those against a castled king. Learn More
  36. CLEARANCE - Hacking Up The King

    CLEARANCE - Hacking Up The King

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price $10.00

    Out of stock

    Is it possible to learn how to attack your opponent’s king from a book? Guidelines and verbal explanations are fine, argues David Eggleston, but there is no substitute for the hard work of carefully analyzing the complex position that’s on the chessboard in front of you. Learn More

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