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    Year of Publication
    1964 2015 1964 to 2015
    1. Everyman Chess (22)
    2. New in Chess (12)
    3. Gambit Publishing (8)
    4. Mongoose Press (5)
    5. Ishi Press (5)
    6. Quality Chess (4)
    7. Dover Chess (4)
    8. Batsford Chess (3)
    9. Sahovski Chess (3)
    10. Simon and Schuster (2)
    11. Russell Enterprises (2)
    12. Chess Digest (2)
    13. Chess Information (2)
    14. Hays Publishing (2)
    15. Lulu Press (2)
    16. Self Published (1)
    17. Cardoza Chess (1)
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    1. Tactics (6)
    Endorsed by the USCF
    1. USCF Endorsed Products (4)
    Popular Book Series
    1. Winning Chess (5)
    2. Starting Out (2)
    3. Comprehensive Chess Course (2)
    Chess Notation Type
    1. FAN - Figurine (47)
    2. AN - Algebraic (22)
    3. DN - Descriptive (4)
    1. Yes (6)
    Hardware Requirements
    1. Windows (7)
    1. Al Woolum (1)
    2. Anatoly Lein (1)
    3. Andrew Soltis (1)
    4. August Livshitz (1)
    5. Bill Robertie (1)
    6. Bruce Pandolfini (2)
    7. Charles Hertan (3)
    8. Chris Ward (2)
    9. Danny Gormally (2)
    10. David Eggleston (1)
    11. David Lemoir (1)
    12. David Levy (1)
    13. Dejan Bojkov (1)
    14. Emmanuel Neiman (2)
    15. Eric Schiller (2)
    16. Eric Schiller (2)
    17. Eugene Znosko-Borovsky (1)
    18. Franco Masetti (1)
    19. Garry Kasparov (2)
    20. Gary Lane (2)
    21. Heinz Brunthaler (1)
    22. Iakov Damsky (1)
    23. Iakov Damsky (1)
    24. Igor Sukhin (2)
    25. Irving Chernev (1)
    26. Irving Chernev & Fred Reinfeld (1)
    27. Ivan Sokolov (1)
    28. Jacob Aagaard (5)
    29. Jacob Aagaard (5)
    30. Jennifer Shahade (1)
    31. Joel Johnson (2)
    32. John Emms (1)
    33. John Nunn (1)
    34. Jon Edwards (1)
    35. Julian Hodgson & Lawrence Day & Eric Schiller (1)
    36. Karsten Muller (1)
    37. Ken Neat (1)
    38. Kevin Stark (1)
    39. Leonard Barden (1)
    40. Lev Alburt (2)
    41. Lev Psakhis (1)
    42. Lou Hayes (1)
    43. Martin Weteschnik (1)
    44. Max Euwe (1)
    45. Mikhail Tal (1)
    46. Murray Chandler (1)
    47. Phil Adams (1)
    48. Raymund Stolze (1)
    49. Roberto Messa (1)
    50. Roman Pelts (1)
    51. Rudolf Spielmann (1)
    52. Sam Palatnik (2)
    53. Simon Williams (2)
    54. Tim Brennan & Anthea Carson (2)
    55. Timothy Taylor (2)
    56. Valeri Beim (1)
    57. Victor Henkin (1)
    58. Vladimir Georgiev (1)
    59. Vladimir Vukovic (3)
    60. Volker Schleputz (1)
    61. Yakov Neishtadt (1)
    62. Yasser Seirawan (5)
    63. Yochanan Afek (1)
    64. Yuri Averbakh (1)
    65. Zenon Franco (1)
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      Sharpen Your Tactics
      1125 Brilliant Sacrifices, Combinations, and Studies
      Catalog Code: B0001HY

      SHARPEN YOUR TACTICS is a chess tactics training book and is for every class of chess player. The examples are rated by difficulty and the problems gradually become more difficult as you move through the book, leading you into the world of high-level chess tactics.

      Sharpen Your Tactics

      Our Price: $19.95
      Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player
      Comprehensive Chess Course - VOLUME 3
      Catalog Code: B0003LV

      The third book in Grandmaster Lev Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course series. The first two volumes used only materials that worked well in the former U.S.S.R. This book contains hundreds of strikingly beautiful positions arranged by difficulty and designed to sharpen the tactical recognition and vision of experienced players anywhere.

      Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player

      Our Price: $19.95
      Winning Chess Tactics For Juniors
      84 One- Two- and Three-Move Combinations for the Developing Chessplayer
      Catalog Code: B0003HY

      In our modern era in which many chess opening and middlegame positions are guided by sophisticated stratagems, the iron fist of tactical blows is still inevitably the final arbiter of the result.

      Winning Chess Tactics For Juniors

      Our Price: $9.95
      Chess Target Practice
      Battle Tactics for Every Square on the Board
      Catalog Code: B0003SS

      No matter where your opponent lands his piece on the board, Chess Target Practice will teach you how to successfully attack his position. By analyzing each and every square, Bruce Pandolfini helps players learn the appropriate tactics to zero in on the target and move in for the kill. Because different positions necessitate different attack plans, this one-of-a-kind strategy book offers tactics for each of the squares on the board.

      Chess Target Practice

      Our Price: $15.75
      Attack with Mikhail Tal
      Catalog Code: B0219EM

      The legendary Mikhail Tal was the finest ever exponent of attacking chess. His all-out sacrificial style took him all the way to the World Championship title. Dogged by ill-health, Tal's reign was a short one, and he was never able to regain his crown, but Tal remained an outstanding player right up to his death in 1992. His departure has taken away one of the chess world's most charismatic figures; a player who excited chess passions wherever he went.

      Attack with Mikhail Tal

      Our Price: $18.95
      Chess Combinations of the World Champions
      Catalog Code: CB0027CD

      You are going to enjoy this book as the author gives entertaining quotes, little known facts, or tips before each chapter. Then you are challenged by the great combinations(that everyone of you should learn from). Only now collected in one book. Steinitz through Kasparov are your teachers. The author writes: "It is no coincidence that the world chess champions were all extremely gifted in their ability to accurately execute a combination. One of the best ways that a player can efficiently improve is to practice finding combinations. This book contains 363 combinations played by the world champions and will provide the reader with many hours of study. The positions range in difficulty and will be challenges to chess players of all playing strengths."
      75% Off Books (Shown in Cart)

      Chess Combinations of the World Champions

      Our Price: $5.95
      Kasparov's Winning Chess Tactics
      How He Thinks, How He Moves
      Catalog Code: B0016SS

      Russian grandmaster Gary Kasparov is the youngest world champion ever. He is renowned for his aggressive play and superior tactics, which the author, a U.S. national chess master, analyzes in this book of recapped pivotal positions. Pandolfini opens with a brief biographical sketch on Kasparov and then proceeds to discuss how Kasparov responded or might have responded to 150 or so actual and hypothetical situations.

      Kasparov's Winning Chess Tactics

      Our Price: $15.95
      Combinations - The Heart of Chess
      Catalog Code: B0007DV

      Explanations for the famous and less well-known combinations of Tarrasch, Botvinnik, Nimzovich, Steinitz, Rubinstein; the dazzling brilliancies of Morphy, Keres and Alekhine; the deadly attacks of Marshall; the unfathomable plays of Lasker; and the matchless creations of Capablanca and many others. 356 diagrams.

      Combinations - The Heart of Chess

      Our Price: $12.95
      An Introduction to Chess Moves and Tactics Simply Explained
      Catalog Code: B0028DV

      Informal intermediate introduction, quite strong in explaining reasons for moves. Covers basic material, tactics, important openings, traps, positional play in middle game, end game. Attempts to isolate patterns and recurrent configurations.

      An Introduction to Chess Moves and Tactics Simply Explained

      Our Price: $4.95

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