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    Chess Target Practice
    Battle Tactics for Every Square on the Board
    Catalog Code: B0003SS

    No matter where your opponent lands his piece on the board, Chess Target Practice will teach you how to successfully attack his position. By analyzing each and every square, Bruce Pandolfini helps players learn the appropriate tactics to zero in on the target and move in for the kill. Because different positions necessitate different attack plans, this one-of-a-kind strategy book offers tactics for each of the squares on the board.

    Chess Target Practice

    CLEARANCE - Kasparov's Winning Chess Tactics
    How He Thinks, How He Moves
    Catalog Code: B0016SS

    Russian grandmaster Gary Kasparov is the youngest world champion ever. He is renowned for his aggressive play and superior tactics, which the author, a U.S. national chess master, analyzes in this book of recapped pivotal positions. Pandolfini opens with a brief biographical sketch on Kasparov and then proceeds to discuss how Kasparov responded or might have responded to 150 or so actual and hypothetical situations.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Kasparov's Winning Chess Tactics

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