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    Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations
    Catalog Code: B0008SHV

    ECC5 is a completely revised and updated edition of one of the fundamental books about the art of combinational chess. The content represents the work of our Editorial Board of experienced grandmasters and international masters.

    Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations

    Chess Queens Combinations
    Catalog Code: B0010SHV

    Ladies do sacrifice pieces over the board, right!? Oh yes, they do, and they often do it in a blink of an eye. There is a collection of annotated chess combinations carried out by women players throughout history in front of the reader. These combinations throw some light on an attractive part of the chess creativity of some of the greatest personalities in chess. When it is about combinations, it is about the decisive point of every game.

    Chess Queens Combinations

    The Definitive Book - Encyclopedia of Chess Problems - Themes and Terms
    Catalog Code: B0009SHV

    The Definitive Book, Encyclopedia of Chess Problems: Themes and Terms, written by Velimirovic and his colleague, GM solver and 1984 World Solving champion, Kari Valtonen from Finland. Inside, there are 1,726 selected problems and all the answers to any question that one might ask about chess problems. It can be read in different ways, like the classical Larousse encyclopedia or as a great collection of problems. Every theme and term is illustrated with the appropriate problem.

    The Definitive Book - Encyclopedia of Chess Problems - Themes and Terms


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