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Year of Publication
1959 2015 1959 to 2015
  1. Everyman Chess (24)
  2. Ishi Press (11)
  3. New in Chess (8)
  4. Chess Digest (8)
  5. Batsford Chess (7)
  6. Quality Chess (6)
  7. Gambit Publishing (5)
  8. Dover Chess (4)
  9. Winning Chess for Kids (2)
  10. Simon and Schuster (1)
  11. Silman James Press (1)
  12. Hays Publishing (1)
  13. Chess Detective (1)
  14. Chess Information (1)
  15. American Chess (1)
  16. Lulu Press (1)
  17. Mongoose Press (1)
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  1. Strategy (4)
Popular Book Series
  1. Winning Chess (3)
  2. Starting Out (2)
  3. Move by Move (2)
  4. Comprehensive Chess Course (1)
  5. Grandmaster Preperation (1)
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Chess Notation Type
  1. FAN - Figurine (44)
  2. AN - Algebraic (26)
  3. DN - Descriptive (10)
  1. Yes (1)
Hardware Requirements
  1. Windows (6)
  1. Adam Hunt (2)
  2. Adrian Mikhalchishin (1)
  3. Alexander Beliavsky (1)
  4. Amatzia Avni (2)
  5. Anatoly Karpov (1)
  6. Andrew Soltis (1)
  7. Angus Dunnington (2)
  8. Aron Nimzowitsch (2)
  9. Bruce Pandolfini (1)
  10. Daniel Naroditsky (1)
  11. Drazen Marovic (1)
  12. Edward Lasker (1)
  13. Eric Schiller (2)
  14. Eric Schiller (2)
  15. Fred Wilson (1)
  16. Gary Lane (3)
  17. Guido Kern (1)
  18. Herman Grooten (1)
  19. Iakov Damsky (1)
  20. Irving Chernev (1)
  21. Israel Gelfer (1)
  22. Ivan Sokolov (2)
  23. J.F.S. Rumble (1)
  24. Jacob Aagaard (7)
  25. Jacob Aagaard (6)
  26. Jeff Coakley (2)
  27. Jeremy Silman (1)
  28. Joel Johnson (1)
  29. Johan Hellsten (3)
  30. John Emms (1)
  31. John Hall (1)
  32. John Nunn (1)
  33. John Rice (1)
  34. John Watson (1)
  35. Jurgen Kaufeld (1)
  36. Leonid Shamkovich (1)
  37. Lev Alburt (1)
  38. Lev Polugaevsky (1)
  39. Lou Hays (1)
  40. Ludek Pachman (4)
  41. M. Blaine (1)
  42. Mauricio Flores Rios (1)
  43. Max Euwe (4)
  44. Michael Stean (1)
  45. Mihai Suba (2)
  46. Neil McDonald (3)
  47. Oleg Stetsko (1)
  48. Paul Motwani (2)
  49. Phil Adams (1)
  50. Robert Timmer (1)
  51. Sam Collins (2)
  52. Sam Palatnik (1)
  53. Samuel Reshevsky (1)
  54. Samuel Reshevsky (1)
  55. Simon Kay (2)
  56. Simon Williams (2)
  57. Todd Bardwick (1)
  58. Yaroslav Srokovski (1)
  59. Yasser Seirawan (3)
  60. Zenon Franco (1)
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  1. Unusual Endings

    Unusual Endings

    Our Price: $1.95
    No board and men are necessary to enjoy this booklet. Enough diagrams are provided for you to follow each position to its completion.

    Chess with unusual positions is an altogether different world. There will be those who will want to solve them form the first diagram ? others will wait and start with the second diagram. But we are not going to challenge you to solve anything! This is where creative imagination is the order of the day ? where routine is scorned for the sheer love of artistry. Learn More

  2. C.O.O.L. Chess

    C.O.O.L. Chess

    Our Price: $3.95

    The sequel to H.O.T. Chess. Grandmaster Motwani continues to explain his easy-to-use approach to chess thinking, and shows how Creative Original Opening Lines can bring astonishing over-the-board success. The many brilliant games in this book includes victories by Motwani over some of the world's leading players, whom he has outwitted in the early stages of the game.

    Learn More

  3. Strategy for Advanced Players

    Strategy for Advanced Players

    Our Price: $4.95
    Schiller covers strategic and positional factors as seen in the complex interplay of the middlegame and endgame with 45 lessons. The art of strategic planning is not easily acquired from most teaching materials, yet is one of the most important aspects of practical play. He does an excellent job here teaching strategy skills. This book is mostly recommended for players 1600 rated and up. Learn More
  4. Chess: Improving and Staying Sharp

    Chess: Improving and Staying Sharp

    Our Price: $4.95
    This book emphasizes topics that strong players need to study in order to improve and stay sharp. Contents: Lesson 1:Attack and Counterattack, Lesson 2:Tactical Exercises I, Lesson 3:Art of Strategy, Lesson 4: Tactical Exercises II, Lesson 5:Art of the Endgame, Lesson 6:Tactical Exercises III, Epilogue: Odds and Ends. Learn More
  5. Modern Chess Lessons

    Modern Chess Lessons

    Our Price: $4.95
    This book developed out of the author working with chess teams. The five lessons taught are: 1)Sharpening of tactical ability, 2)The important principles of the opening, 3)An opening repertoire is needed. The most popular choice among many is the English Opening for White, 4)Basic principles of pawn endings, 5)Strategy is probably one of the more difficult concepts of chess to master. This is the ability to take advantage of structural weaknesses and an intuitive feel. Going through these lessons will help make the reader a more successful tournament Learn More
  6. SHOPWORN - Greatest Ever Chess Strategies

    SHOPWORN - Greatest Ever Chess Strategies

    Regular Price: $26.95

    Our Price: $6.73

    Do you instinctively know what to do in every type of chess position or are you often uncertain about how to proceed? Wouldn't it be really useful to know the best chess strategies and to recognise when they should be used? In this book Sam Collins examines key games from both the classical and modern eras. He analyses the major strategic ideas that have stood the test of time and notes their considerable influence on his own games. Learn More
  7. A Road to the Expert Title

    A Road to the Expert Title

    Our Price: $7.95
    A Road to the Expert Title Learn More
  8. Castling to Win

    Castling to Win

    Our Price: $8.95
    The king is the most valuable piece on the chessboard, yet many players - especially at club level - give little thought to where His Majesty should reside. This wide-ranging survey explains the dangers with leaving the King in the center, and the possible drawbacks to castling too early or on the wrong side. Castling can be an attacking move, as shown in many stunning examples. An expected castling is often devastating and can often determine the game on the spot. This practical manual includes entertaining examples of late castling and castling in studies. Learn More
  9. Simple Chess

    Simple Chess

    Our Price: $9.95

    Written by a young Grand Master, this introduction to chess strategy is aimed primarily at players for whom a game plan is utterly enigmatic. By isolating the basic elements and illustrating them through a selection of Master and Grand Master games, Simple Chess breaks down the mystique of strategy into plain, easy-to-understand ideas.

    Learn More

  10. The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played

    The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played

    Our Price: $9.95

    Sixty-two masterly demonstrations of the basic strategies of winning at chess, featuring games by the greatest chess masters Capablanca, Tarrasch, Fischer, Alekhine, Lasker, Petrosian among them compiled and annotated by one of chess literature's most brilliant authors.

    Learn More

  11. Chess Wizardry

    Chess Wizardry

    Our Price: $9.95

    This is a new edition of a classic work and will introduce a new generation of readers to the wonders of chess problems. The readers will find many of the best chess problems ever composed, chosen and investigated by John Rice, an International Master. The readers will find stories behind famous ideas.

    Learn More

  12. H.O.T. Chess

    H.O.T. Chess

    Our Price: $9.95

    The H.O.T. stands for Highly Original Thinking. The author's ideas extend beyond the situation on the board. He maximizes your strengths and exploits your opponent's weaknesses.

    Learn More

  13. Hanging Pawns

    Hanging Pawns

    Our Price: $9.95
    Short Description for Hanging Pawns - CB0013XX Learn More
  14. Mastering the Bishop Pair

    Mastering the Bishop Pair

    Our Price: $9.95
    Short Description for Mastering the Bishop Pair - CB0015XX Learn More
  15. Mastering Rook vs. Minor Pieces

    Mastering Rook vs. Minor Pieces

    Our Price: $9.95
    Short Description for Mastering Rook Versus Minor Pieces - CB0016XX Learn More
  16. Winning with the English Opening

    Winning with the English Opening

    Our Price: $9.95
    Essentially, Soltis advocates a 1 c4, 2 g3 sequence against virtually any set-up by Black. The rare exception is the response 2?d5 after either 1?e6 or 1?c6, when 3 b3 is recommended, although even here, the King?s Bishop does end up fianchettoed, but just a few moves later.

    The book maintains the same basic coverage as the second edition. It is divided into four sections: I ? c4 e5; II ? c4 c5; III ? c4 Nf6; and IV - c4, others. There are two basic systems presented in the book: The set-up credited to Botvinnik, with the KB fianchettoed, the QN on c3, pawns on c4, d3 and e4, and the KN on e2; and a variation of this, with the pawn on e3, with the d?pawn retaining the option of going to either d3 or d4, depending on circumstances. Learn More

  17. Test your Opening, Middlegame and Endgame Play

    Test your Opening, Middlegame and Endgame Play

    Our Price: $9.95
    This book challenges you right in the opening to come up with ideas by answering the tests. Then you are tested in the strategy of the middlegame, which in some cases evolves into the final stage - the endgame. You can take the tests and be evaluated on how well you do from Class C to and including Master. Or you can just enjoy and learn from the deep, deep annotations. Either way you win because they are among the most extraordinary games played from 1955-1992. Learn More
  18. Test your Opening, Middlegame and Endgame Play - VOLUME 2

    Test your Opening, Middlegame and Endgame Play - VOLUME 2

    Our Price: $9.95
    Test your Opening, Middlegame and Endgame Play - VOLUME 2 Learn More
  19. SHOPWORN - Creative Chess

    SHOPWORN - Creative Chess

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Our Price: $10.00

    Most chess books aim to guide and instruct by offering principles, rules, schemes and theories. Creative Chess, on the other hand, has a quite different and original approach. It firmly maintains that every chessplayer, whether amateur or master, is capable of creating something new in chess. After a discussion of the characteristics and processes of creativity, 10 central concepts, such as unusual positioning and functioning of pieces, alertness to subtle differences, absurd moves, and flexibility, are presented with a wealth of truly amazing examples to encourage the reader to broaden the horizons of his chess thinking.

    Learn More

  20. SHOPWORN - Simple Chess

    SHOPWORN - Simple Chess

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Our Price: $10.00

    It's been said many times before that chess is an easy game to learn, but a difficult one to master. The game is full of difficult questions such as, What do you do when your opponent is skilful enough to prevent both checkmate and material loss? However, once the principal strategic ideas are recognized, then everything becomes much clearer and the game becomes much simpler. In this book Grandmaster and experienced chess writer John Emms provides the reader with the fundamental knowledge required to enter every game with confidence.

    Learn More

  21. SHOPWORN - Dynamic Chess Strategy

    SHOPWORN - Dynamic Chess Strategy

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Our Price: $10.00

    In the battle of chess ideas, the publication in 1991 of Dynamic Chess Strategy was a defining moment. Before Mihai Suba's exceptional book, chess writers had neglected one of the most important factors of a chess position: its dynamic potential. Suba demonstrated that the traditional concept of improving the position was often static and irrelevant, and that classical strategy, if applied dogmatically, can prevent you from finding the right plan and its subsequent moves. Learn More
  22. Chess Strategy

    Chess Strategy

    Our Price: $10.95

    One of the great theoretical works in chess, shows principles of action above and beyond moves. Acclaimed by Capablanca, Keres, etc.

    Learn More

  23. SHOPWORN - Starting Out - Defensive Play

    SHOPWORN - Starting Out - Defensive Play

    Regular Price: $21.95

    Our Price: $11.00

    In this valuable and entertaining book, Angus Dunnington arms the reader with all the necessary skills to be able to cope with vicious assaults on his or her king. Using illustrative games, Dunnington investigates in depth defensive ideas such as blockading, giving up material and the timely launch of counterattacks. Read this book and defend with confidence!

    Learn More

  24. Positional Chess Handbook

    Positional Chess Handbook

    Our Price: $11.95

    This complete guide, written by a grandmaster, can assist all players at every level in developing a more powerful strategic game. Spanning more than a century of chess, it presents examples on such themes as key squares, bad bishops, and pawn structures in ascending difficulty, with ample cross-references.

    Learn More

  25. SHOPWORN - Break the Rules!

    SHOPWORN - Break the Rules!

    Regular Price: $26.95

    Our Price: $13.48

    In this instructive and entertaining book, Grandmaster Neil McDonald studies in depth the key components of successful rule-breaking in chess. Drawing upon his own experience and using examples from modern grandmaster chess, McDonald examines how to avoid stereotypical thinking, how to exploit typical thinking patterns, and how to confuse and beat opponents with surprising ideas.

    Learn More
  26. SHOPWORN - Winning Chess Strategies

    SHOPWORN - Winning Chess Strategies

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Our Price: $13.48

    Strategy - it's the ultimate secret weapon for championship players around the world. Drawing on his considerable experience in tournament play, Yasser Seirawan shows you how to apply flexible strategic principles to every part of your game. Using Seirawan's simple and effective planning and analysis techniques, you'll enter each game with confidence and energy, ready to play forcefully and intelligently - the way you need to play so you can win!

    Learn More

  27. SHOPWORN - Prepare to Attack

    SHOPWORN - Prepare to Attack

    Regular Price: $26.95

    Our Price: $13.48

    There's no escaping the fact: if you want to win chess games, you have to attack at some point. Many players are happy solving combinations in winning positions, when the hard work is already done, but the key to a successful attack undoubtedly comes much earlier. No-one can attack effectively if they haven't prepared properly, and yet planning in chess can be a difficult technique to master, even for experienced players.

    Learn More
  28. Chess Strategy for Advanced Students

    Chess Strategy for Advanced Students

    Our Price: $13.95

    The art of strategic planning is not easily acquired from most teaching materials, yet it is one of the most important aspects of practical play. In this book, positional factors have been approached, with examples showing how a certain specific weakness can be exploited by specific means. This book includes complete games where the strategic and positional factors are seen in the complex interplay of the middle game and end game.

    Learn More
  29. The Art of Attacking Chess

    The Art of Attacking Chess

    Our Price: $14.95

    All chess-players love to play a smooth attacking game, flowing from start to finish, and sprinkled with spectacular ideas and sacrifices. However, few can do so regularly, and for most players, their collection of brilliancies missed far outweighs their creative successes. Innate talent plays an important role, but many of the skills needed for attacking chess can be learned by study and practice. Here, one of the world's most experienced annotators has selected 33 superb examples, and explained them in a way that strips away the mystery.

    Learn More

  30. How to Crush Your Chess Opponents

    How to Crush Your Chess Opponents

    Our Price: $14.95

    Simon Williams, one of Britain's most dynamic and aggressive chess-players, has selected his favourite attacking games from the modern era, and annotated them with an infectious zeal that will inspire and instruct. He takes us inside the decision-making process, explaining how each stage in an attacking concept is formed, and shows how top players spot the signs that indicate it is time to stake everything on an all-out assault. We also get insights into the role of intuition and calculation in both attack and defence

    Learn More

  31. Improve Your Attacking Chess

    Improve Your Attacking Chess

    Our Price: $14.95

    Checkmating the enemy king is the ultimate goal in chess. In this book Simon Williams helps readers to practice and improve their skills in this vital area of practical chess. A mating attack typically involves a build-up of forces, followed by an opening of lines, often involving a sacrifice

    Learn More

  32. The Development of Chess Style

    The Development of Chess Style

    Our Price: $14.95

    An algebraic expanded revision of Euwe's 1968 edition examining the contributions of great players throughout history. Nunn brings you up-to-date over the last 30 years with the eras of Fischer, Karpov, and Kasparov. They assess the contributions of each great players in the way chess is played and approached.

    Learn More

  33. Saving Lost Positions

    Saving Lost Positions

    Our Price: $14.95

    It is not always possible to win a game of chess by obtaining an advantage and then logically converting it into a win. In the games of average players the result is often in doubt until the last blunder and the more resourceful player will usually triumph.

    Learn More
  34. Simple Attacking Plans

    Simple Attacking Plans

    Our Price: $14.95

    Novice players and amateurs of intermediate strength will benefit from the explanations of ideas and tips for practical play, all presented in an easy, conversational style. More experienced competitors will appreciate this book as a game collection featuring masterpieces of enterprising play – some of them never before published.

    Learn More
  35. SHOPWORN - Chess Strategy - Move by Move

    SHOPWORN - Chess Strategy - Move by Move

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Our Price: $14.98

    Want to improve at chess? Then you'll need to improve your understanding of chess strategy. You probably knew that already - but how to begin to study such a vast and seemingly complex subject? International Master Adam Hunt is a full-time chess teacher and is thus very familiar with this problem. His solution is to present an accessible and easy-to-read guide for club players and juniors. Hunt studies all the key components of chess strategy, including development, king safety, attack and defence, initiative, pawn play and much more. He examines not only grandmaster games but also those played by students, demonstrates model strategic play, identifies typical mistakes and explains how to avoid them. Move by Move provides an ideal platform to study chess Learn More
  36. SHOPWORN - Mastering Chess Strategy

    SHOPWORN - Mastering Chess Strategy

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Our Price: $14.98

    Short Description for Mastering Chess Strategy - B0310EM Learn More

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