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    Year of Publication
    1971 2014 1971 to 2014
    1. Everyman Chess (10)
    2. Cardoza Chess (7)
    3. Gambit Publishing (7)
    4. Russell Enterprises (4)
    5. Simon and Schuster (3)
    6. Ishi Press (3)
    7. Chess Information (2)
    8. Chess Evolution (2)
    9. Winning Chess for Kids (2)
    10. Dover Chess (2)
    11. Quality Chess (1)
    12. Chess Digest (1)
    13. Batsford Chess (1)
    14. Random House (1)
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    1. Chess Puzzles (2)
    Popular Book Series
    1. Comprehensive Chess Course (1)
    1. GM Michal Krasenkow (1)
    Chess Notation Type
    1. FAN - Figurine (21)
    2. AN - Algebraic (20)
    3. NL - Notationless (2)
    4. DN - Descriptive (2)
    1. Yes (1)
    Hardware Requirements
    1. Windows (3)
    1. August Livshitz (1)
    2. Bruce Albertson (5)
    3. Bruce Pandolfini (4)
    4. Chris Ward (2)
    5. Christian Kongsted (1)
    6. Daniel King (2)
    7. Eric Schiller (2)
    8. Eric Schiller (2)
    9. Fred Reinfeld (3)
    10. Fred Wilson (4)
    11. Graham Burgess (1)
    12. I.A. Horowitz (1)
    13. Jeff Coakley (2)
    14. John Emms (1)
    15. John Nunn (2)
    16. John Shaw (1)
    17. Karsten Muller (1)
    18. Larry Evans (2)
    19. Lev Alburt (2)
    20. Mikhail Krasenkov (2)
    21. Murray Chandler (1)
    22. Richard Palliser (4)
    23. Vlastimil Hort & Vlastimil Jansa (1)
    24. Zenon Franco (2)
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    1. How Good Is Your Chess?

      How Good Is Your Chess?

      Our Price: $7.95

      Chess enthusiasts can find out where they stand in terms of chess mastery by facing off against 20 of the world's top players with this instructive and amusing guide. Looking closely at complete games played by the experts inspires players to form new ideas about their overall strategy. Grandmaster Daniel King based "How Good Is Your Chess" on his popular Chess Monthly column.

      Learn More

    2. 303 Tricky Checkmates

      303 Tricky Checkmates

      Our Price: $12.95

      Both a fascinating challenge and great training tool, these two, three and four move checkmates are great for beginning, intermediate and expert players. Mates are in order of difficulty, from simple to very complex positions.

      Learn More

    3. Chess Endgame Quiz

      Chess Endgame Quiz

      Our Price: $14.95

      This challenging book features two hundred challenges in the multiple choice format that has proved so popular for chess-playing readers. These instructive, elegant and entertaining positions will not only challenge and entertain you, but will also teach you how to improve your endgame while trying to find the best move of the three choices presented.

      Learn More

    4. EBOOK - Its Your Move Improvers

      EBOOK - Its Your Move Improvers

      Our Price: $19.95

      Out of stock

      In this highly original and instructive test yourself book Chris Ward invites readers to solve a selection of carefully chosen puzzles. In this, the second book in the 'It's Your Move' series, the positions are aimed at improving players, specifically the low level club players who are looking to hone their skills in order to climb further up the chess ladder.The reader is given a choice of five plausible plans for each position and has to decide which is the most likely to succeed. Learn More
    5. The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book

      The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book

      Our Price: $24.95

      This book provides a wealth of puzzle positions to test just about every facet of your tactical skills. The puzzles in this book have been selected by analysing games new and old in search of original puzzle positions. It is very unlikely that even seasoned solvers will recognise many of these positions. Emms, by allying his skills with those of powerful computers, has also made every effort to ensure that the solutions are sound, and that there are no unmentioned alternative solutions.

      Learn More

    6. EBOOK - Its Your Move

      EBOOK - Its Your Move

      Our Price: $19.95

      Out of stock

      This book provides the reader with a selection of puzzles to solve. However, unlike other books of the White to play and mate in three' variety, it simulates real game scenarios, offering readers a choice of tempting alternatives and requiring them to pick the best Learn More
    7. Test Your Chess IQ - First Challenge

      Test Your Chess IQ - First Challenge

      Our Price: $19.95
      Russian chess trainer Livshitz, who has had extensive experience teaching a wide range of players from novices to masters, presents here a course for developing your combinational skill, based on the recognition of tactical motifs. As you work your way through this carefully graced series of tests, themes such as 'diversion,' 'interference,' 'X-Ray,' and many more will become an integral part of your chess armoury, to be employed in your own games. Solving these positions will not only provide many hours of pleasure but will also enable you to test - and improve! - your chess IQ. Learn More
    8. Sam Loyd: His Story and Best Problems

      Sam Loyd: His Story and Best Problems

      Our Price: $5.95
      Sam loyd is widely considered to be the finest chess composer that ever lived, often authorizing problems with witty themes that would challenge even the strongest of players. What isn't so well known is that he was also one of the best chess players in the U.S.,despite having a playing style that was highly flawed. Like his problems, Sam would often try to create fantastic combinations over the board during his games, rather than simplifying and going for the win.

      This book, edited by Grandmaster Andrew Soltis, presents 58 of Sam Loyd's problems for your consideration. In addition to the puzzles, the author extensively discusses the man behind the puzzles. Learn More
    9. Chessercizes


      Our Price: $14.95

      National Master Bruce Pandolfini has created a unique and challenging Chess exercise book for players of all levels. Faced with actual positions from recent tournaments and match play, readers are asked to make the winning move for some of the world's best players, including World Champions Kasparov and Karpov.

      Learn More

    10. More Chessercizes - Checkmate

      More Chessercizes - Checkmate

      Our Price: $15.95

      This book offers chess players the ultimate challenge - to find the move or sequence of moves that will finish off the imaginary opponent in a checkmate situation, allowing readers to practice traps and winning opening moves without using a chess board.

      Learn More

    11. Bobby Fischer's Outrageous Chess Moves

      Bobby Fischer's Outrageous Chess Moves

      Our Price: $11.95

      This book contains a collection of the most brilliant, ingenious and outrageous moves ever played by Bobby Fischer, the American who is generally acknowledged to be the greatest chess player of all time.

      These 101 moves - every one a move that either forced checkmate, gained material or lead to an overwhelmingly superior position - have been selected from among all of Fischer's recorded games, most of which were were played under tournament or match conditions.

      Learn More

    12. 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate

      1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate

      Our Price: $19.95
      Ask most chessplayers from the "baby boomer" generation how they acquired and sharpened their tactical skills, and chances are a Fred reinfeld tactical collection will be part of their answer. And now, for the first time, 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate is presented in modern Algebraic Notation. Learn More

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