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  1. Everyman Chess (9)
  2. Gambit Publishing (7)
  3. Cardoza Chess (7)
  4. Russell Enterprises (5)
  5. Ishi Press (4)
  6. Simon and Schuster (3)
  7. Dover Chess (2)
  8. Winning Chess for Kids (2)
  9. Chess Evolution (2)
  10. Chess Information (2)
  11. Self Published (1)
  12. Quality Chess (1)
  13. Batsford Chess (1)
  14. Chess Digest (1)
  15. McFarland Publishing (1)
  16. Random House (1)
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Chess Notation Type
  1. AN - Algebraic (3)
  2. NL - Notationless (1)
  3. FAN - Figurine (1)
  1. Bruce Albertson (3)
  2. Fred Reinfeld (1)
  3. Fred Wilson (1)
  4. Karsten Muller (1)

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    Chess Mazes
    Catalog Code: B0019RE

    The planning and visualization skills that come from working on Chess Mazes are valuable and instructive. If you are one who often loses games by hanging pieces or missing mates, then this is the book for you. There are many good books which present chess combinations and explain tactical motifs with the goal of training your tactical ability.

    Chess Mazes

    CLEARANCE - Chess Mazes 2
    Catalog Code: B0020RE

    When the first volume of Chess Mazes was released, it was an immediate hit with both chess instructors and students. It was a completely new kind of chess puzzle to help develop your chessplaying visualization skills. In Chess Mazes 2, author Bruce Alberston has created another 216 fascinating chess mazes.
    Clearance - Save up to 80%

    CLEARANCE - Chess Mazes 2

    Regular Price: $17.95

    Special Price $5.00

    The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 3
    Test and Improve Your Defensive Skill
    Catalog Code: B0042RE

    One of the most important skills a chessplayer needs is the ability to defend a position that is under siege. In this third volume in the highly acclaimed, best-selling ChessCafe Puzzle Book series, International Grandmaster Karsten Mueller, along with International Master Merijn van Delft, examines and expounds upon the vital defensive concepts and techniques used to repulse enemy attacks.

    The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 3

    212 Surprising Checkmates
    Catalog Code: B0053RE

    With this instructive manual, players can learn to concentrate on one-, two- and three-move checkmates, focusing on their opponents' last moves and keeping alert to new possibilities, rather than getting blinded by previous calculations. Written by two experienced chess teachers, this volumes first 100 exercises concern checkmates in one move, while the remaining exercises represent game-like positions for checkmates in two and three moves.

    212 Surprising Checkmates

    1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices & Combinations
    21st-Century Edition
    Catalog Code: B0072RE

    Enhance Your Tactical Weapons! 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combination is the companion volume to Reinfeld's 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate. Of course each book can be taken on its own, but together they make a wonderful collection, and cover the full range of tactical chess. And they are now both available in 21st-century editions, using modern algebraic notation.

    1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices & Combinations


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