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    1. Russell Enterprises (3)
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    1. AN - Algebraic (4)
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    1. August Livshitz (1)
    2. Bruce Albertson (6)
    3. Bruce Pandolfini (4)
    4. Chris Ward (2)
    5. Christian Kongsted (1)
    6. Daniel King (2)
    7. Dave Schloss (1)
    8. Eric Schiller (2)
    9. Eric Schiller (2)
    10. Fred Reinfeld (3)
    11. Fred Wilson (4)
    12. Graham Burgess (1)
    13. I.A. Horowitz (1)
    14. Jeff Coakley (2)
    15. John Emms (1)
    16. John Nunn (2)
    17. John Shaw (1)
    18. Karsten Muller (1)
    19. Larry Evans (2)
    20. Lev Alburt (2)
    21. Mikhail Krasenkov (3)
    22. Murray Chandler (1)
    23. Richard Palliser (3)
    24. Vlastimil Hort & Vlastimil Jansa (1)
    25. Zenon Franco (3)
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      303 Tricky Checkmates
      Two, Three and Four Move Checkmates
      Catalog Code: B0017CZ

      Both a fascinating challenge and great training tool, these two, three and four move checkmates are great for beginning, intermediate and expert players. Mates are in order of difficulty, from simple to very complex positions.

      303 Tricky Checkmates

      Our Price: $12.95
      Chess Mazes
      Catalog Code: B0019RE

      The planning and visualization skills that come from working on Chess Mazes are valuable and instructive. If you are one who often loses games by hanging pieces or missing mates, then this is the book for you. There are many good books which present chess combinations and explain tactical motifs with the goal of training your tactical ability.

      Chess Mazes

      Our Price: $14.95
      303 Tricky Chess Puzzles
      Find the Decisive Winning Moves!
      Catalog Code: B0043CZ


      303 Tricky Chess Puzzles

      Our Price: $12.95
      303 More Tricky Chess Puzzles
      303 More Challenging Puzzles to Take On!
      Catalog Code: B0037CZ

      A carefully selected entertaining and instructive collection of tactical chess puzzles. The authors, both veteran professional chess instructors, have collected or created 303 additional game situations, to go with the original 303 typical situations featured in the original 303 Tricky Chess Puzzles.

      303 More Tricky Chess Puzzles

      Our Price: $12.95
      Chess Mazes 2
      Catalog Code: B0020RE

      When the first volume of Chess Mazes was released, it was an immediate hit with both chess instructors and students. It was a completely new kind of chess puzzle to help develop your chessplaying visualization skills. In Chess Mazes 2, author Bruce Alberston has created another 216 fascinating chess mazes.
      75% Off Books (Shown in Cart)

      Chess Mazes 2

      Our Price: $17.95
      212 Surprising Checkmates
      Catalog Code: B0053RE

      With this instructive manual, players can learn to concentrate on one-, two- and three-move checkmates, focusing on their opponents' last moves and keeping alert to new possibilities, rather than getting blinded by previous calculations. Written by two experienced chess teachers, this volumes first 100 exercises concern checkmates in one move, while the remaining exercises represent game-like positions for checkmates in two and three moves.

      212 Surprising Checkmates

      Our Price: $9.95

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