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    Philidor's Defense

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    1. Philidor Defense - A Re-Appraisal

      Philidor Defense - A Re-Appraisal

      Our Price: $4.95
      This edition is a good guide to show the players the ideas in one of the most classic, solid openings against the Classic White's King's pawn setup. All the important variations are covered in Harding's classic style. Learn More
    2. The Dynamic Philidor Counter-Gambit

      The Dynamic Philidor Counter-Gambit

      Our Price: $5.95
      Black defends his King's pawn before proceding with similar play as in the Greco Counter-Gambit. Suddenly White does not have positional play against a Philidor Defense, but is thrown into tactical complications of this gambit. You, as Black, will know what to do while your opponent eats time on his clock trying, repeat trying, to find his way. Black is playing to win. Learn More
    3. Philidor Files

      Philidor Files

      Our Price: $27.95
      The Philidor is a dynamic and underrated answer to White's most popular opening move, 1. e4. Recently it has acquired something of a cult following amongst certain Grandmasters; its supporters include the French number one Etienne Bacrot and the former European Champion Liviu Dieter-Nisipeanu. One of its major selling points is its flexibility - Black even has a choice of two opening moves. It also suits a wide variety of playing styles. Games can lead to sharp, tactical duels as well as strategic, positional battles.

      In this book Christian Bauer, himself a renowned Philidor expert, uncovers the secrets behind this intriguing opening. Using his own experience and other top-class Philidor games, Bauer identifies both the critical main lines and the tricky sidelines. He also examines the key tactical and strategic ideas for both White and Black, while highlighting crucial issues such as move-order options - a major weapon for the modern Grandmaster.

      * Comprehensive coverage of a provocative opening
      * Packed with original analysis
      * Ideal for club and tournament players Learn More
    4. The Black Lion

      The Black Lion

      Our Price: $27.95

      More than 85% of all chess games start with either 1.e4 or 1.d4. The Black Lion presents a flexible, logical and sensible way for Black to meet both of these moves. This robust, multipurpose opening system looks quiet, like a sleeping lion - hence the name. But when this predator is provoked, and the game heats up, Black eats its prey in an extremely swift and efficient way.

      Learn More

    5. The Modern Philidor Defence

      The Modern Philidor Defence

      Our Price: $26.95

      he Modern Philidor Defence consists of seven chapters, dealing with different move-orders. Each chapter comprises of a "Quick Repertoire" then a thorough theoretical study in the part "Step by Step"and "Complete Games". In order to include a system in your opening repertoire, it would be sufficient for you to read the review and see the games and this should not take too much of your time. After this, you can start playing this opening in friendly games at your club, or on the Internet.

      Learn More

    6. A Cunning Chess Opening for Black

      A Cunning Chess Opening for Black

      Our Price: $26.95
      Taking your opponent out of his comfort zone is a good idea to start your game with. Grandmaster Sergey Kasparov pushes this concept one step further: lure your opponent onto the slippery paths of the Philidor Swamp! Learn More

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