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  82. Heinz Bunthaler (1)
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  84. Igor Zaitsev (foreword) (1)
  85. Igor Zakharovich Bondarevsky (1)
  86. Ilya Maizelis (1)
  87. Irving Chernev (1)
  88. Isaak Linder (1)
  89. Jacob Cantrell (1)
  90. James Gelo (1)
  91. James Plaskett (1)
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  93. Jan Przewoznik (1)
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  116. Josh Waitzkin (1)
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  118. Julian Hodgson & Lawrence Day & Eric Schiller (1)
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  135. Maurizio Tirabassi (1)
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  138. Michael Stean (1)
  139. Miguel A. Sanchez (1)
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  150. Pablo Moran (1)
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  152. Paul Keres (2)
  153. Paul Powell (1)
  154. Per Skjoldager (1)
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  156. Peter Tamburro (1)
  157. Rashid Nezhmetdinov (1)
  158. Raymond Keene (9)
  159. Richard Palliser (8)
  160. Robert Byrne (1)
  161. Robert Clyde Moore (1)
  162. Robert E. Burger (1)
  163. Robert Sherwood (3)
  164. Robert Timmer (1)
  165. Roman Dzindzichashvili (2)
  166. Roman Pelts (3)
  167. Rona E Petrosian (1)
  168. Ronn Munsterman (1)
  169. Roz Katz (1)
  170. Ryan Velez (1)
  171. Sabrina Chevannes (1)
  172. Sam Palatnik (3)
  173. Sam Sloan (1)
  174. Sergei Soloviov (1)
  175. Siegbert Tarrasch (5)
  176. Steffen Zeuthen (1)
  177. Stephen Gerzadowicz (2)
  178. Stephen W. Gordon (1)
  179. Steve Abrahams (1)
  180. Steve Giddins (2)
  181. Susan Polgar (4)
  182. Tigran Petrosian (2)
  183. Tim Brennan & Anthea Carson (2)
  184. Tim Harding (6)
  185. Tim Taylor (2)
  186. Todd Bardwick (3)
  187. Tom Cram (1)
  188. Tony GIllam (1)
  189. Tony Kosten (1)
  190. Tony Miles (1)
  191. V. Grishin (1)
  192. Valery D. Chaschihin (1)
  193. Victor Henkin (1)
  194. Vitaly Chekhover (3)
  195. Vladimir Davidovich Baturnsky (3)
  196. Vlastimil Hort & Vlastimil Jansa (1)
  197. William Roland Hartston (1)
  198. Y Neishtadt (1)
  199. Y. Gik (1)
  200. Yasser Seirawan (10)
  201. Yuri Averbach (6)
  202. Yuri Averbakh (2)
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    Starting Out - 1. d4 & 1. e4
    A Reliable Repertoire for the Improving Player
    Catalog Code: B0454EM

    In these two books, brought together now for the first time in one volume, John Cox and Neil McDonald solve the perennial problems by providing the reader with strong and trusty repertoires with white pieces based on the popular opening moves of 1d4 and 1e4. The recommended lines given here have stood the test of time and are regularly employed by Grandmasters. These books are written in Everyman Chess's distinctive Starting Out style, with plenty of notes, tips and warnings throughout to help the reader to absorb ideas.
    Out of Stock

    Starting Out - 1. d4 & 1. e4

    Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 4
    Sacrifice to Win!
    Catalog Code: B0105RE

    Learn Chess the Right Way is a five-volume chess puzzle book series aimed at the novice, beginner and intermediate level player, using the unique methods of the award-winning coach and former world champion Susan Polgar. Volume 4 is all about exercises where you have to make a “sacrifice” for a material gain or even checkmate.

    Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 4

    Points of Struggle - Parent and Coach Edition
    Catalog Code: B0112OB

    Written with parents and coaches in mind, Points of Struggle contains basic lessons and worksheets that bring a player from true beginner to having the confidence and skills to enter their first tournament. This book is ideal for parents who know little about chess, coaches who need supplemental materials or a syllabus for beginners, or for identifying why a student is having difficulty improving.

    Points of Struggle - Parent and Coach Edition

    Become a Chess Champion
    A New Guide to Learn & Teach Chess
    Catalog Code: B0111OB

    Hundreds of beginner chess books have been written and published, even in the last 10 years. While they are often well written and well intentioned, they were seldom written solely with the correct audience in mind: Chess Parents, Educators and Chess Students Even more seldom can you find these books written by true chess professionals. Become A Chess Champion, is written by two Full-Time Chess Professionals. Become a Chess Champion was written to stray from age old thought and process for learning the game of chess. It is a new style Chess guide for you featuring the authors thoughts on the best way to learn how to: “Become A Chess Champion!”

    Become a Chess Champion

    Phiona's Greatest Games of Chess
    Collected Chess games of Phiona Mutesi, Ugandan School, Women's and Junior Chess Champion and the subject of the Disney Major Motion Picture "The Queen of Katwe"
    Catalog Code: B0308IS

    "The Queen of Katwe", Phiona Mutesi was born a raw sewage dump in the poorest country of the world in a state of constant war, where the president of her country was said to eat his political opponents. At age 9, Phiona found there was a chess club that would give her a bowl of porridge to eat if she played chess there. As there was no food in her home, she went there every day. Within a few years, she won both the school championship and the junior chess championship of her country.

    Phiona's Greatest Games of Chess

    Advanced Puzzles
    50 Challenging Chess Puzzles for Experience Players
    Catalog Code: B0101OB

    This book contains 50 advanced chess puzzles for experienced players. There are dozens of each of the following puzzles: Mate in 3, Mate in 4, Mate in 5 and an additional 14 puzzles that will challenge you to find the best move to win material and create winning positions

    Advanced Puzzles

    Checkmate - Bobby Fischer's Boys' Life Columns
    Catalog Code: B0099RE

    From December 1966 until January 1970, Bobby Fischer wrote a chess column for Boys’ Life, the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. Now, for the first time, all of these columns have been collected in one volume. It is an eclectic mix, a fascinating look at Fischer’s writing and thinking as he reached his prime, maturing into the strongest player in the world.

    Checkmate - Bobby Fischer's Boys' Life Columns

    Learn Chess from the Greats
    Catalog Code: B0055DV

    Beginning students of the game as well as veterans of the board will find this chess guide offers a wealth of inspiration, enjoyment, and practical chess advice. In providing valuable instruction for players at all levels, noted chess writer and teacher Peter Tamburro initially presents elementary ideas that can be used immediately by beginners.

    Learn Chess from the Greats

    The Chess Endgame Study
    A Comprehensive Introduction - Second Edition
    Catalog Code: B0057DV

    This is the complete introduction to the endgame study. Roycroft writes the history of endgame study with its international roster of great theorists and composers; he directs an encyclopedic discourse to all varieties of chess lovers — casual solvers, composers and connoisseurs, analysts and judges; and he offers over 400 endgame studies dating from ninth-century Arabia to the present.

    The Chess Endgame Study

    Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 3
    Mastering Defensive Technique
    Catalog Code: B0098RE

    Learn Chess the Right Way is a five-volume chess puzzle book series aimed at the novice, beginner and intermediate level player, using the unique methods of the award-winning coach and former world champion Susan Polgar. In Volume 3, you will be introduced to 500 must-know defensive techniques. Each chapter will start with a few introductory examples and explanation about to what to look for in the puzzles that follow

    Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 3

    Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 2
    Winning Material
    Catalog Code: B0097RE

    Learn Chess the Right Way is a five-volume chess puzzle book series aimed at the novice, beginner and intermediate level player, using the unique methods of the award-winning coach and former world champion Susan Polgar. Volume 2 is all about “winning material” exercises. In each of the first six chapters a certain piece captures an enemy piece .

    Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 2

    Enchanted Chess - Master-Piece Disaster!
    From Vellotti's Chess School
    Catalog Code: B0116OB

    Are you ready test your chess skills and checkmate your way to victory?! In the this book, Master Disaster, your chess pieces become the paint for your next project. You'll have fun creating chess “masterpieces” out of the masterful placement of your chess pieces!

    Enchanted Chess - Master-Piece Disaster!

    Half a Century of Chess
    Catalog Code: B0433EM

    In this collection of his best games, former world champion Mikhail Botvinnik demonstrates the deep strategic style that took him to the title .    - Written by one of the greatest players of all time. - Contains 90 annotated games from Botvinnik's career. - Includes victories over Capablanca, Alekhine, Smyslov, Tal and Petrosian. - Incorporates background material on key personalities and events.

    Half a Century of Chess

    Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 1
    Must-Know Checkmates
    Catalog Code: B0085RE

    Learn Chess the Right Way is a five-volume chess puzzle book series aimed at the novice, beginner and intermediate level player, using the unique methods of the award-winning coach and former world champion Susan Polgar. In Book 1, the focus is on one-move checkmate exercises. In each of the first five chapters, a specific piece delivers the checkmate.

    Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 1

    Prepare with Chess Strategy
    Catalog Code: B0119EU

    Do you want to become a better chess player? A more proficient chess teacher? If so, then Dr. Alexey Root’s Prepare With Chess Strategy is for you. Building on the Boy Scouts of America’s Chess merit badge pamphlet, Dr. Root uses multiple examples to explain and reinforce the concepts introduced in that pamphlet.

    Prepare with Chess Strategy

    Big Book of Chess Combinations
    A Chessworks Publication
    Catalog Code: B0301IS

    This book provides one thousand combinations from chess tournament play. It is not the typical book with positions and their solutions. Rather, it tests the actual players against the computer. Sometimes the computer finds the correct solution but not always. The reader needs to study the positions and determine for himself whether the move selected by the computer is correct or not.

    Big Book of Chess Combinations

    Catalog Code: B0302IS

    Memoirs of a Chess Official, organizer and member of the FIDE Executive Board of the World Chess Federation who participated in many controversial chess events including the matches by Fischer, Karpov and Kasparov for the World Chess Championships. The insider story of these important chess events.


    Chess Puzzle Learning Levels Volume 1
    Catalog Code: B0095OB

    All chess players from beginners to Experts will appreciate this text, with an assortment of 82 entertaining puzzles of varying difficulty. Inside, find such original material as the finish to David Letterman's phone game with Garry Kasparov and a joint study of this author with GM Pal Benko, the inventor of the Benko Gambit. Originally published in the University of New Mexico's newspaper publication, The Daily Lobo, this compilation of chess columns has the unique status of writing to a general audience while keeping the content fresh, challenging, and enjoyable.

    Chess Puzzle Learning Levels Volume 1

    The Standard Chess Workbook - Beginner
    Catalog Code: B0091OB

    The Standard Chess Workbook: Beginner is a comprehensive scholastic workbook that teaches all of the rules of chess, including: piece movement, captures, check, checkmate, castling, stalemate, and en passant. Each chapter consists of several instructional pages, lots of illustrations, and a few exercise pages for students to test their skills. Written by USCF Expert Dylan Quercia, SCW: Beginner is suitable for use in after school chess programs and is a perfect introduction for children of all ages to the game of chess.

    The Standard Chess Workbook - Beginner

    Chess for children activity book
    Catalog Code: B0124BT

    Build up your child’s knowledge of, and interest in, chess through an imaginative, fun series of games and activities. This follow-up to The Batsford Book of Chess for Children features the same two cheeky chess-playing kids, Jess and Jamie, discussing the games in child-friendly language. The exercises include puzzles, crosswords, easy chess ''variants,'' and a guess-the-next-move section.

    Chess for children activity book

    Enchanted Chess - Cupcake Escape!
    From Vellotti's Chess School
    Catalog Code: B0115OB

    it's time to cook up some fun in Enchanted Chess Book 2! Students will learn clever tricks, traps and sneak attacks - especially the "Fork".

    Enchanted Chess - Cupcake Escape!

    Jose Raul Capablanca
    A Chess Biography
    Catalog Code: B0016MF

    This is the most complete and thorough biography of José Raúl Capablanca, one of the greatest players in the history of chess. Beginning with his family background, birth, childhood and introduction to the game in Cuba, it examines his life and play as a young man; follows his evolution as a player and rise to prominence, first as challenger and then world champion; his loss of the title to Alekhine and his efforts to recapture the championship in the last years of his too-short life.

    Jose Raul Capablanca

    Joseph Henry Blackburne
    A Chess Biography
    Catalog Code: B0017MF

    This first comprehensive biography of Britain’s greatest chess player of the 19th and early 20th centuries presents more than 1,000 of Blackburne’s games chronologically, including all his surviving games from serious competition, annotated in varying detail. Many are masterpieces containing beautiful combinations and instructive endgame play.

    Joseph Henry Blackburne

    Chess 101 for Kids
    A Beginner's Guide to the Royal Game
    Catalog Code: B0088OB

    This short pamphlet is a beginner's guide to the royal game of chess. It was written to provide new chess players with basic information that will prepare them to play chess in any venue, whether it's a tournament or club or even just casual games with friends. It includes information on setting up the board and pieces, how the pieces move, understanding chess notation, and more.

    Chess 101 for Kids

    Beginner Puzzles
    50 Mate in One Chess Puzzles for the New Player
    Catalog Code: B0089OB

    This condensed, 55-page puzzle book contains 50 Mate in One chess puzzles for new players. They start out fairly easy and gradually increase in difficulty.

    Beginner Puzzles

    My First Book of Chess Tactics
    Catalog Code: B0092RE

    Tactics are the tricks and techniques you use to surprise and ambush your opponent. The more you know about tactics, the better you’ll play the game and the more games you will win.    In My First Book of Chess Tactics you will:  Learn the ideas behind tactical patterns and how to name them  See how to focus on a position to find tactical patterns  Practice tactics by solving realistic puzzles  Recognize not only what you can do to your opponent, but what your opponent can do to you.

    My First Book of Chess Tactics

    Sicilian Defense - Richter-Rauzer Systems in Chess
    Catalog Code: B0290IS

    Sicilian Defense Richter-Rauzer Systems in Chess by Eric Schiller was originally published as three books and is now combined into one. The first book is “Sicilian Modern Richter Rauzer Systems”. Next is “Sicilian Richter-Rauzer With A6”. The third and last is “Classical Richter-Rauzer”.

    Sicilian Defense - Richter-Rauzer Systems in Chess

    Tactics Time 2
    1001 Real Chess Tactics From Real Chess Games
    Catalog Code: B0150NIC

    The best way to improve at chess is to solve tactics puzzles. But why do regular tactics books make amateurs study master games? Is it useful for beginners to analyze games that are unreal for everyday chess players? YES! Tactics Time 2 presents 1001 fresh and instructive positions.
    Out of Stock

    Tactics Time 2

    Magnus Carlsen - Vishwanathan Anand 2014 Rematch for the World Chess Championship
    Catalog Code: B0268IS

    Including all games from the 2014 World Chess Championship Match, plus previous games between Anand and Carlsen. All games have been highly annotated by Grandmaster Raymond Keene, OBE.

    Magnus Carlsen - Vishwanathan Anand 2014 Rematch for the World Chess Championship

    Mastering Mates - Vol. 1
    1,111 One-Move Mates
    Catalog Code: B0088RE

    This first book in the Mastering Mate series presents a challenge for players relatively new to chess and for readers seeking a novel and interesting set of puzzles. Books on chess tactics can overwhelm beginners and young learners. These relatively simple, carefully chosen exercises serve to illustrate the wide variety of examples of checkmate, as well as showing off the harmonious cooperation of chess pieces delivering the final blow.

    Mastering Mates - Vol. 1

    Mastering Mates - Vol. 2
    1,111 Two-Move, Three-Move & Four-Move Mates
    Catalog Code: B0089RE

    This second volume in the Mastering Mate series provides readers with a serious challenge - 1,111 checkmates in two, three, four and more moves. By solving these problems, you will develop proficiency in all of the major checkmating patterns. 

    Mastering Mates - Vol. 2

    1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices & Combinations
    21st-Century Edition
    Catalog Code: B0072RE

    Enhance Your Tactical Weapons! 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combination is the companion volume to Reinfeld's 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate. Of course each book can be taken on its own, but together they make a wonderful collection, and cover the full range of tactical chess. And they are now both available in 21st-century editions, using modern algebraic notation.

    1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices & Combinations

    Modernized - The King's Indian Defense
    Catalog Code: B0083OB

    This book is a full repertoire (from Black’s perspective) for the King’s Indian Defense. By using a variety of theoretical games from recent Grandmaster practice (as well as a number of classical examples), Bojkov covers every major line in depth, with due coverage to all sidelines as well. The reader will also become familiarized with many strategic ideas, thematic tactics, and the abundance of imaginative possibilities the King’s Indian Defense is famous for.
    Out of Stock

    Modernized - The King's Indian Defense

    Die Weltmeister Des Schachspiels 2 von Botwinnik bis Fischer - GERMAN EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0255IS

    World Champions of Chess, Volume 2 - containing biographies and games of Botvinnik , Smyslov , Tal , Petrosian , Spassky and Fischere

    Die Weltmeister Des Schachspiels 2 von Botwinnik bis Fischer - GERMAN EDITION

    The Best Move
    Catalog Code: B0253IS

    The Best Move is a collection of very hard Chess problems based on actual grandmaster games. The reader is asked who has the advantage and why. Points are awarded not only for getting the answer right, but for seeing deeply into the positions. These problems are based primarily on the games of Grandmaster Hort and Grandmaster Jansa. These are not the typical ''White to play and Win'' problems. rather, the reader is asked to decide who is better. These are very hard problems. Do not be surprised if you do any of them, or if you get them only by guessing.

    The Best Move

    Die Weltmeister Des Schachspiels 1 von Morphy bis Aljechin - GERMAN EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0254IS

    World Champions of Chess, Volume 1 - containing biographies and games of Morphy, Anderssen, Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca and Alekhine

    Die Weltmeister Des Schachspiels 1 von Morphy bis Aljechin - GERMAN EDITION


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Choose from a huge selection of chess books, including a wide variety of topics, players and strategies from The House of Staunton. There is a chess book for nearly every chess move or chess defense you can think of. Looking for a chess book talking about a specific chess player? Browse the many different miscellaneous chess books available. Need to strengthen your opening game? Middle game? Or maybe your end game is lacking. There are chess books covering all of these topics and much more. The purpose of a majority of the chess books available is to serve as guides for beginners and advanced chess players alike, and to address different tactics and strategies to help improve your game. There are also biographical chess books that talk about specific Chess Players such as Magnus Carlsen or Vishwanthan Anand if you are interested in reading about a chess player and their life.

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