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    Chess Middlegames Books

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      Understanding Chess Middlegames
      Featuring the 100 Most Important Middlegame Ideas
      Catalog Code: B0178GB

      Following on from his successful Understanding Chess Endgames, John Nunn turns his attention to the middlegame - the phase of the chess battle where most games are decided, yet the one that has received the least systematic treatment from chess writers. With the outstanding clarity for which he is famous, Nunn breaks down complex problems into bite-sized pieces.

      Understanding Chess Middlegames

      Our Price: $24.95
      Chess College - VOLUME 1 - Strategy
      A Step-By-Step Guide to Chess Excellence
      Catalog Code: B0173GB

      Publisher: Gambit
      Author: Efstratios Grivas
      Year of Publication: 2006 Pages: 112
      Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

      Book DescriptionChess College is a new series of books to take intermediate players to new levels of chess understanding. New ideas are introduced and immediately illustrated by a number of entertaining and instructive examples, many drawn from the author's own practice. Volume 1: Strategy introduces a variety of topics, including: ""Why do we lose?"", Attack on the King, Two Bishops, Passed Pawn, Exchange Sacrifice, Positional Sacrifice, and Outpost. By drawing extensively upon his own games, Grivas is able to explain exactly what was going on over the board, and avoids the pitfall of providing overly familiar, clich

      Chess College - VOLUME 1 - Strategy

      Our Price: $9.95

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