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    Soviet Middlegame Technique
    Catalog Code: B0076QT

    Many of the classics of Soviet chess literature have struggled to see the light of day, but none more so than Soviet Middlegame Technique by Peter Romanovsky. The original version of this famous guide to the middlegame was published in 1929 when Romanovsky was Soviet Champion. Romanovsky later decided to update and improve his work.

    Soviet Middlegame Technique

    Chess Middlegame Planning
    Catalog Code: B0004AC

    Every chessplayer hopes to make brilliant moves which will overcome the opponent in a blaze of glory. But such combinations come into being only as a result of proper planning, as demonstrated in Chess Middlegame Planning. The lucid and penetrating analysis of the games in this volume demonstrate the imagination and creativity necessary for proper handling of the central stage of the game.

    Chess Middlegame Planning

    CLEARANCE - Chess Middlegame Combinations
    Catalog Code: B0005AC

    Chess Middlegame Combinations, a companion volume to Chess Middlegame Planning, forms the second part of Peter Romanovsky's classic Russian textbook on the middlegame. Now available for the first itme in an English language translation, Chess Middlegame Combinations is written with a view to helping the reader acquire a practical understanding of middlegame techniques as well as an appreciation for the beauty and aesthetics of chess.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Chess Middlegame Combinations

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    Special Price $10.00

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