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    1. Bent Larsen (1)
    2. Chess Informant (1)
    3. Guido Kern (1)
    4. Jimmy Adams (1)
    5. Jurgen Kaufeld (1)
    6. Nikolay Kalinichenko (1)
    7. Rudolpf Reinhardt (1)
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      Bent Larsen's Best Games
      Fighting Chess With The Great Dane
      Catalog Code: B0144NIC

      Bent Larsen (1935-2010) was one of the greatest fighters chess has ever seen. In his rich career the great Dane defeated all World Champions from Botvinnik to Karpov. He was a Candidate for the World Championship four times and became one of the most successful tournament players of his time. His uncompromising style and his unorthodox thinking made him popular with chess players all around the globe.

      Bent Larsen's Best Games

      Our Price: $34.95
      Johannes Zukertort
      Artist of the Chessboard
      Catalog Code: B0145NIC

      In this monumental book, originally published in 1989 in a limited edition and highly sought after by chess collectors, Jimmy Adams brings Zukertort’s masterpieces to the notice of today’s chess world and secures his rightful place in history as an important link between the old combinational and the modern positional school.

      Johannes Zukertort

      Our Price: $39.95
      Encyclopedia of Chess Miniatures
      Catalog Code: B0011SHV

      The new Encyclopedia of Chess Miniatures presents a rich collection of short games that will evoke a sense of surprise, sensation and even shock in the mind of the chess playing reader.
      Out of Stock

      Encyclopedia of Chess Miniatures

      Our Price: $56.95
      Aron Nimzowitsch - 1928-1935
      Annotated Games & Essays
      Catalog Code: B0136NIC

      Every chess player who is serious about improving his game, should study the lessons of Aron Nimzowitsch (1886-1935). 'My System' (published in 1925) and 'Chess Praxis' (1928) had tremendous impact and made Nimzowitsch one of the most influential chess thinkers of the 20th century. His books continue to be printed, sold and read to this day. Reinhardt’s collection starts where Nimzowitsch’s second volume Chess Praxis ends. It offers a unique view of the chess world of the late 1920s and 1930s, its top tournaments and the state of theory.

      Aron Nimzowitsch - 1928-1935

      Our Price: $39.95
      Vassily Ivanchuk
      100 Selected Games
      Catalog Code: B0127NIC

      “Chuky, you’re a genius.” Leading grandmasters have been heard to whisper these words, impressed with yet another brilliancy of Vassily Ivanchuk. The Ukrainian wizard, immensely popular with pros and amateurs alike, has been a member of the world elite for more than twenty years and is one of the most active players on the international circuit.

      Vassily Ivanchuk

      Our Price: $32.95
      Grandmaster Chess Strategy
      What Amateurs can Learn from Ulf Andersson's Positional Masterpieces
      Catalog Code: B0100NIC

      One of the most effective ways to improve your chess is to take a world class-player as your example. By collecting his games, studying his choices and examining his style, you will understand what made him rise to the very top. This is what Guido Kern and Jurgen Kaufeld have done with Swedish chess legend Ulf Andersson, a positional genius with a crystal-clear style, who rose to the number 4 spot of the FIDE world rankings.

      Grandmaster Chess Strategy

      Our Price: $29.95

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