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Garry's Choice – 2nd exclusive column by Garry Kasparov! The 13th World champion dissects top games of modern chess/ in English, 8 pages.

NEW: "Old Wine in New Bottles" - exclusive column by Mihail Marin! Well known writer and grandmaster explains extraordinary chess ideas from "now and then"/ in English, 8 pages

NEW: "One country – It's time 4 Sweden" - games annotated by leading Swedish grandmasters, Berg, Grandelius, Carlsson and Tikkanen../ in English, 12 pages

Coverage of WCC match Anand-Gelfand - by grandmaster Kidambi Sundararajan/ in English, 6 pages

Top Five – exclusive annotations by five World's top players (2700+), Jakovenko, Short, Volokitin, Vitiugov and Inarkiev/ in English, 22 pages

CI Labs 114 – 8 theoretical surveys with original analyses by grandmasters:

  • Ivan Cheparinov - English, Anti-Gruenfeld A16
  • Alexander Delchev – Modern Reti, Neo-Catalan A13
  • Kidambi Sundararajan – Sicilian, Sheveningen B85
  • Sam Shankland - Ruy Lopez, Bird's defence C61
  • Bassem Amin - French Defence, Kings Indian Attack C00
  • Dimitris Mastrovasilis – Four Knights, Scotch variation C47
  • Alexei Bezgodov- Queen's gambit, Tarrasch defence D32
  • Rafael Leitao – Catalan, Classical E05
  • in English, 38 pages

Rising stars column is presenting young American grandmaster Samuel Shankland with his annotations of two recent games/ in English, 7 pages

Portrait of Gata Kamsky – The best from his career so far/ in Informant non-language style, 13 pages

Games – traditional section, 80+ contributors including Morozevich, Movsesian, Bologan, Rublevsky, Jakovenko, Bartel, Sasikiran, Sargissian, Kiril Georgiev, Sjugirov, Vitiugov, Volokitin, Tiviakov, Erdos, Sulskis, etc./ in Informant non-language style, 175 pages

Standard Informant content: Contest for the best game and novelty, Combinations, Endings, Excellent moves, Problems by M.Velimirovic, Studies by Y.Afek, Tournaments report.../in English and Informant non-language style, 49 pages

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One of the most exciting moments in preparing Chess Informant is when we receive the annotated game by Garry Kasparov. Will it be a famous game from recent practice or a little-known gem? How did he choose it? Which games were among his candidates? So many questions, but only one answer in "Garry's Choice." From Kasparov, you can expect only the unexpected!

As with his previous column in Chess Informant 113, you will never guess his chosen game! As a hint, I will say that the game was an opportunity for Garry to showcase his beloved King's Indian Defense. These deep and interesting annotations, by the highest possible authority, are an unforgettable lesson and above all a true revelation of extraordinary chess art.

Chess Informant 114

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Manufacturer Sahovski Chess
Author(s) Chess Informants
Pages 340 Pages
Publication Date Jul 1, 2012
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Popular Series Chess Informants
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