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      King and Pawn Endings
      Catalog Code: B0003AC

      Now for the first time, the average player can sit down with a strong teacher and study king and pawn endings effectively and completely. GM Fishbein has selected the basic positions essential to any player's chess education, arranged them in a logical ascending order of difficulty and explained them move-by-move in clear language. To make sure that every lesson finds its mark, he has classified every example according to the basic idea or theme it illustrates.

      King and Pawn Endings

      Our Price: $19.95
      The Best of Chessbase - VOLUME 1
      Catalog Code: B0009AC

      The Best of ChessBase, Volume One contains the most interesting, timely and instructive material from volumes 21-27 of ChessBase Magazine. Now the best and most current material from the world's leading chess information Software is available in convenient printed form!
      75% Off Chess Books
      Out of Stock

      The Best of Chessbase - VOLUME 1

      Our Price: $19.95

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