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  1. 1001 Deadly Checkmates

    1001 Deadly Checkmates

    For all chess-players, from beginners to world champions, from kids to seniors, delivering checkmate is the greatest thrill the game has to offer. The ability to spot checkmates is a vital skill - and this easy-to-use book shows you how it is done. With the help of Grandmaster John Nunn, you will be ready to shock your next opponent with a deadly checkmate, whether in a school match, a club tournament - or even a championship game! Learn More
  2. Chess Openings for Kids

    Chess Openings for Kids

    For chess-players of all ages and abilities, it is vital to get off to a good start. This simple guide provides all the tips and ideas needed to play purposefully from move one. That's because these 50 Mighty Openings are the very ones used by chess masters and grandmasters to outwit opponents time and again. This book teaches the names and starting moves of all the main chess openings, and explains the basic ideas. Learn More
  3. Understanding Chess Middlegames

    Understanding Chess Middlegames

    Following on from his successful Understanding Chess Endgames, John Nunn turns his attention to the middlegame - the phase of the chess battle where most games are decided, yet the one that has received the least systematic treatment from chess writers. With the outstanding clarity for which he is famous, Nunn breaks down complex problems into bite-sized pieces. Learn More
  4. The Gambit Book of Instructive Chess Puzzles

    The Gambit Book of Instructive Chess Puzzles

    There is something here for everyone. The puzzles in the first two chapters are based on a clear-cut tactic or checkmate, such as those explained in Gambit's best-sellers How to Beat Your Dad at Chess and Chess Tactics for Kids. The endgame challenges highlight tactics and principles in action. In practice it is vital to defend resiliently and seek counterattacking chances – there is an innovative chapter on these rarely-covered themes as well as puzzles where the reader must decide how to punch home an attack. Learn More
  5. A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White

    A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White

    Such has been the acclaim for John Watson's ground-breaking works on modern chess strategy and his insightful opening books, that it is only natural that he now presents a strategic opening repertoire. Learn More
  6. Attack with Black

    Attack with Black

    Aveskulov examines all of White's options and move-orders after 1 d4 Nf6, and shows an aggressive reply to each of them. Learn More
  7. Chess Puzzles for Kids

    Chess Puzzles for Kids

    This chess puzzle super-challenge contains 100 fun positions to solve, ranging from encouragingly easy to mind-numbingly hard. Learn More

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