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  1. CLEARANCE - How to be Lucky in Chess

    CLEARANCE - How to be Lucky in Chess

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $10.00

    Some players seem to have an inexhaustible supply of chessboard luck. No matter what trouble they find themselves in, they somehow manage to escape. Among world champions, Lasker, Tal and Kasparov are famed for peering into the abyss but somehow making sure it is their opponents who fall. Learn More
  2. Fundamental Chess Endings

    Fundamental Chess Endings

    In a major event in chess publishing, two German endgame experts have produced a masterly one-volume encyclopaedia that covers all major endgames. This is the first truly modern one-volume endgame encyclopaedia. It makes full use of endgame tablebases and analytical engines that access these tablebases; where previous authors could only make educated guesses, Muller and Lamprecht have often been able to state the definitive truth, or get much closer to it. Learn More
  3. Understanding Chess Move by Move

    Understanding Chess Move by Move

    Publisher: Gambit Author: John NunnYear of Publication: 2008 Pages: 240Notation Type: Figurine (FN) Book Description John Nunn is one of the most highly regarded chess writers in the world. He has carefully selected thirty modern games to help the reader understand the most important aspects of chess and to illustrate modern chess principles in action. Virtually every move is explained using words that everyone can understand. Jargon is avoided as far as possible. Almost all the examples are taken from the 1990s and show how key ideas are handled by the grandmasters of today. The emphasis is on general principles that readers will be able to use in their own games, and detailed analysis is only given where it is necessary. Each game contains many lessons, but to guide the reader through the most important ideas in each phase of the game, the thirty games are grouped thematically into those highlighting opening, middlegame and endgame themes. About the Author(s) John Nunn is a grandmaster from England. He has won four individual gold medals and three team silver medals at Chess Olympiads. In the Chess World Cup of 1988/9, he finished sixth overall, ahead of several former World Champions. He is arguably the most highly acclaimed chess writer in the world, with two of his books receiving the prestigious British Chess Federation Book of the Year Award. Learn More
  4. The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book

    The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book

    This book provides a wealth of puzzle positions to test just about every facet of your tactical skills. The puzzles in this book have been selected by analysing games new and old in search of original puzzle positions. It is very unlikely that even seasoned solvers will recognise many of these positions. Emms, by allying his skills with those of powerful computers, has also made every effort to ensure that the solutions are sound, and that there are no unmentioned alternative solutions. Learn More
  5. CLEARANCE - The System

    CLEARANCE - The System

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $5.00

    Hans Berliner is one of the most successful correspondence chess players of all time, and was utterly dominant in the 5th World Championship. Here, for the first time, he explains the set of principles - The System - that he used to guide him to the right moves. Readers will be astonished by the simplicity and power of Berliner's methods as he takes several major openings and subjects them to System principles, and finds radically new approaches to them. Learn More
  6. Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy

    Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy

    It is now seventy years since Nimzowitsch wrote his monumental work My System. While it remains a fundamental work on chess strategy, the way chess positions are handled has changed greatly since Nimzowitsch's time - both refinements to existing ideas, and completely new concepts. Learn More
  7. How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

    How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

    This is not just a book for kids - for 'Dad' read any opponent who beats you regularly! This book teaches the 50 Deadly Checkmates - basic attacking patterns that occur repeatedly in games between players of all standards. Each mating motif is carefully and simply explained, and several illustrative examples are given. A final test enables the reader to grade his pattern recognition abilities, and the last chapter explains what to do if your Dad is Garry Kasparov. Fun, instructive - and guaranteed to improve your game. Learn More

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