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  1. The Immortal Games of Capablanca

    The Immortal Games of Capablanca

    Superbly annotated treasury includes 113 of the Cuban master's greatest games against Marshall, Lasker, Euwe, and many other formidable opponents. Learn More
  2. The Art of the Checkmate

    The Art of the Checkmate

    Learn from 127 games by Tartakower, Janowski, Rubinstein, Blackburne, others, illustrating positional maneuvers leading to these mates. Review quizzes test progress. Learn More
  3. Emanuel Lasker - The Life of a Chess Master

    Emanuel Lasker - The Life of a Chess Master

    The legendary master comes vividly to life as Dr. Hannak details his childhood, education, decision to become a professional player, great exploits in matches against Marshall, Capablanca, Tarrasch, Schlechter and other players, his happy marriage, flight from Nazi Germany and much more. Learn More
  4. How to Play Chess Endings

    How to Play Chess Endings

    Emphasis throughout the book is on understanding principles, rather than memorizing moves, with the result that the reader will be able to apply Znosko-Borovsky's techniques to almost any situation that may arise. Learn More
  5. Alexander Alekhine - My Best Games of Chess - 1908-1937

    Alexander Alekhine - My Best Games of Chess - 1908-1937

    This unequaled collection reproduces Alekhine's 220 best games, his own personal acounts of the dazzling victories that made him a legend. Spanning almost thirty years of tournament play, it includes historic matches against Capablanca, Euwe and Bogoljubov, and chronicles his briliant ascent to world mastery, his surprising defeat in 1935, and his dramatic return two years later - the first deposed champion to regain his crown. Learn More
  6. The Art of Sacrifice in Chess

    The Art of Sacrifice in Chess

    The first systematic attempt to explain and exploit the theory of chess sacrifice, this guide remains an extremely helpful weapon in the arsenal of players at every level. Learn More
  7. 107 Great Chess Battles - 1939-1945

    107 Great Chess Battles - 1939-1945

    One of the game's greatest players annotates scores of fascinating games involving such masters as Capablanca, Bogoljubov, Kashdan, Reshevsky, Tartakower, Keres and others, including many of Alekhine's own games. Includes delightfully candid views on fellow masters and rivals for the world title. Edited and translated by E. G. Winter. Preface. Index. Learn More
  8. The Art of Chess Combination

    The Art of Chess Combination

    Detailed explanation of principles, varieties, techniques and ideas behind them, illustrated with many examples from great players. 200 diagrams. Learn More
  9. Paul Morphy and the Evolution of Chess Theory

    Paul Morphy and the Evolution of Chess Theory

    This book, about the best chess player of the nineteenth century, analyzes Paul Morphy's games and positions in depth to reveal the essence of his style. The first collection in English of all 413 of Morphy's known games, the volume discusses other players of the period (Adolph Anderssen and Wilhelm Steinitz), Morphy's rare blunders and omissions, as well as selected endgames and openings. Learn More
  10. Carlsbad International Chess Tournament 1929

    Carlsbad International Chess Tournament 1929

    In this account of his victory at the 1929 Carlsbad Tournament, Nimzovich offers a captivating retrospective of his triumph over some of the best of his contemporaries: Capablanca, Spielmann, Bogolyubov, Tartakower, Samisch, and others. A tart analysis of Carlsbad's 30 best games. Learn More
  11. Simple Chess

    Simple Chess

    Written by a young Grand Master, this introduction to chess strategy is aimed primarily at players for whom a game plan is utterly enigmatic. By isolating the basic elements and illustrating them through a selection of Master and Grand Master games, Simple Chess breaks down the mystique of strategy into plain, easy-to-understand ideas. Learn More
  12. CLEARANCE - How Good Is Your Chess?

    CLEARANCE - How Good Is Your Chess?

    Chess enthusiasts can find out where they stand in terms of chess mastery by facing off against 20 of the world's top players with this instructive and amusing guide. Looking closely at complete games played by the experts inspires players to form new ideas about their overall strategy. Grandmaster Daniel King based ''How Good Is Your Chess'' on his popular Chess Monthly column. Learn More
  13. Positional Chess Handbook

    Positional Chess Handbook

    This complete guide, written by a grandmaster, can assist all players at every level in developing a more powerful strategic game. Spanning more than a century of chess, it presents examples on such themes as key squares, bad bishops, and pawn structures in ascending difficulty, with ample cross-references. Learn More
  14. 101 Questions On How To Play Chess

    101 Questions On How To Play Chess

    What is the object of the game of Chess? What is chess notation? How does the King move and Capture? These and a host of other Chess questions are answered simply and clearly in this indepensible guide for beginning players. Learn More
  15. The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played

    The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played

    Sixty-two masterly demonstrations of the basic strategies of winning at chess, featuring games by the greatest chess masters Capablanca, Tarrasch, Fischer, Alekhine, Lasker, Petrosian among them compiled and annotated by one of chess literature's most brilliant authors. Learn More
  16. Pawn Power in Chess

    Pawn Power in Chess

    Publisher: Dover Author: Hans Kmoch Year of Publication: 1990 Pages: 304 Notation Type: Descriptive (DN)Book Description Profoundly original discussion of pawn play isolates its elements and elaborates on various aspects. Basic relationships of one or two pawns constitute winning strategy. Multitude of examples demonstrate paramount significance of elements of pawn manipulation. 182 diagrams. Index of games. Learn More
  17. The Art of the Middle Game

    The Art of the Middle Game

    Translated by Harry Golombek. Superb guide to neglected area of chess. Two formidable grandmasters cover attacking the king, defense, importance of pawn structure, analysis, much more. Learn More
  18. Capablanca's Best Chess Endings

    Capablanca's Best Chess Endings

    These 60 complete games, annotated throughout, emphasize Cuban master's elegant, classic, accurate, lethal endgame play against Alekhine, Lasker, Marshall, Nimzowitsch, Reti, the best. Here are real games from match and tournament play, but endings that seem like long-contemplated works of art. Learn More
  19. Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953

    Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953

    All 210 games from the greatest tournament since World War II. Smyslov, Bronstein, Keres, Reshevsky, Petrosian, 10 others; perceptive annotations by Bronstein. Learn More
  20. 500 Master Games of Chess

    500 Master Games of Chess

    Vast collection of great chess games from 1798-1938, with much material nowhere else readily available. Fully annotated, arranged by opening for easier study. 150 years of master play! Learn More
  21. How to Play the Chess Openings

    How to Play the Chess Openings

    With keen appreciation of the amateur's usual limitations, International Grandmaster Eugene Znosko Borovsky explains the importance of rapid development of the pieces, occupation of the center, the relation of the opening to the general plan of the player, and significance of control of the center. Learn More
  22. Combinations - The Heart of Chess

    Combinations - The Heart of Chess

    Explanations for the famous and less well-known combinations of Tarrasch, Botvinnik, Nimzovich, Steinitz, Rubinstein; the dazzling brilliancies of Morphy, Keres and Alekhine; the deadly attacks of Marshall; the unfathomable plays of Lasker; and the matchless creations of Capablanca and many others. 356 diagrams. Learn More
  23. An Introduction to Chess Moves and Tactics Simply Explained

    An Introduction to Chess Moves and Tactics Simply Explained

    Informal intermediate introduction, quite strong in explaining reasons for moves. Covers basic material, tactics, important openings, traps, positional play in middle game, end game. Attempts to isolate patterns and recurrent configurations. Learn More
  24. Lasker's Manual of Chess

    Lasker's Manual of Chess

    Lasker's Manual of Chess is one of the greatest chess books ever written. The fact that it was first published over 80 years ago has diminished neither its relevance nor significance in today's modern chess world. Lasker was both a wonderful fighter and a deep thinker; his book is the quintessence of the exceptionally successful experiences he had over many long years, and his thoughts about them. Learn More
  25. Botvinnik - 100 Selected Games

    Botvinnik - 100 Selected Games

    Learn chess from a World Champion! These 100 games were selected and annotated by Botvinnik himself as the best games he played before becoming World Champion in 1948. Includes contests against Alekhine, Capablanca, Euwe, Keres, Reshevsky, Smyslov and others. Author explains his theories, the development of Russian chess and six end game studies. Learn More
  26. Chess Strategy

    Chess Strategy

    One of the great theoretical works in chess, shows principles of action above and beyond moves. Acclaimed by Capablanca, Keres, etc. Learn More
  27. Morphy's Games of Chess

    Morphy's Games of Chess

    A thorough analysis of Chess Games by the greatest player of all time, Paul Morphy. It features 54 against such masters as Anderssen, Harrwitz, Mongredien, Bird, Paulsen and others; 52 of the best blindfold games; 52 games at odds; and 142 in consultation, informally, etc. Detailed annotations of games by such expert analysts as Sergeant, Steinitz, Anderssen and Morphy himself. Learn More

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