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  1. American Chess Art

    American Chess Art

    Our Price: $4.95
    There is no longer any excuse for study enthusiasts familiar with the contemporary scene to remain uninformed, as I admit to have been myself, about the development of composition on the other side of the Atlantic. All is now revealed by the man most competent to do so. Walter Korn, for many years the leading American endgame columnist, traces the evolution of the endgame study. Walter Korn writes with feeling. He shares the suffering and elation of those he writes about. He has been through it all himself and his descriptive writing stems from a deep love of his subject and of the work of his compatriots. A warm hearted book." - an excerpt from a review by C.M. Bent in the British Chess Magazine. Learn More
  2. Essential Chess Endings for Advanced Players

    Essential Chess Endings for Advanced Players

    Our Price: $12.95
    This book deals with how to develop endgame technique in essential, but practical endings for advanced players (Class B and above). The eleven chapters are:

    (1) A Review of Basic Endgames,
    (2) Knight Endings-Part One,
    (3) Knight Endings-Part Two,
    (4) Bishop vs Knight,
    (5) Bishops of Opposite Color,
    (6) Rook Endings,
    (7) Double Rook Endings,
    (8) Rook & Bishop vs Rook & Bishop,
    (9) Queen and Rook vs Queen and Rook,
    (10) Queen Endings, and
    (11) Queen and Bishop vs Queen and Knight.

    This book will provide the advanced player with practical advice on how to play positions and is an invaluable guide to the properties of the individual pieces and how they combine together

    There is no other endgame book for the stronger player like this one - it is a classic. Learn More
  3. The Evans Gambit Revolution

    The Evans Gambit Revolution

    Our Price: $7.95
    Grandmaster are beating Grandmasters whether they accept or decline 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4. Kasparov was one that lead the way. The text may force a re-evaluation of most Evans Gambit analysis. The author's improvements were sent by the author to Kasparov's agent in London. This is the first modern treatment of the Evans which reflects to a high degree the overwhelming body of games won by White. This book gives good analysis and advice on a very strong and dynamic weapon to use against 1..e5 players. Learn More
  4. The Fischer Attack in the Najdorf

    The Fischer Attack in the Najdorf

    Our Price: $7.95
    The Fischer Attack in the Najdorf Learn More
  5. A Road to the Expert Title

    A Road to the Expert Title

    Our Price: $7.95
    A Road to the Expert Title Learn More
  6. The Sicilian Scheveningen for Black

    The Sicilian Scheveningen for Black

    Our Price: $9.95
    The world's leading players take the Black side and seem to be unbeatable! With this analysis you can have access to Black's system introduced by Spassky and used prominently by Kasparov and many of the world's elite. Learn More
  7. Queen's Gambit Accepted

    Queen's Gambit Accepted

    Our Price: $4.95
    Queen's Gambit Accepted Learn More
  8. The Tchigorin Defense

    The Tchigorin Defense

    Our Price: $4.95
    The Tchigorin Defense Learn More
  9. A Road to the Master Title

    A Road to the Master Title

    Our Price: $7.95
    A Road to the Master Title Learn More
  10. Henning Schara Gambit

    Henning Schara Gambit

    Our Price: $7.95
    Henning Schara Gambit Learn More
  11. Modern Chess Lessons

    Modern Chess Lessons

    Our Price: $4.95
    This book developed out of the author working with chess teams. The five lessons taught are: 1)Sharpening of tactical ability, 2)The important principles of the opening, 3)An opening repertoire is needed. The most popular choice among many is the English Opening for White, 4)Basic principles of pawn endings, 5)Strategy is probably one of the more difficult concepts of chess to master. This is the ability to take advantage of structural weaknesses and an intuitive feel. Going through these lessons will help make the reader a more successful tournament Learn More
  12. The Noteboom Variation

    The Noteboom Variation

    Our Price: $4.95
    The Noteboom Variation Learn More
  13. Sam Loyd: His Story and Best Problems

    Sam Loyd: His Story and Best Problems

    Our Price: $5.95
    Sam loyd is widely considered to be the finest chess composer that ever lived, often authorizing problems with witty themes that would challenge even the strongest of players. What isn't so well known is that he was also one of the best chess players in the U.S.,despite having a playing style that was highly flawed. Like his problems, Sam would often try to create fantastic combinations over the board during his games, rather than simplifying and going for the win.

    This book, edited by Grandmaster Andrew Soltis, presents 58 of Sam Loyd's problems for your consideration. In addition to the puzzles, the author extensively discusses the man behind the puzzles. Learn More
  14. Chess Openings Lexicon

    Chess Openings Lexicon

    Our Price: $6.95
    If you're looking for an easy-to-use guide for identifying, classifying and describing all of the Chess openings and their variations, look no further than this book!!

    When it comes to the chess openings, most chess players are completely confused by the endless number of openings and their variations. Learn More
  15. The Fighting Fajarowicz

    The Fighting Fajarowicz

    Our Price: $7.95
    The Budapest, 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5, is really a counterattack rather than a defense. It appeals to players who like to challenge White for the initiative early in the game. This particularly applies to the Fajarowicz Variation, 3.dxe4 Ne4, in which(by contrast with the 3..Ng4 main line of the Budapest) Black puts more emphasis on fighting for key squares than on seeking the early recapture of the pawn he has given up. This book contains 3 different sections: 1)Ideas for black to aim for and areas to avoid; 2)A 12 chapter Analysis section(including one with explanation on what to do if white avoids the Fajarowicz on move 3; and 3)A Complete Games section with well over 300 games ranging from unannotated to lightly annotated for you to study. Learn More
  16. Chess: Improving and Staying Sharp

    Chess: Improving and Staying Sharp

    Our Price: $4.95
    This book emphasizes topics that strong players need to study in order to improve and stay sharp. Contents: Lesson 1:Attack and Counterattack, Lesson 2:Tactical Exercises I, Lesson 3:Art of Strategy, Lesson 4: Tactical Exercises II, Lesson 5:Art of the Endgame, Lesson 6:Tactical Exercises III, Epilogue: Odds and Ends. Learn More
  17. The Dynamic Philidor Counter-Gambit

    The Dynamic Philidor Counter-Gambit

    Our Price: $5.95
    Black defends his King's pawn before proceding with similar play as in the Greco Counter-Gambit. Suddenly White does not have positional play against a Philidor Defense, but is thrown into tactical complications of this gambit. You, as Black, will know what to do while your opponent eats time on his clock trying, repeat trying, to find his way. Black is playing to win. Learn More
  18. Winning with the Giuoco Piano and the Max Lange Attack

    Winning with the Giuoco Piano and the Max Lange Attack

    Our Price: $9.95
    here are 30 important theoretical revisions in this 2nd edition. Nine chapters cover 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d4. Learn both a positional and a dynamic attacking weapon to shatter your opponents' King's pawn defenses. Learn More
  19. Evan's Gambit and a System vs. 2 Knights

    Evan's Gambit and a System vs. 2 Knights

    Our Price: $7.95
    Evan's Gambit and a System vs. 2 Knights Learn More
  20. Hypermodern Strategy

    Hypermodern Strategy

    Our Price: $4.95
    Hypermodern Strategy Learn More
  21. Nimzovich Attack: Norfolk Gambits

    Nimzovich Attack: Norfolk Gambits

    Our Price: $4.95
    This is Volume 1 in the author's new series Chess Openings For Hustlers. "You will find similar lines of attack and similar combination situations in several different lines. These can be either very useful (if you take the time to learn them) or very treacherous. The one thing the Norfolk Gambit should not do is bore you"-author. "Be warned: If you are a `bean counter' obsessed with saving pawns for an extended end-game, do not play these gambits! However, if you are willing to commit to an attack which will decimate the 'bean counters' of the chess world, this book is for you"- Phillip A. York. Learn More
  22. King's Indian Defense: Yugoslav Variation 6 ...c5

    King's Indian Defense: Yugoslav Variation 6 ...c5

    Our Price: $9.95
    There is no reason that the variation 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.g3 Bg7 4.Bg2 0-0 5.Nf3 d6 6.0-0 c5 fell out of fashion. Soltis proves this by giving you excellent analysis and strategy in this variation. He brings back a 1950's variation to surprise your opponents. This system has a bit of a Benoni feel to it by attacking white's center with 6..c5 instead of 6..e5. This should be called the Gligoric system since it was the veteran GM Svetozar Gligoric who first demonstrated Black's resources most successfully. This system is a dangerous surprise weapon in the King's Indian that can be employed at all levels. Learn More
  23. Masterpieces of Attack: GM Marcel Sisniega Campbell

    Masterpieces of Attack: GM Marcel Sisniega Campbell

    Our Price: $5.95
    This book focuses on one of the strongest Mexican players ever. Manuel Sisniega, respected and feared for his daring attacking chess, won many beautiful games in his active 20 year tournament career. Never afraid to play sharp gambit systems against strong opposition, he won many masterpieces through direct assault on the enemy king. Velasco annotates most of his best games, and shows that Sisniega is a player for attacking players to emulate. Learn More
  24. Winning with 1. c4

    Winning with 1. c4

    Our Price: $9.95
    Winning with 1. c4 Learn More
  25. Winning with the English Opening

    Winning with the English Opening

    Our Price: $9.95
    Essentially, Soltis advocates a 1 c4, 2 g3 sequence against virtually any set-up by Black. The rare exception is the response 2?d5 after either 1?e6 or 1?c6, when 3 b3 is recommended, although even here, the King?s Bishop does end up fianchettoed, but just a few moves later.

    The book maintains the same basic coverage as the second edition. It is divided into four sections: I ? c4 e5; II ? c4 c5; III ? c4 Nf6; and IV - c4, others. There are two basic systems presented in the book: The set-up credited to Botvinnik, with the KB fianchettoed, the QN on c3, pawns on c4, d3 and e4, and the KN on e2; and a variation of this, with the pawn on e3, with the d?pawn retaining the option of going to either d3 or d4, depending on circumstances. Learn More

  26. French Defense - Classical System

    French Defense - Classical System

    Our Price: $12.95
    French Defense - Classical System Learn More
  27. How to Play the Belgrade Gambit

    How to Play the Belgrade Gambit

    Our Price: $4.95
    After 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.d4 exd4 5.Nd5 the author examines both the accepted and declined. This gambit has been reinvigorated by some new ideas and is fully playable. An excellent edition to your fighting arsenal. Learn More
  28. The Colle System Koltanowski Variation: 5. c3

    The Colle System Koltanowski Variation: 5. c3

    Our Price: $12.95
    1.d4 d5 2.e3 Nf6 3.Bd3 e6 4.Nf3 c5 5.c3 and other moves where Black does not play c5. There aren't as many strategic plans and positional themes as in the Queen's Gambit; but there are still quite a lot - and that's enough for 95 percent of serious players. Against an amateur opponent, the Colle is a deadly weapon, a quick killer. Edgar Colle and his fellow Belgian native, GM George Koltanowski, registered a string of sparkling victories, many of them in less than thirty moves, with this system. He even had the great Alekhine on the ropes with it. Learn More
  29. Four Gambits to Beat the French

    Four Gambits to Beat the French

    Our Price: $12.95
    Four Gambits to Beat the French Learn More
  30. Chess Tactics For Advanced Players

    Chess Tactics For Advanced Players

    Our Price: $23.95

    Any chess enthusiast knows how important tactics are in chess and how crucial it is to make a thorough study of this aspect of the game. But up to now opinion has been divided on the best way of studying tactics. The well-known Soviet international grandmaster and chess author Averbakh has developed an entirely novel approach, which is expounded in the third edition of his Chess Tactics for Advanced Players.

    Learn More

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