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    Caissa Editions

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    Year of Publication
    1984 2013 1984 to 2013
    1. Caissa Editions (18)
    1. Chess History (1)
    Chess Notation Type
    1. AN - Algebraic (17)
    1. Yes (14)
    1. Alexander Ilyin-Genevsky (1)
    2. Bob Sherwood (1)
    3. Dale Brandreth (4)
    4. Ercole del Rio (1)
    5. Fred Reinfeld (1)
    6. Jimmy Adams (1)
    7. John Hilbert (3)
    8. John Owen (1)
    9. Rashid Nezhmetdinov (1)
    10. Robert Sherwood (4)
    11. Siegbert Tarrasch (2)
    12. Tom Cram (1)
    13. Tony GIllam (1)
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    1. The War Of the Chessmen

      The War Of the Chessmen

      Our Price: $29.95

      This is the first publication of a manuscript by del Rio written around 1800 but unpublished until this edition in 1984. The original Italian plus English commentary added by Professor Christopher Becker who has added a long scholarly introduction which traces the early development of chess and explains the place of this work in chess history.

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    2. Baden Baden 1925

      Baden Baden 1925

      Our Price: $59.95

      Notes by Grekov and a host of great annotators including Lasker, Alekhine, Tartakower, Rabinovich, Burn, Grunfeld, Grigoriev, Levenfish, Romanovsky, Sozin, a.o., A tournament book worthy of this great event, which was one of Alekhine's finest performances. Easily one of the best tournament books ever published in English with a cornucopia of great games from the golden age of hypermodern chess.

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    3. Hastings 1936

      Hastings 1936

      Our Price: $8.95

      AN-Algebraic Notation.. Good notes to the games. An Alekhine victory ahead of Fine, Eliskases, Vidmar, among others.

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    4. St. Petersburg 1914

      St. Petersburg 1914

      Our Price: $37.95

      Dr. Tarrasch and augmented by notes of many other famous players such as Alekhine, Lasker, Marco, Bernstein, Reinfeld. An extremely good tournament book for one of the greatest chess tournaments all time. Lasker just beat out Capablanca, followed by Alekhine, Tarrasch, Marshall and other greats of the day.

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    5. Budapest 1896

      Budapest 1896

      Our Price: $29.95

      Notes by Maroczy, Charousek, & other contemporary masters with editing and additional commentary by John Owen. Chigorin & Charousek tied for first followed by Pillsbury, Schlechter/Janowsky, Winawer/Walbrodt, Tarrasch, Albin/Maroczy, Marco, Noa, & Popiel. Includes the Chigorin-Charousek tie-breaking match. Photos & career records of the contestants.

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    6. Buffalo 1901 and 1894

      Buffalo 1901 and 1894

      Our Price: $27.95

      At Buffalo 1901 Pillsbury won ahead of Delmar, Napier, Howell, Marshall, and Karpinski in a double-round event. At Buffalo 1894 Showalter edged Pillsbury out by half a point, followed by Albin and Farnsworth also in a double-round format. Both tournaments are previously unpublished.

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    7. Schlechter's Chess Games

      Schlechter's Chess Games

      Our Price: $24.95

      An original work which gives all the Schlechter games found in an exhaustive decade-long search. It complements the Goldman book by giving many more games (811 total), but no notes, and a brief biography with some photos and cross-tables for his major tournaments.

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    8. Nuremberg 1896

      Nuremberg 1896

      Our Price: $44.95

      Notes to all the games plus two photos, bibliography, openings index, and tournament records of the contestants.

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    9. Shady Side

      Shady Side

      Our Price: $48.95

      A chronicle of America's most notorious chess master based on many of his own papers. Includes a detailed story of his life, his loves, his cons, and his many chess experiences in a 60+-year career. along with 570 of his games (some with full notes). Much US chess history and some excellent photos are a notable part of the book. NOTE: This book won the Chess Cafe 'Book of the Year' award for 2000.

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    10. Nezhmetdinov's Best Games of Chess

      Nezhmetdinov's Best Games of Chess

      Our Price: $27.95

      Although Rashid Nezhmetdinov (1912-1974) was not widely known in the West, his games have a great reputation among connoisseurs of attacking play. Among his many distinctions in chess are his score of six wins, nine draws and five losses against World Champions.

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    11. New York 1940

      New York 1940

      Our Price: $36.95

      A first-rate tournament book for a strong US Championship in which Reshevsky just edged out Fine by 1/2 point. Kashdan was third followed by Pinkus, Simonson, Denker, Kupchik, Bernstein, Polland, Reinfeld, Shainswit, Adams, Seidman, Green, Hanauer, Woliston, and Littman. Notes to most of the games are from contemporary sources, and Fritz 7 checked many of the critical positions.

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    12. Ostende 1906

      Ostende 1906

      Our Price: $48.95

      Finally this complex and great tournament appears just about one hundred years after it occurred. Schlechter won by a slight margin in a very complicated series of qualifying sections. Gillam worked hard with a dedicated band of helpers to track down all the known games, graced in most cases with notes, of that era.

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    13. Karlsbad 1907

      Karlsbad 1907

      Our Price: $54.95

      An English translation of this original famous tournament book in German by George Marco and Carl Schlechter. This edition has the advantage of enhancements such as the addition of 15 photos of many of the players along with corrections and additional analysis using the new, very strong program, Rybka.

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    14. Chicago 1926/Lake Hopatcong 1926 Chess Tournaments

      Chicago 1926/Lake Hopatcong 1926 Chess Tournaments

      Our Price: $39.95

      Publisher Dale Brandreth has a fine track record of bringing out high quality tournament books and best games collections. Here he rescues two lesser known US tournaments with the help of the energetic Robert Sherwood who provides detailed analyses to all the games. The Chicago International of 1926 saw Frank Marshall top the field ahead of Maroczy and Torre, with other famous names such as Edward Lasker and Isaac Kashdan in the chasing pack. Lake Hopatcong 1926 was a stronger double-round event with Capablanca winning ahead of Kupchik, Maroczy, Marshall and Ed.Lasker.

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    15. AVRO 1938 International Chess Tournament

      AVRO 1938 International Chess Tournament

      Our Price: $43.95

      Full notes to all the games PLUS some excellent photos and extensive commentary on the prelude and aftermath to this great event, the strongest tournament ever held up to that time. The AVRO tournament was held in the Netherlands in 1938, sponsored by the Dutch broadcasting company AVRO. The event was a double round-robin tournament.

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    16. Pasadena 1932 International Chess Tournament

      Pasadena 1932 International Chess Tournament

      Our Price: $41.95

      Long in the making. Part of The Great Tournaments Series. An Alekhine victory, albeit a shaky one, ahead of Kashdan, Dake/ Reshevsky/ Steiner, Borochow, Bernstein/ Factor/ Fine/ Reinfeld, Araiza, Fink. All 54 of the known games out of the 66 played are given with notes. Good photos, especially of Alekhine.

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    17. Saint Petersburg 1895/96

      Saint Petersburg 1895/96

      Our Price: $49.95
      With the conclusion of the great Hastings Tournament in September of 1895, it became apparent that a new chess star of the first magnitude had appeared: Harry Nelson Pillsbury. His debut was dramatic and striking, for this virtual unknown had eclipsed the best players of that time with a combination of élan and grace. However, the revelation of a new world-class player brought with it the natural questions of both skeptics and admirers, some demanding verification and others eager to see their hero demonstrate his mastery with further verve. The five highest players at Hastings were invited for the St. Petersburg tournament: Pillsbury, Chigorin, Lasker, Tarrasch and Steinitz. Tarrasch declined, the others accepted. Each of these players had plenty of reason to fight hard for first place in Saint Petersburg 1895/96. It is one of the strongest chess tournaments ever held. Learn More
    18. San Remo 1930 International Chess Tournament

      San Remo 1930 International Chess Tournament

      Our Price: $49.95
      Alekhine's super performance with 14 out of 15 against the world's best lacking only Capablanca and Em. Lasker. Excellent notes by Robert Sherwood, Alekhine, Maroczy, Nimzowitsch, Bogoljubow, Yates, Vidmar, etc. As Euwe later wrote about Alekhine's games at San Remo in Meet the Masters: "His wins in this tournament exhibited, one and all, the art of chess at its most perfect yet." Hardback book with all games annotated and with many diagrams. Part of the Great Tournament series. Learn More

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