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    How to Play Against the Staunton Gambit

    Product Code: CB0108CD

    Publisher: Chess Digest
    Author: Schiller & Colias
    Year of Publication: 1993

    Pages: 142
    Notation Type: Algebraic (AN)

    Book Description The Dutch Defense has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years, particularly at the level of international tournament competition. It has always had a big following in amateur play. For some reason, lower rated players have had an irrational fear of the Staunton Gambit(2.e4) and this has discouraged use of the Dutch. We wrote this book to dispel this needless anxiety and give confidence to players of the Black side. The Staunton Gambit was not easy to refute. Many  of the recommended remedies were flawed. Happily, we managed to find a whole set of lines that do stand up to theoretical scrutiny

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    ISBN 9780875682365
    Manufacturer Chess Digest
    Pages 142 Pages
    Publication Date Jan 1, 1993
    Notation Type AN - Algebraic
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