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    60. Gary Lane (6)
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    63. Georges Renaud (1)
    64. Gewain Jones (3)
    65. Ghenrikh M. Kasparyan (1)
    66. Glenn Flear (3)
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    70. H. Kramer (2)
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    74. Harry Golombek (4)
    75. Helgi Olafsson (2)
    76. Henrique Marinho (1)
    77. Iakov Damsky (2)
    78. Iakov Damsky (1)
    79. Iakov Neishtadt (2)
    80. Igor Khmelnitsky (1)
    81. Igor Lysyj (2)
    82. Ilya Maizelis (1)
    83. Ilya Odeskky (1)
    84. Imre Konig (1)
    85. Isaac Kashdan (2)
    86. Isaak Linder (1)
    87. Ivar Bern (1)
    88. Jacek Ilczuk (3)
    89. Jacob Aagaard (1)
    90. Jacob Aagaard (1)
    91. James Minchin (1)
    92. James Vigus (6)
    93. Jan Pinski (2)
    94. Jerry Van Rekon (2)
    95. Joel Johnson (3)
    96. John Emms (11)
    97. John Hall (1)
    98. John Nunn (16)
    99. John Owen (1)
    100. Jon Speelman (1)
    101. Jonathan Levitt (3)
    102. Jorn Erik Nielsen (1)
    103. Jovanka Houska (1)
    104. Judit Polgar (2)
    105. Jurgen Kaufeld (2)
    106. Karsten Muller (5)
    107. Kasparov Chess Foundation (4)
    108. Kees Jongkind (1)
    109. Ken Neat (4)
    110. Kerry Lawless (2)
    111. Kevin J. O'Connell (1)
    112. Kevin O'Connell (3)
    113. Kiril Georgiev (1)
    114. Krzysztof Panczyk (3)
    115. Kurt Landsberger (1)
    116. Larry Evans (1)
    117. Larry Kaufman (1)
    118. Larry Parr (1)
    119. Lasha Janjgava (1)
    120. Laura Sherman (1)
    121. Leo Jansen (2)
    122. Leonard Morgan (1)
    123. Lev Alburt (12)
    124. Lev Polugaevsky (3)
    125. Lev Psakhis (1)
    126. Lou Hays (4)
    127. Ludek Pachman (4)
    128. Matthias Wahls (1)
    129. Max Euwe (6)
    130. Miguel Najdorf (1)
    131. Mihail Marin (4)
    132. Mikhail Tal (1)
    133. Mikhail Yudovich (1)
    134. Milos Pavlovic (3)
    135. Murad Amannazarov (1)
    136. Murray Chandler (1)
    137. N. Kopayev (1)
    138. Neil McDonald (26)
    139. Nick Conticello (4)
    140. Nicolai V. Pedersen (3)
    141. Nikolaos Ntirlis (1)
    142. Nikolay Kalinichenko (1)
    143. Nikolay Krogius (1)
    144. Oleg Stetsko (2)
    145. Pablo Moran (1)
    146. Paul Keres (6)
    147. Paul Motwani (3)
    148. Per Skjoldager (1)
    149. Peter Kurzdorfer (1)
    150. Peter Lahde (1)
    151. Peter Wells (3)
    152. Rainer Knaack (1)
    153. Rashid Nezhmetdinov (1)
    154. Raymond Keene (7)
    155. Raymund Stolze (1)
    156. Richard Keene (1)
    157. Richard Palliser (56)
    158. Richard Tarravechia (1)
    159. Robert E. Burger (1)
    160. Robert G. Wade (1)
    161. Roberto Messa (2)
    162. Rogelio Caparros (1)
    163. Roman Dzindzichashvili (2)
    164. Roman Ovetchkin (2)
    165. Roman Pelts (3)
    166. Ronn Munsterman (1)
    167. Roz Katz (1)
    168. Russell Chauvenet (1)
    169. Sam Loyd (1)
    170. Sam Palatnik (4)
    171. Sam Sloan (1)
    172. Sergey Kasparov (2)
    173. Sid Pickard (1)
    174. Simen Agdestein (1)
    175. Simon Kay (2)
    176. Simon Williams (1)
    177. Steffen Pedersen (1)
    178. Steffen Zeuthen (1)
    179. Stuart Marquilies (1)
    180. Susan Lalic (1)
    181. Sverre Johnsen (2)
    182. Sverre Johnson (1)
    183. Tibor Karolyi (2)
    184. Tigran Petrosian (2)
    185. Tim Crouch (3)
    186. Tim Just (2)
    187. Tim Onions (3)
    188. Tony Kosten (3)
    189. Valery Neverov (1)
    190. Vassilios Kotronias (1)
    191. Victor Kahn (1)
    192. Vik Vasiliev (1)
    193. Viktor Moskalenko (2)
    194. Vishwanathan Anand (2)
    195. Vlatko Kovacevic (1)
    196. Walter Meiden (2)
    197. Yakov Neishtadt (2)
    198. Yelena Dembo (4)
    199. Yochanan Afek (2)
    200. Yuri Averbach (2)
    201. Yuri Averbakh (1)
    202. Yury Lapshun (4)
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    1. SHOPWORN - Starting Out - Classical Sicilian

      SHOPWORN - Starting Out - Classical Sicilian

      Regular Price: $24.95

      Our Price: $3.11

      In this book, Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik revisit the basics of the Classical Sicilian, elaborating on the crucial early moves and plans for both sides in a way that is often neglected in other texts.

      Learn More

    2. C.O.O.L. Chess

      C.O.O.L. Chess

      Our Price: $3.95

      The sequel to H.O.T. Chess. Grandmaster Motwani continues to explain his easy-to-use approach to chess thinking, and shows how Creative Original Opening Lines can bring astonishing over-the-board success. The many brilliant games in this book includes victories by Motwani over some of the world's leading players, whom he has outwitted in the early stages of the game.

      Learn More

    3. Four Knights and Belgrade Gambit

      Four Knights and Belgrade Gambit

      Our Price: $4.95
      1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bb5 secures White a solid game. The Belgrade, 4.d4 exd4 5.Nd5 strives for tactics and complications! Learn More
    4. American Chess Art

      American Chess Art

      Our Price: $4.95
      There is no longer any excuse for study enthusiasts familiar with the contemporary scene to remain uninformed, as I admit to have been myself, about the development of composition on the other side of the Atlantic. All is now revealed by the man most competent to do so. Walter Korn, for many years the leading American endgame columnist, traces the evolution of the endgame study. Walter Korn writes with feeling. He shares the suffering and elation of those he writes about. He has been through it all himself and his descriptive writing stems from a deep love of his subject and of the work of his compatriots. A warm hearted book." - an excerpt from a review by C.M. Bent in the British Chess Magazine. Learn More
    5. SHOPWORN - Chess Software User's Guide

      SHOPWORN - Chess Software User's Guide

      Regular Price: $19.95

      Our Price: $4.98

      If you have just picked up this book, the chances are that you are the proud owner of a piece of chess software. Whether this is the latest release of a sophisticated database package or a playing program that came free with a magazine, then this book will help you make the most of it. Learn More
    6. SHOPWORN - Secrets of Spectacular Chess 2

      SHOPWORN - Secrets of Spectacular Chess 2

      Regular Price: $24.95

      Our Price: $6.23

      Friedgood shared their joy and appreciation of chess beauty, engulfing readers with a wealth of amazing and magnificent examples from the aesthetic side of the game. Moreover, they demonstrated how this fascinating subject could be analysed, and how it could help players to improve both their understanding and practical play.

      Learn More

    7. SHOPWORN - Chess Secrets - The Giants of Strategy

      SHOPWORN - Chess Secrets - The Giants of Strategy

      Regular Price: $24.95

      Our Price: $6.23

      The chess world has been blessed by a number of wonderful strategists, innovators of the game with their instructive play and profound teachings. In Chess Secrets: The Giants of Strategy, Neil McDonald chooses his selection of the most prominent strategists in chess history and highlights the major contributions they made. He examines their differing approaches and styles, and from Nimzowitsch to Kramnik, how they followed in each other's footsteps. A careful study of this book will help you to understand and improve in one of the most crucial elements of the game.

      Chess Secrets is a brand new series of books which uncover the mysteries of the most important aspects of chess study: strategy, attacking play, opening play and gambits, classical play, endgames and preparation. In each book the author chooses and deeply studies a number of great players from chess history who have excelled in a particular field of the game and who have genuinely influenced their descendants. Learn More
    8. SHOPWORN - The Right Way to Play Chess

      SHOPWORN - The Right Way to Play Chess

      Regular Price: $12.95

      Our Price: $6.50

      Out of stock

      Short Description for The Right Way to Play Chess - B0280EM Learn More
    9. SHOPWORN - Checkmate My First Chess Book

      SHOPWORN - Checkmate My First Chess Book

      Regular Price: $14.95

      Our Price: $7.48

      Learn to play the great game of chess with none other than Garry Kasparov, the World number one and the most famous figure in chess history, as your teacher. Discover all the various pieces - the king, the queen, the knights, the bishops and the pawns. Find out how the pieces move, the values of the chessmen, how to attack and how to defend, how to capture, how to employ special moves such as castling, how to write the moves down and, crucially, how to give check and deliver checkmate. Learn More
    10. How Good Is Your Chess?

      How Good Is Your Chess?

      Our Price: $7.95

      Chess enthusiasts can find out where they stand in terms of chess mastery by facing off against 20 of the world's top players with this instructive and amusing guide. Looking closely at complete games played by the experts inspires players to form new ideas about their overall strategy. Grandmaster Daniel King based "How Good Is Your Chess" on his popular Chess Monthly column.

      Learn More

    11. The Evans Gambit Revolution

      The Evans Gambit Revolution

      Our Price: $7.95
      Grandmaster are beating Grandmasters whether they accept or decline 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4. Kasparov was one that lead the way. The text may force a re-evaluation of most Evans Gambit analysis. The author's improvements were sent by the author to Kasparov's agent in London. This is the first modern treatment of the Evans which reflects to a high degree the overwhelming body of games won by White. This book gives good analysis and advice on a very strong and dynamic weapon to use against 1..e5 players. Learn More
    12. The Fischer Attack in the Najdorf

      The Fischer Attack in the Najdorf

      Our Price: $7.95
      The Fischer Attack in the Najdorf Learn More
    13. SHOPWORN -  Checkmate! Tactics

      SHOPWORN - Checkmate! Tactics

      Regular Price: $16.95

      Our Price: $8.48

      Would you now like to know how to regularly beat your opponents and move to the next level? If so, then Checkmate Tactics is the book for you.

      Learn More

    14. Start Playing Chess Today!

      Start Playing Chess Today!

      Our Price: $8.95

      Take large diagrams, straightforward instruction and helpful tips and quizzes—and what do you have? The winning formula for a quick and easy way to play chess today. Perfect for players new to the game, the author explains the basics of chess and each piece's characteristics —how they move, their relative value and how they can be used to checkmate opponents.

      Learn More

    15. SHOPWORN - 1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners

      SHOPWORN - 1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners

      Regular Price: $17.95

      Our Price: $8.98

      1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners is a great first tactics book. It helps you in identifying weak spots in the position of your opponent, in recognizing patterns of combinations, and in visualizing tricks.

      Learn More
    16. SHOPWORN - An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player

      SHOPWORN - An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player

      Regular Price: $17.95

      Our Price: $9.00

      One of the hardest tasks competitive chess players face is the development of an opening repertoire suited to their own style of play. In this book, Grandmaster Gufeld makes the job easier by providing an ideal framework for a practical opening repertoire, specifically tailored for those who relish attacking play. Learn More
    17. Ten Ways to Succeed in the Opening

      Ten Ways to Succeed in the Opening

      Our Price: $9.95

      First published in 2001 and recently reprinted in 2009 this book is one of three designed for young players. The other two are Ten Ways to Succeed in the Middle Game, and Ten Ways to Succeed in the Endgame.

      Learn More

    18. Ten Ways to Succeed in the Middlegame

      Ten Ways to Succeed in the Middlegame

      Our Price: $9.95

      This book tells you about the heart of Chess - the middlegame - in a format designed for young players. It uses a large clear type and is illustrated throughout with many chess diagrams and cartoons.

      Learn More

    19. Ten Ways to Succeed in the Endgame

      Ten Ways to Succeed in the Endgame

      Our Price: $9.95

      This easy to read and understand book tells young players how to play the Endgame better. It is written in a format designed specifically for young players and is illustrated throughout with many great diagrams and cartoons to keep interest high.

      Learn More

    20. Test Evaluate and Improve Your Chess

      Test Evaluate and Improve Your Chess

      Our Price: $9.95

      Through a revolutionary testing system, Dr. Kopec is able to quantify their overall chess strength, specific deficiencies and definite abilities, allowing him to pinpoint which aspects need the most work. This book, developed with the US Chess Federation, represents the sum of Dr. Kopec's knowledge and efforts to help chess players understand and acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve chess mastery.

      Learn More

    21. Pandolfini's Chess Challenges

      Pandolfini's Chess Challenges

      Our Price: $9.95

      Here are 111 quirky, surprising and fun tactical chess problems to improve anyone's games. Designed to promote creativity and imaginative play, all of the problems are endgame miniatures, with seven or fewer pieces on the chessboard.

      Learn More

    22. Carlsbad International Chess Tournament 1929

      Carlsbad International Chess Tournament 1929

      Our Price: $9.95

      In this account of his victory at the 1929 Carlsbad Tournament, Nimzovich offers a captivating retrospective of his triumph over some of the best of his contemporaries: Capablanca, Spielmann, Bogolyubov, Tartakower, Samisch, and others. A tart analysis of Carlsbad's 30 best games.

      Learn More

    23. Chess Under the Microscope

      Chess Under the Microscope

      Our Price: $9.95

      In this major work, Paul Motwani, the author of the critically acclaimed H.O.T. Chess and C.O.O.L. Chess, looks in-deph at key aspects of chess. His witty style will not only amuse but will instruct the reader by providing memorable insights into chess secrets.
      Learn More

    24. New Ideas in the Sveshnikov Sicilian

      New Ideas in the Sveshnikov Sicilian

      Our Price: $9.95

      The Sicilian Defence features many dramatic variations, but for sheer violence, few can equal the Sveshnikov. Black aims for maximum piece activity at the cost of a shattered pawn structure. Black's aim is to seize the initiative, regardless of the cost. If he is successful, then the pawns will look after themselves. On the other hand, white is looking to use black's weaknesses as spring-boards for a ferocious attack of his own.

      Learn More

    25. The Grunfeld for the Attacking Player

      The Grunfeld for the Attacking Player

      Our Price: $9.95

      Grandmaster Bogdan Lilac provides a complete repertoire with the aggressive Grunfeld Defense, based around complete illustrative games. The Grunfeld has been a favorite of World Champions Fischer and Kasparov, and its young contemporary adherents include Vishwanathan Anand and Peter Leko.

      Learn More

    26. Teaching Chess - Step By Step - Activities - BOOK  3

      Teaching Chess - Step By Step - Activities - BOOK 3

      Our Price: $9.95

      The activities in third book in the series are the fun way to reinforce the rules and principles of good chess. Full color cartoon characters, are combined with pages that the young student can color, all designed to help the student understand the rules, principles and even the etiquette of the game of chess.

      Learn More

    27. Your Chess Questions Answered

      Your Chess Questions Answered

      Our Price: $9.95

      This text is aimed at the player who knows the moves but wants to know more. It has been written by an experienced chess teacher who understands the needs of inexperienced players. Embarrassing questions answered before you even ask them! A unique 'agony aunt' approach. Written by an experienced chess teacher who understands the needs of inexperienced players.

      Learn More

    28. The Fianchetto King's Indian

      The Fianchetto King's Indian

      Our Price: $9.95

      This is White's fianchetto against the King's Indian Defense 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nf3 Bg7 4.g3. An ideal choice for those who want to deny King's Indian players their usual attacking plans. White's harmonious scheme of development, envisaging strong pressure against Black's queenside, has appealed to many of the all-time greats - Alekhine, Botvinnik, Karpov, and Kasparov.

      Learn More

    29. The New Classical King's Indian

      The New Classical King's Indian

      Our Price: $9.95

      This book focuses on the King's Indian variations that have undergone the most dramatic change in the 1990's: 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 0-0 6.Be2 e5 7.0-0. The system with ..Na6 receives full coverage, together with the traditional main lines of 7..Nc6 8.d5 Ne7 followed by Ne1 or Nd2.

      Learn More

    30. H.O.T. Chess

      H.O.T. Chess

      Our Price: $9.95

      The H.O.T. stands for Highly Original Thinking. The author's ideas extend beyond the situation on the board. He maximizes your strengths and exploits your opponent's weaknesses.

      Learn More

    31. Genius in Chess

      Genius in Chess

      Our Price: $9.95
      The author addresses the nature of chess genius and the reader can take talent tests and answer challenging quiz questions on all aspects of practical decision making. Sections of the book are: "Intelligence, Creativity and Genius," "Characteristics of Chess Genius," "Inside the Chess Mind," "IQ and Chess Strength," "Inherent Unpredictability," "Talent Tests," and "Developing Your Talent." Learn More
    32. Persona Non Grata

      Persona Non Grata

      Our Price: $9.95
      The GM's side of his 1978 World Championship Match with Karpov. All thirty-two games are here with most being annotated. Included are the ESP battles, scandals, and fights that make it a classic. Learn More
    33. Rubinstein Complex of the Nimzo-Indian

      Rubinstein Complex of the Nimzo-Indian

      Our Price: $9.95
      The Nimzo-Indian Defense has been the most enduring and popular contribution to the theory of chess openings by iconoclast and trailblazer Aaron Nimzowitsch. The moves 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 comprise the jumping-off point for the Nimzo-Indian Defense. Akiba Rubinstein, a classicist only four years older than Nimzowistch, formulated the response 4. e3, which starts the Rubinstein Complex. He often intended to continue Nge2, planning to recapture on e3 with the Knight. Learn More
    34. Sicilian Defense in the Last Decade

      Sicilian Defense in the Last Decade

      Our Price: $9.95
      The book consists of 250 novelties culled from the decade spanning 1986-1995 from Sicilian tournament practice. The novelties will help the reader's analytical skill and tournament preparation. The games are vastly entertaining and instructive miniatures. It will be a useful tool for building an opening repertoire and sharpening the readers' tactics. The games were chosen for their sparkling quality and emphasis on tactics as well as their theoretical importance and constitute a manual of typical tactics in the Sicilian. Dr. Minev, an internationally known opening theoretician, also shows the reader how to do the original work necessary to build a successful modern opening repertoire. A must for those who love sharp tactical chess. Learn More
    35. Inside Chess Openings - PAPERBACK

      Inside Chess Openings - PAPERBACK

      Our Price: $9.95
      International Chess Enterprises:"Just as every golfer who wants to lower his score practices chipping and putting above all, the ambitious chess player studies the opening. Covering all openings, this book provides and concise and authoritative summary of the best opening moves. No attempt is made to explain the reason behind the moves, though all variations are evaluated using internationally-accepted language-less symbols, thoroughly explained in the preface. The tournament player who wished to brush up on his favorite opening cannot do better than to take a look at Inside Chess Openings before the game." Learn More
    36. Take My Rooks

      Take My Rooks

      Our Price: $9.95
      "Over the years IM Minev has collected the most beautiful examples of the classic double-Rook sacrifice. Some of them worked and some of them didn't(or shouldn't), but all are entertaining and instructive. GM Seirawan has teamed up with Minev to painstakingly annotate each of the 136 games featuring these gems. A must for the combination player." Learn More

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