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    Chess Openings for Kids
    Featuring 50 Mighty Opening Systems
    Catalog Code: B0164GB

    For chess-players of all ages and abilities, it is vital to get off to a good start. This simple guide provides all the tips and ideas needed to play purposefully from move one. That's because these 50 Mighty Openings are the very ones used by chess masters and grandmasters to outwit opponents time and again. This book teaches the names and starting moves of all the main chess openings, and explains the basic ideas.

    Chess Openings for Kids

    SHOPWORN - The Joys of Chess
    Heroes, Battles & Brilliancies
    Catalog Code: SWB0102NIC

    The Joys of Chess is an unforgettable intellectual expedition to the remotest corners of the Royal Game. En route, intriguing thought experiments, strange insights and hilarious jokes will offer vistas you have never seen before. The beauty, the struggle, the culture, the fun, the art and the heroism of chess – you will find them all in this sparkling book that will give you many hours of intense joy.

    SHOPWORN - The Joys of Chess

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price $13.28

    The Sicilian Dragon
    The Classic How-to-Win Guide on One of the Most Exciting and Powerful Chess Openings Played Today
    Catalog Code: B0052CZ

    Play the Exciting Dragon! Inside this book are the secrets of one of the most exciting and powerful openings in all of chess - the Sicilian Dragon! Used by amateurs and champons alike, the dragon features brilliant combinations, no-holds-barred assasults, wild sacrifices, and uncompromising positions. This new edition features bigger diagrams, the latest moves and developements, and 30 new game examples.

    The Sicilian Dragon

    EBOOK - Analyse Your Chess
    Catalog Code: E-B0322EM

    Leading chess author Colin Crouch believes that the key to sustained chess improvement lies in the critical analysis and assessment of your own games. Each and every game you play provides a significant learning opportunity, and this opportunity should never be squandered.

    EBOOK - Analyse Your Chess

    Sacking the Citadel
    The History, Theory and Practice of the Classic Bishop Sacrifice
    Catalog Code: B0045RE

    Four hundred years ago, an Italian chess master, Gioachino Greco, discovered an extraordinary bishop sacrifice on h7 that often leads to checkmate or a significant material advantage. More amazing still, he recorded the idea!

    Sacking the Citadel

    Lessons with a Grandmaster
    Enhance Your Chess Strategy and Psychology with Boris Gulko
    Catalog Code: B0326EM

    Club players are unaware of the subtleties that exist in grandmaster chess. Grandmasters can analyse chess at a depth that is unfathomable to amateurs. Moreover, they have extensive knowledge of chess history and opening theory, as well extraordinary endgame technique and tactical vision. However, having reached such a high level can make it difficult to understand what is lacking in the mind of the amateur.

    Lessons with a Grandmaster

    Secrets of a Grandpatzer
    How to Beat Most People and Computers at Chess
    Catalog Code: B0082IS

    Secrets of a Grandpatzer is the outstanding work by world renowned psychiatrist Kenneth Mark Colby. Mr Colby began this project by trying to help himself become a better player and to raise his United States Chess Federation rating.

    Secrets of a Grandpatzer

    The Meran and Anti-Meran Systems
    Catalog Code: B0066EU

    Alexey Dreev is one of the most popular contemporary Russian grandmasters. He was twice World junior champion (under 16) in 1983 and 1984, silver medalist under 20 in 1984. European champion under 20 in 1988.

    The Meran and Anti-Meran Systems

    A Universal Weapon 1.D4 D6
    Catalog Code: B0070EU

    This book consists of eleven chapters devoted to different variations of the all-purpose defence for Black 1.d4 d6. Each chapter comprises a ''Quick Repertoire'' section, followed by a thorough theoretical and practical study in the section ''Step by Step'' and finally a ''Complete Games'' section. To be able to include this system in your opening repertoire, it should be sufficient for you to read the introduction and play through the complete games, which should not take too much of your time.

    A Universal Weapon 1.D4 D6

    The Tactical Grob
    Catalog Code: B0020IS

    The Tactical Grob This book is on the chess opening known as Grob's Attack. This chess opening starts with 1. g2-g4 or, in Descriptive Notation, 1. P-KN4. Once thought of as a joke, the Grob Opening is a very dangerous opening to both the white and black sides in chess.

    The Tactical Grob

    EBOOK - Dangerous Weapons - Caro-Kann
    Dazzle Your Opponents
    Catalog Code: E-B0309EM

    Are you tired of playing the same old openings again and again? Perhaps it's time for a change: choose Dangerous Weapons and amaze your opponents with new and exciting opening ideas! In this book, three opening specialists get together to take a revolutionary look at the Caro-Kann. In doing so they take the road less travelled and concentrate on fresh or little-explored variations - selecting a wealth of 'dangerous' options for both colours.

    EBOOK - Dangerous Weapons - Caro-Kann

    Grob's Angriff - GERMAN EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0023IS

    This is Henry Grob's groundbreaking work written in German on the move 1. g2-g4. The Grob opening is a very dangerous opening to both the white and black sides in chess.

    Grob's Angriff - GERMAN EDITION

    The ABC of Chess
    Catalog Code: B0036IS

    This book was first published in the mighty Soviet Union in 1972. It is NOT a basic book to learn how to play chess or how to improve your game. It is a story book with the chess pieces as a background. It is suitable to be read to children who are interested in the game.

    The ABC of Chess

    CLEARANCE - CoffeeHouse Chess Tactics
    An Astonishing Trip into the World of Competitive Chess
    Catalog Code: B0097NIC

    With refreshing simplicity, Coffeehouse Chess Tactics shows how to turn bad, even seemingly hopeless positions to our advantage. How to distinguish the essential from the trivial. How to adapt according to the situation on the board. Each game sparkles with some unusual tactical or defensive motif. Along with the games the author describes in eloquent but brutal language the beautiful, sometimes terrible, world of chess ''where sport, art and science merge.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - CoffeeHouse Chess Tactics

    Regular Price: $17.95

    Special Price $5.00

    EBOOK - Mastering Chess Strategy
    Catalog Code: E-B0310EM

    Short Description for Mastering Chess Strategy - B0310EM

    EBOOK - Mastering Chess Strategy

    London 1980
    Phillips and Drew Kings Chess Tournament
    Catalog Code: B0079IS

    Phillips and Drew/GLC Kings 1980 was one of the great chess events. London was a desert for international tournament chess from 1948-1973. In 1975 there was the Evening Standard London Chess Fortnight. Although these were fine events and very valuable to English chess; they could not be compared with the events in Hastings and Teesside.

    London 1980

    107 Great Chess Battles - 1939-1945
    Catalog Code: B0012DV

    One of the game's greatest players annotates scores of fascinating games involving such masters as Capablanca, Bogoljubov, Kashdan, Reshevsky, Tartakower, Keres and others, including many of Alekhine's own games. Includes delightfully candid views on fellow masters and rivals for the world title. Edited and translated by E. G. Winter. Preface. Index.

    107 Great Chess Battles - 1939-1945

    E-BOOK 10 Great Ways To Get Better At Chess
    Catalog Code: E-B0305EM

    In this book grandmaster Nigel Davies provides that direction. He examines the methods used by a number of players who were looking to improve their game, and how they went about achieving their goal. He has drawn heavily on the games and thoughts of players who have been his students over the years and experienced a clear improvement in their play.

    Nigel Davies is a Grandmaster with more than 35 years of tournament experience. He is a highly regarded chess teacher and the author of many successful chess books.

    E-BOOK 10 Great Ways To Get Better At Chess

    EBOOK - Beating 1. e4 e5
    A Repertoire for White in the Open Games
    Catalog Code: E-B0313EM

    Grandmaster John Emms presents a repertoire for White after 1 e4 e5, based on the Italian Game and the Bishop's Opening. The lines he recommends are built upon a sound yet aggressive system of development which can be deployed against virtually every Black defence.

    EBOOK - Beating 1. e4 e5

    Chess Strategy Workbook
    A Blueplrint for Developing the Best Plan
    Catalog Code: B0042OB

    A large-format, fun, comprehensive workbook and instruction book for children and adults ranging from those with a basic chess foundation up to the above-average tournament player. Chess Strategy Workbook teaches you to be observant and take your time to discover the clues in chess positions, introducing many of the strategies used by chess masters in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

    Chess Strategy Workbook

    Winning Chess Puzzles for Kids - VOLUME 2
    Catalog Code: B0043OB

    Winning Chess Puzzles For Kids Volume 2 is a fun and instructive workbook for children ages 7 to 13. Full of imaginative drawings, it combines standard chess problems with a variety of insightful chess-related puzzles. Slightly more advanced than Volume 1, its aim is to further develop a student's tactical skills.

    Winning Chess Puzzles for Kids - VOLUME 2

    CLEARANCE - The Sicilian Defense - Grandmaster Repertoire 6
    Catalog Code: B0039QT

    Grandmaster Repertoire is a new series of high quality chess books based on the main lines, written by strong grandmasters. The aim is to provide the reader with a complete repertoire at a level good enough for elite tournaments, and certainly also for the club championship. Grandmaster Repertoire provides a repertoire to last a lifetime.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - The Sicilian Defense - Grandmaster Repertoire 6

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price $10.00

    Chess Training Pocket Book
    Comprehensive Chess Course - VOLUME 6
    Catalog Code: B0006LV

    This newly revised volume in the successful Comprehensive Chess Course sharpens and tightens your game through examination and study of the 300 most important chess game positions. The most important and instructive positions over the last 100 years arranged as challenges, with illuminating explanations and solutions.

    Chess Training Pocket Book

    Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player
    Comprehensive Chess Course - VOLUME 5
    Catalog Code: B0005LV

    Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player is the fifth volume in Grandmaster Lev Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course series. Endorsed by world champion Gary Kasparov as revealing ''the once-secret Russian method of chess training,'' this new edition has material on the 2006 Absolute World Championship match between Kramnick and Topalov.

    Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player

    Comprehensive Chess Course - The Complete Collection
    Includes All 7 Books
    Catalog Code: B00CPLV

    In Comprehensive Chess Course, GM Lev Alburt, a highly successful chess coach, offers for the first time the once-secret Russian method of chess training. It is the complete, easy-to-use program for teaching and self-study where Soviet Union and European chess styles are concerned. It features carefully planned repetition and sequences. that will allow the reader to quickly grasp and retain the skills that are critical to being successful in Chess. With GM Alburt's instruction, you will be able to learn chess the correct way and realize your full Chess potential.

    Comprehensive Chess Course - The Complete Collection

    The Modern Philidor Defence
    Catalog Code: B0061EU

    he Modern Philidor Defence consists of seven chapters, dealing with different move-orders. Each chapter comprises of a ''Quick Repertoire'' then a thorough theoretical study in the part ''Step by Step''and ''Complete Games''. In order to include a system in your opening repertoire, it would be sufficient for you to read the review and see the games and this should not take too much of your time. After this, you can start playing this opening in friendly games at your club, or on the Internet.

    The Modern Philidor Defence

    SHOPWORN - Why We Lose at Chess
    Catalog Code: SWB0303EM

    The main reason why we lose at chess is no big secret: we all make unnecessary mistakes! But simply acknowledging this fact isn't enough to help us improve. The big question is, how can we eliminate these mistakes from our game, or at least keep them to an absolute minimum?

    SHOPWORN - Why We Lose at Chess

    Regular Price: $26.95

    Special Price $10.24

    EBOOK - Why we Lose at Chess
    Catalog Code: E-B0303EM

    The main reason why we lose at chess is no big secret: we all make unnecessary mistakes! But simply acknowledging this fact isn't enough to help us improve. The big question is, how can we eliminate these mistakes from our game, or at least keep them to an absolute minimum?

    EBOOK - Why we Lose at Chess

    Alekhine's Best Games of Chess - 1938-1945
    Catalog Code: B0016IS

    This is a reprint of the original third book, with all of the games converted into Algebraic Figurine PGN Notation with diagrams in the back. Alekhine died in 1946, so this third volume was edited by International Master and British Chess Champion Conel Hugh O'Donel Alexander, based in part on the notes left by Alekhine to some of the games.

    Alekhine's Best Games of Chess - 1938-1945

    Starting Out - Open Games
    Catalog Code: B0276EM

    'Open Games' refer to a myriad of openings arising after the ever-popular 1 e4 e5: the Italian Game, the Scotch, The Two Knights Defence, the King's Gambit, the Evans Gambit, the Bishop's Opening, the Four Knights, the Petroff and much more besides.

    Starting Out - Open Games

    CLEARANCE - Chess In Action
    From First Attack to Checkmate
    Catalog Code: B0107BT

    This is not your typical beginner's chess book! Written by longtime children's book author Paul Mantell, and International Master of Chess Dean Ippolito, Chess in Action effectively captures the excitement of the battle: the thrill of staying one step ahead of your opponent, of launching a surprise attack, of drawing your adversary into a trap.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Chess In Action

    Regular Price: $22.95

    Special Price $10.00

    Trophy Chess
    An Account of the Lessing Rosenwald Tournament - NY 1954-1955
    Catalog Code: B0056IS

    Trophy Chess was one of Bobby Fischer's favorite books. He studied it with great care during his sudden appearance right after this tournament and his rapid rise to the top, culminating in his winning his first of eight US Chess Championships in 1957/58. It is nicely laid out and designed and is easy to read. In his famous ''My 60 Memorable Games'' Fischer later collaborated with Evans, who served as his second during his rise to the world championship and became one of America's best-selling chess authors with over 20 books to his credit.

    Trophy Chess

    EBOOK - Starting Out - Open Games
    Catalog Code: E-B0276EM

    'Open Games' refer to a myriad of openings arising after the ever-popular 1 e4 e5: the Italian Game, the Scotch, The Two Knights Defence, the King's Gambit, the Evans Gambit, the Bishop's Opening, the Four Knights, the Petroff and much more besides.

    EBOOK - Starting Out - Open Games

    EBOOK - Who Dares Wins!
    Attacking the Kings on Opposite Sides
    Catalog Code: E-B0294EM

    Both players are gunning for each other's kings. Whose attack will break through first? This is a typical scenario in chess games. In such tense battles where one slip can be fatal, often it's a case of 'who dares wins'. But it's not enough to throw your pieces up the board and hope for the best. To succeed you need to acquire sophisticated attacking and defensive skills. The good news is that they can easily be learned, remembered and put into practice.

    EBOOK - Who Dares Wins!

    A Course in Chess Tactics
    A Step-by-Step Approach to Mastering Tactics and Combinations
    Catalog Code: B0141GB

    Few books present a structured approach to tactics, so this book fills a valuable niche in the ambitious player's library. The authors present each major tactical theme in turn, explaining how it works and providing inspiring examples. They then explain how you can spot the idea in your own games and use it to your advantage.

    A Course in Chess Tactics

    Squeezing the Gambits
    The Benko, Budapest, Albin and Blumenfield
    Catalog Code: B0053EU

    This book aims to teach you how to put Black into a positional squeeze in the most popular gambits against 1.d4. It offers a White repertoire based on understanding and not on memorisation of long variations.Georgiev preaches a solid strategic approach which allows to decrease the role of computer assisted home analysis and will serve you for many years.

    Squeezing the Gambits


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