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Chicago 1926/Lake Hopatcong 1926 Chess Tournaments

Product Code: B0017CA


Publisher: Caissa Editions
Author: Sherwood & Brandreth
Year of Publication: 2009

Pages: 197
Notation Type: Algebraic (AN)

Book DescriptionPublisher Dale Brandreth has a fine track record of bringing out high quality tournament books and best games collections.

Here he rescues two lesser known US tournaments with the help of the energetic Robert Sherwood who provides detailed analyses to all the games.

The Chicago International of 1926 saw Frank Marshall top the field ahead of Maroczy and Torre, with other famous names such as Edward Lasker and Isaac Kashdan in the chasing pack.

Lake Hopatcong 1926 was a stronger double-round event with Capablanca winning ahead of Kupchik, Maroczy, Marshall and Ed.Lasker.

The games to both these events have never been so deeply analysed before and many new discoveries have been made.

The fact that this a limited edition of only 600 copies - with each book individually numbered, makes it a valuable collector's item as well as a fine tournament book in its own right.

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Our Price: $39.95

Product Details

ISBN 0939433680
Manufacturer Caissa Editions
Author(s) Dale Brandreth, Robert Sherwood
Pages 197 Pages
Publication Date Oct 1, 2009
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Hardcover? Yes
Book Edition N/A

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