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    Bologan, Victor

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    1. The Powerful Catalan

      The Powerful Catalan

      Our Price: $29.95

      In this book top Grandmaster Victor Bologan presents a complete repertoire for White. He covers all of Black’s options as well as possible transpositions to other openings.

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    2. The Rossolimo Sicilian

      The Rossolimo Sicilian

      Our Price: $24.95

      Play real chess instead of trying to memorize endless database lines! That is what the Rossolimo Sicilian offers and why this opening has become so popular with chess players all over the world. If you play 3.Bb5 in the Sicilian, you do not need to keep up-to-date with the dazzling theoretical developments in all kinds of Open Sicilians.

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    3. The King's Indian

      The King's Indian

      Our Price: $33.95
      The King's Indian Defence is probably the most romantic response to 1.d4. It has survived the test of time and has been played at the highest level even to the present day. Black gives his opponent complete freedom of choice in how to control the center and just develops quietly within his King's Indian household, relying on his powerful fianchettoed bishop. Learn More
    4. Victor Bologan - Selected Games

      Victor Bologan - Selected Games

      Our Price: $29.95

      Power Chess at it's Best! Moldovian Grandmaster Victor Bologan is among the world's strongest and most dynamic grandmasters. You are invited to join him on a highly personal, autobiographical journey, as he presents 52 of his games, deeply annotated. These games are highlighted against a background of his life experiences and development, resulting in one of the most splendid game collections available today.

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