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    Mastering Positional Chess
    Practical Lessons of a Junior World Champion
    Catalog Code: B0088NIC

    Mastering Positional Chess is a serious, but entertaining chess instruction book. Daniel started writing it when he realized that his lack of positional understanding was causing him to lose many games.

    Mastering Positional Chess

    The Moscow & Anti-Moscow Variations
    An Insider's View
    Catalog Code: B0052EU

    The positions arising in the Moscow variation and the Anti-Moscow variation are in principle so different that I have decided to arrange the material in the two parts of the book in different fashion too. The part of the book, which deals with the analysis of the plans and possibilities in the much calmer Moscow variation can be compared to a thorough guide of the series ''street by street''.

    The Moscow & Anti-Moscow Variations

    Squeezing the Gambits
    The Benko, Budapest, Albin and Blumenfield
    Catalog Code: B0053EU

    This book aims to teach you how to put Black into a positional squeeze in the most popular gambits against 1.d4. It offers a White repertoire based on understanding and not on memorisation of long variations.Georgiev preaches a solid strategic approach which allows to decrease the role of computer assisted home analysis and will serve you for many years.

    Squeezing the Gambits

    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
    Learn to Think the Way Bobby Does
    Catalog Code: B0007IS

    Learn to think the same way Bobby Fischer did. This is the fastest, most efficient, most enjoyable book on chess ever compiled. As the student, you start at the beginning and progressively develop your skills as you apply Bobby Fischer's principles and learn how to play Chess the Bobby way.

    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

    The Greatest Tournaments 2001-2009
    Catalog Code: B0003SHV

    The tournaments are presented in chronological order. Along with a crosstable of the event, each tournament is represented by the best game of the tournament winner, the best game played at the tournament, and the game with the most important theoretical novelty. There is also a selection of game fragments, the most beautiful combinations and endings.

    The Greatest Tournaments 2001-2009

    AVRO 1938 International Chess Tournament
    Catalog Code: B0021CA

    Full notes to all the games PLUS some excellent photos and extensive commentary on the prelude and aftermath to this great event, the strongest tournament ever held up to that time. The AVRO tournament was held in the Netherlands in 1938, sponsored by the Dutch broadcasting company AVRO. The event was a double round-robin tournament.

    AVRO 1938 International Chess Tournament

    Chess Openings for White Explained
    Winning with 1. e4 - 2nd Edition
    Catalog Code: B0013LV

    Legendary World Champion Bobby Fischer describing the opening move 1. e4. Three-time US Champion Champion Lev Alburt, famous for his ability to turn aspiring players into masters, teams up with two-time U.S. Champion Roman Dzindzichashvili and young international star Eugene Perelshteyn to give you a complete repertoire of opening play-as well as a review of all openings and an explanation of the principles of playing this crucial stage of the game.

    Chess Openings for White Explained

    Emanuel Lasker - Second World Chess Champion
    Catalog Code: B0041RE

    Join Russian chess historians Isaak and Vladimir Linder as they take you on a journey exploring the life and games of the great world champion Emanuel Lasker. Isaak Linder is regarded as one of the pre-eminent chess historians of the modern era. He is the author of many books, including the widely acclaimed books in the ChessCafe World Chess Champions Series.
    Clearance - Save up to 80%

    Emanuel Lasker - Second World Chess Champion

    Jose Raul Capablanca - Third World Chess Champion
    Catalog Code: B0040RE

    The name of Jose Raul Capablanca (1888-1942), the third world champion, is indelibly inscribed in the annals of chess history. Capablanca's technique, intuition, remarkably quick calculation, and sense for elegant combinations made him the paragon of grandmasters during his lifetime. At the peak of his career Capablanca was almost invincible; each of his losses was regarded as a sensation. His books, articles, and lucid annotations became instant classics.

    Jose Raul Capablanca - Third World Chess Champion

    Chess Openings for Black Explained
    A Complete Repertoire
    Catalog Code: B0009LV

    Chess Openings for Black, Explained gives you a complete repertoire of carefully selected, interrelated openings. Three-time U.S. champion and master teacher Lev Alburt, along with his grandmaster co-authors, provides everything you need to know to defend with confidence against each and every one of White's first moves.

    Chess Openings for Black Explained


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