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Killer Chess Tactics

Use the Strategies of World Champions to Impress Your Friends and Pummel Your Enemies

Product Code: B0006CZ


Publisher: Cardoza
Author: Schiller & Keene
Year of Publication: 2003

Pages: 416
Notation Type: Algebraic (AN)

Book DescriptionThis is a book for players who want to play killer chess using the insights, concepts, tactics and combinations used by the greatest players who ever lived. This fascinating book teaches you how to learn from the incredible combinations and sacrifices of fourteen World Champions, how the champions used these brilliant stratagems to bring opponents to their knees, and how they themselves fell prey to these deadly surprise attacks. Packed with fascinating ideas, two hundred fully annotated games, one thousand diagrams, and great practical advice for any player's own games, you'll learn how to use these powerful weapons, in easy-to-understand language and game situations from the champions themselves. This brilliant book will take any player's game up several notches.

Our Price: $24.95

Author: Eric Schiller and Raymond Keene and Leonid Shamkovich
Publication Date: January 1, 2003
Notation Type: AN - Algebraic
Page Count: 416 Pages

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