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      Paul Morphy
      Catalog Code: B0023CA

      Translated by Robert Sherwood from the 1909 edition published in Germany. Maroczy was the strongest player who ever annotated all of Morphy's games and thus to non-German language readers, it should be of special interest, especially since the standards for analytical notes were far higher even in 1909 than were accepted when these games were played.

      Paul Morphy

      Our Price: $49.95
      Shady Side
      The Life And Crimes of Norman Tweed Whitaker
      Catalog Code: B0013CA

      A chronicle of America's most notorious chess master based on many of his own papers. Includes a detailed story of his life, his loves, his cons, and his many chess experiences in a 60+-year career. along with 570 of his games (some with full notes). Much US chess history and some excellent photos are a notable part of the book. NOTE: This book won the Chess Cafe 'Book of the Year' award for 2000.

      Shady Side

      Our Price: $48.95

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