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    1. Ishi Press (9)
    2. Mongoose Press (8)
    3. Everyman Chess (6)
    4. Simon and Schuster (4)
    5. Russell Enterprises (3)
    6. Gambit Publishing (3)
    7. Cardoza Chess (3)
    8. Chess Information (2)
    9. Batsford Chess (2)
    10. Chess Detective (1)
    11. Self Published (1)
    12. US Chess Federation (1)
    13. Random House (1)
    14. New in Chess (1)
    15. Everything Basics (1)
    16. For Dummies (1)
    17. Chess Evolution (1)
    18. Dover Chess (1)
    19. Quality Chess (1)
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    3. DN - Descriptive (8)
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    5. LAN - Long Algebraic (1)
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    1. Yes (10)
    1. Al Lawrence (1)
    2. Bobby Fischer (2)
    3. Branislav Francuski (1)
    4. Bruce Pandolfini (3)
    5. Chester Nuhmentz Jr. (1)
    6. Craig Pritchett (2)
    7. Dave Schloss (1)
    8. David MacEnulty (1)
    9. Donn Mosenfelder (1)
    10. Fred Reinfeld (3)
    11. Fred Wilson (1)
    12. Garry Kasparov (3)
    13. I.A. Horowitz (3)
    14. Igor Sukhin (8)
    15. Ilya Maizelis (1)
    16. Irving Chernev (1)
    17. Jacob Cantrell (1)
    18. Jim Eade (1)
    19. Josh Waitzkin (1)
    20. Judee Shipman (1)
    21. Kenneth Harkness (1)
    22. Lev Alburt (2)
    23. Maurice Ashley (1)
    24. Milton Hanauer (1)
    25. Murray Chandler (2)
    26. Paata Gaprindashvili (1)
    27. Peter Kurzdorfer (1)
    28. Reuben Fine (2)
    29. Roz Katz (1)
    30. Samuel Reshevsky (1)
    31. Samuel Reshevsky (1)
    32. Stuart Marquilies (1)
    33. Todd Bardwick (1)
    34. Yaroslav Srokovski (1)
    35. Yasser Seirawan (1)
    36. Yuri Averbach (1)
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    1. Total Chess

      Total Chess

      Our Price: $19.95
      Total Chess is your complete guide to Chess. It covers everything: rules, strategies, tactics and checkmates. Everything in Chess comes in threes. Three simple strategies are presented for the opening, midgame, endgame, etc. Learn More
    2. The Teenage Chess Book

      The Teenage Chess Book

      Our Price: $15.95
      This book is a lively result of a chess authority's attempts to help his teenage son improve his play. In writing this book, the author kept in mind the player who has little or no previous knowledge of chess. His aim has been to provide a useful practical technique for handling the game. In addition to basic information about the board, the chess men and notation, Dr. Fine in a special chapter on chess moves introduces the reader to some of the delights or more complex play. The last chapter is devoted to describing a study scheme which is bound to lead to steady improvement on one's play. Learn More
    3. The Soviet Chess Primer

      The Soviet Chess Primer

      Our Price: $24.95
      Ilya Maizelis’s masterpiece is the definitive introduction to the game of chess. It has inspired generations of Russians to take up the game, including arguably the two greatest players of all time, the 12th and 13th World Champions. The Soviet Chess Primer is a modern English translation of Maizelis’s witty introduction to the royal game. This new edition of a timeless classic includes an original foreword from the 2nd World Champion, Emanuel Lasker, as well as an introduction from the most celebrated chess trainer of modern times, Mark Dvoretsky. Learn More
    4. The Most Valuable Skills in Chess

      The Most Valuable Skills in Chess

      Our Price: $17.95
      This book makes his ideas and material available to all: teachers and students alike. He has been called the Tiger Woods of chess. In 1999, Maurice Ashley became the first African-American to qualify for the elite Grandmaster title, an achievement that was widely reported in the international media, including Time magazine, USA Today, New York Times, Sports Illustrated and The Times (London). Learn More
    5. The Batsford Book of Chess for Children

      The Batsford Book of Chess for Children

      Our Price: $14.95
      Chess is great for developing a child's analytical skills, fostering the competitive instinct—and having fun. Nothing beats this cute, character-based guide for teaching youngsters how to play. Jess and Jamie—two rough-and-tumble, chess-obsessed kids—explain it all: what the pieces are and how they move; the opening, middlegame, and endgame; checkmate; and sneaky tricks that win. The book's friendly, entertaining, and essential to any child's bookshelf. Learn More
    6. The Basics of Winning Chess

      The Basics of Winning Chess

      Our Price: $4.95

      Nine information-packed chapters and twenty-two diagrams show beginning players how to play and win at chess in one quick and easy reading. You'll learn the moves of the pieces, the rules and principles of play, the standard openings, as well as chess notation.

      Learn More

    7. Start Playing Chess Today!

      Start Playing Chess Today!

      Our Price: $8.95

      Take large diagrams, straightforward instruction and helpful tips and quizzes—and what do you have? The winning formula for a quick and easy way to play chess today. Perfect for players new to the game, the author explains the basics of chess and each piece's characteristics —how they move, their relative value and how they can be used to checkmate opponents.

      Learn More

    8. Square One

      Square One

      Our Price: $17.95

      From ever popular instructor Bruce Pandolfini comes this entertaining, interactive and effective book for teaching young Chess players and other newcomers to the game.

      Learn More

    9. SHOPWORN - Chess For Rookies

      SHOPWORN - Chess For Rookies

      Regular Price: $21.95

      Our Price: $11.00

      Chess for Rookies is a fun-to-read, leisurely, yet well-paced guide. Assuming no prior knowledge of the game, Craig Pritchett takes the beginner on a journey through the crucial basics. Mixing instruction and good humour, this book is an ideal way to learn how to play and win at chess. Learn More
    10. SHOPWORN -  Checkmate! Tactics

      SHOPWORN - Checkmate! Tactics

      Regular Price: $16.95

      Our Price: $8.48

      Would you now like to know how to regularly beat your opponents and move to the next level? If so, then Checkmate Tactics is the book for you.

      Learn More

    11. Prof. Chester Nuhmentz, Jr. Chess Training Material

      Prof. Chester Nuhmentz, Jr. Chess Training Material

      Our Price: $24.95
      This is a compilation of 6 Different Chess Training Books by Professor Chester Nuhmentz, Jr.
      Learn More
    12. Portable Chess Coach

      Portable Chess Coach

      Our Price: $9.95

      This entertaining guide for beginners of all ages is like a human chess coach. It clearly explains the basic rules and moves, opening strategies, middle game and endgame, plus the basic tactics and combinations to give you the winning edge. As you glide through the text, Judee helps you along with review questions, practice puzzles, and instructive games, and shows you the ten most common beginner's mistakes.

      Learn More

    13. Play Winning Chess

      Play Winning Chess

      Our Price: $26.95
      'When most people learn to play chess, they usually memorize the movements of the pieces and then spend years pummeling away at each other with little rhyme and even less reason. Though I will show you how each piece leaps around, what it likes to do on holidays, the real purpose of this book is to teach you to understand the four major principles of my Seirawan method: force, time, space and pawn structure. Each is easy to understand and each is a weapon that will enable you to defeat most anyone you challenge to a game' -Yasser Seirawan Learn More
    14. Pandolfini's Ultimate Guide to Chess

      Pandolfini's Ultimate Guide to Chess

      Our Price: $16.95

      From America's foremost chess teacher and author comes a new standard: a comprehensive course covering all aspects of the game, to improve your technique whether you are a newcomer or a longtime fan.

      One of America's best-known chess masters, Bruce Pandolfini has helped millions learn the intricacies of chess through his acclaimed books and workshops.

      Learn More

    15. Learn Chess Fast

      Learn Chess Fast

      Our Price: $19.95

      IN THIS remarkable book, a great master and a great teacher have collaborated to produce what is probably the clearest and simplest guide to the game ever written. Containing more than 300 diagrams, Learn Chess Fast!

      Learn More
    16. Journey to the Chess Kingdom

      Journey to the Chess Kingdom

      Our Price: $26.95
      GM Arkadij Naiditsch presented a copy of “Journey to the Chess Kingdom” to me during the recent Chess Olympiad in Tromsø. The cover and illustrations are quite attractive and stand out in a positive way among the popular “chess board on the cover” designs. The diagrams are neat-looking and the paper is glossy and nice to touch. Overall, the book has a positive aura and feels inviting to read. Learn More
    17. Josh Waitzkin's Attacking Chess

      Josh Waitzkin's Attacking Chess

      Our Price: $15.99

      The subject of the book and movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, Josh Waitzkin has long been the top-ranked player for his age in the United States and a role model for chess-playing kids everywhere. Now, for the first time, Waitzkin reveals the aggressive tactics and psychological techniques that have propelled him to the forefront of the chess world.

      Learn More

    18. How to Beat Your Kids at Chess

      How to Beat Your Kids at Chess

      Our Price: $19.95
      How to Beat Your Kids at Chess is a book that truly starts at the beginning, with the most basic idea of all: the straight line. This book offers clear explanations, opportunities to practice each concept before moving on, and a systematic progression of ideas. Learn More
    19. How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

      How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

      Our Price: $16.95

      This is not just a book for kids - for 'Dad' read any opponent who beats you regularly! This book teaches the 50 Deadly Checkmates - basic attacking patterns that occur repeatedly in games between players of all standards. Each mating motif is carefully and simply explained, and several illustrative examples are given. A final test enables the reader to grade his pattern recognition abilities, and the last chapter explains what to do if your Dad is Garry Kasparov. Fun, instructive - and guaranteed to improve your game.

      Learn More

    20. How to be a Winner at Chess

      How to be a Winner at Chess

      Our Price: $12.95
      The Essence of Good Chess The incomparable Fred Reinfeld is back in print! This new 21st-century edition is presented in modern algebraic notation in a double-column format, with more diagrams and a refresher course for beginners. How to be a Winner at Chess is among the very best introductory chess books ever produced, bar none. In it Reinfeld manages to capture the essence of good chess in a most readable, enjoyable, easy-to-grasp format. How to be a Winner at Chess is designed for the average player who knows the moves and rules but not much more. Warning! - you have to be able to read! Let Fred Reinfeld, the master wordsmith and instructor take you to the next level - in short turn you into a winner. Learn More
    21. Gary's Adventures in Chess Country

      Gary's Adventures in Chess Country

      Our Price: $23.95

      The book's story begins when Gary, a young boy, finds himself at home with his babysitter one boring afternoon. His day picks up when a young girl named Cassie comes to take him away to Chess Country, a world where everything is related to the royal game. Along the way, Gary meets many of the residents of Chess Country, including Riddles -- who provides Gary and the reader with numerous chess puzzles -- and Zug, another young boy who will become Gary's chess rival.

      Learn More

    22. First Book of Chess

      First Book of Chess

      Our Price: $14.95

      This book holds the distinction and is famous for being the first chess book Bobby Fischer ever read. As Bobby himself tells the story, when he was 6 years old, one day his sister Joan brought home a plastic chess set she had bought in the market and they learned how to play by reading the instructions on the box. Later, when Bobby had developed an interest in the game, Joan brought home a book appropriately entitled "First Book of Chess". It was then a new book, just out.

      Learn More
    23. Everything Chess Basics Book

      Everything Chess Basics Book

      Our Price: $14.95

      If you're looking to learn about the game of chess and win, The Everything Chess Basics Book provides you with the perfect introduction! Endorsed by the United States Chess Federation, The Everything Chess Basics Book is an authoritative guide that appeals to chess players of all ages and skill.

      Learn More

    24. Chess Workbook for Children

      Chess Workbook for Children

      Our Price: $19.95

      Chess Workbook for Children is a fun, comprehensive workbook and instruction book for children (and adults!) who are new to chess or who are in the beginning stages of learning to play the royal game. Ten basic chess lessons and chess rules are presented in detail.

      Learn More

    25. Chess Training for Post-Beginners

      Chess Training for Post-Beginners

      Our Price: $21.95
      After you have learned the rules of chess and developed some tactical abilities, how do you go from there? You are now ready to tackle basic issues of strategy, but what is the best way to improve and win more games? Learn More
    26. Chess the Easy Way

      Chess the Easy Way

      Our Price: $25.95

      More chess coaches in America recommend this book for their students than any other book. Written by one of the World's Strongest Grandmasters who was top contender for the World Chess Championship, "Chess the Easy Way" takes the player from the beginning moves of chess, rapidly advancing to the Expert Level.

      Learn More

    27. Chess Made Simple

      Chess Made Simple

      Our Price: $16.95

      This is a book about the most fascinating game in the world. It is both a manual for beginners and a refresher course for experienced players. Clear and methodical explanations begin with the various chess pieces and proceed to subtle, advanced plays.

      Learn More

    28. Chess In Action

      Chess In Action

      Our Price: $22.95
      This is not your typical beginner's chess book! Written by longtime children's book author Paul Mantell, and International Master of Chess Dean Ippolito, Chess in Action effectively captures the excitement of the battle: the thrill of staying one step ahead of your opponent, of launching a surprise attack, of drawing your adversary into a trap. Learn More
    29. Chess for the Gifted & Busy

      Chess for the Gifted & Busy

      Our Price: $19.95

      This right-to-the-point book by one of the game's foremost teacher-writing teams uses a breakthrough approach to teach chess fast!

      Learn More

    30. Chess For Rookies

      Chess For Rookies

      Our Price: $21.95
      Short Description for Chess For Rookies - B0279EM Learn More
    31. Chess for Dummies

      Chess for Dummies

      Our Price: $21.95

      Out of stock

      Chess For Dummies is your quick and easy guide to the rules, strategies, and etiquette of chess.

      Kings, queens, knights - does chess seem like a royal pain to grasp? This friendly guide helps you make the right moves. From using the correct terms to engaging in the art of attack, you'll get step-by-step explanations that demystify the game.

      Learn More

    32. Chess for Children

      Chess for Children

      Our Price: $16.95
      With this charming book, children will delight in learning the basic moves of chess - the most popular and challenging strategy game of all. All the rules of chess are clearly explained, step by step, assuming no prior knowledge. The lessons are reinforced by the inventive tales that George is told by his pet alligator Kirsty, self-proclaimed Grand Alligator of chess. Learn More
    33. Chess Camp - VOLUME 7

      Chess Camp - VOLUME 7

      Our Price: $11.95

      Chess Camp is a new training system for beginning chessplayers, and for the parents and coaches who teach them.

      Learn More
    34. Chess Camp - VOLUME 6

      Chess Camp - VOLUME 6

      Our Price: $11.95

      Chess Camp is a new training system for beginning chessplayers, and for the parents and coaches who teach them. Starting with simple problems to illustrate key concepts, and then progressing to more complex positions, the student will learn by doing, methodically integrating new information with previous knowledge while building effective thinking habits at the board.

      Learn More
    35. Chess Camp - VOLUME 5

      Chess Camp - VOLUME 5

      Our Price: $11.95

      Chess Camp is a new training system for beginning chessplayers, and for the parents and coaches who teach them. Starting with simple problems to illustrate key concepts, and then progressing to more complex positions, the student will learn by doing, methodically integrating new information with previous knowledge while building effective thinking habits at the board.

      Learn More
    36. Chess Camp - VOLUME 4

      Chess Camp - VOLUME 4

      Our Price: $11.95

      In this fourth volume, Elementary Endgames, the student will: 1) learn how to deliver fundamental checkmates such as a king and a rook against a lone king; 2) discover how to avoid stalemating the opposing king, and how to induce stalemate when threatened with checkmate; and 3) develop not only an understanding of concepts such as passed pawns and king opposition, but also a sense of confidence in the final phase of the game.

      Learn More

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