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    1. Batsford Chess (2)
    2. Cardoza Chess (3)
    3. Chess Detective (1)
    4. Chess Evolution (1)
    5. Chess Information (2)
    6. Dover Chess (1)
    7. Everyman Chess (6)
    8. Everything Basics (1)
    9. For Dummies (1)
    10. Gambit Publishing (3)
    11. Ishi Press (7)
    12. Mongoose Press (8)
    13. New in Chess (1)
    14. Random House (1)
    15. Russell Enterprises (3)
    16. Self Published (1)
    17. Simon and Schuster (4)
    18. US Chess Federation (1)
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    1. General Chess Instruction (1)
    2. Strategy (1)
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    1. Winning Chess (1)
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    1. FAN - Figurine (15)
    2. AN - Algebraic (21)
    3. LAN - Long Algebraic (1)
    4. DN - Descriptive (7)
    5. NL - Notationless (3)
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    1. Yes (10)
    1. Al Lawrence (1)
    2. Bobby Fischer (2)
    3. Branislav Francuski (1)
    4. Bruce Pandolfini (3)
    5. Chester Nuhmentz Jr. (1)
    6. Craig Pritchett (2)
    7. Dave Schloss (1)
    8. David MacEnulty (1)
    9. Donn Mosenfelder (1)
    10. Fred Reinfeld (3)
    11. Fred Wilson (1)
    12. Garry Kasparov (3)
    13. I.A. Horowitz (3)
    14. Igor Sukhin (8)
    15. Irving Chernev (1)
    16. Jacob Cantrell (1)
    17. Jim Eade (1)
    18. Josh Waitzkin (1)
    19. Judee Shipman (1)
    20. Kenneth Harkness (1)
    21. Lev Alburt (2)
    22. Maurice Ashley (1)
    23. Milton Hanauer (1)
    24. Murray Chandler (2)
    25. Paata Gaprindashvili (1)
    26. Peter Kurzdorfer (1)
    27. Reuben Fine (1)
    28. Roz Katz (1)
    29. Samuel Reshevsky (1)
    30. Samuel Reshevsky (1)
    31. Stuart Marquilies (1)
    32. Todd Bardwick (1)
    33. Yaroslav Srokovski (1)
    34. Yasser Seirawan (1)
    35. Yuri Averbach (1)
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    1. Chess for Children

      Chess for Children

      Our Price: $16.95
      With this charming book, children will delight in learning the basic moves of chess - the most popular and challenging strategy game of all. All the rules of chess are clearly explained, step by step, assuming no prior knowledge. The lessons are reinforced by the inventive tales that George is told by his pet alligator Kirsty, self-proclaimed Grand Alligator of chess. Learn More
    2. Everything Chess Basics Book

      Everything Chess Basics Book

      Our Price: $14.95

      If you're looking to learn about the game of chess and win, The Everything Chess Basics Book provides you with the perfect introduction! Endorsed by the United States Chess Federation, The Everything Chess Basics Book is an authoritative guide that appeals to chess players of all ages and skill.

      Learn More

    3. Pandolfini's Ultimate Guide to Chess

      Pandolfini's Ultimate Guide to Chess

      Our Price: $16.95

      From America's foremost chess teacher and author comes a new standard: a comprehensive course covering all aspects of the game, to improve your technique whether you are a newcomer or a longtime fan.

      One of America's best-known chess masters, Bruce Pandolfini has helped millions learn the intricacies of chess through his acclaimed books and workshops.

      Learn More

    4. Play Winning Chess

      Play Winning Chess

      Our Price: $26.95
      'When most people learn to play chess, they usually memorize the movements of the pieces and then spend years pummeling away at each other with little rhyme and even less reason. Though I will show you how each piece leaps around, what it likes to do on holidays, the real purpose of this book is to teach you to understand the four major principles of my Seirawan method: force, time, space and pawn structure. Each is easy to understand and each is a weapon that will enable you to defeat most anyone you challenge to a game' -Yasser Seirawan Learn More
    5. The Basics of Winning Chess

      The Basics of Winning Chess

      Our Price: $4.95

      Nine information-packed chapters and twenty-two diagrams show beginning players how to play and win at chess in one quick and easy reading. You'll learn the moves of the pieces, the rules and principles of play, the standard openings, as well as chess notation.

      Learn More

    6. Prof. Chester Nuhmentz, Jr. Chess Training Material

      Prof. Chester Nuhmentz, Jr. Chess Training Material

      Our Price: $24.95
      This is a compilation of 6 Different Chess Training Books by Professor Chester Nuhmentz, Jr.
      Learn More
    7. How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

      How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

      Our Price: $16.95

      This is not just a book for kids - for 'Dad' read any opponent who beats you regularly! This book teaches the 50 Deadly Checkmates - basic attacking patterns that occur repeatedly in games between players of all standards. Each mating motif is carefully and simply explained, and several illustrative examples are given. A final test enables the reader to grade his pattern recognition abilities, and the last chapter explains what to do if your Dad is Garry Kasparov. Fun, instructive - and guaranteed to improve your game.

      Learn More

    8. Josh Waitzkin's Attacking Chess

      Josh Waitzkin's Attacking Chess

      Our Price: $15.99

      The subject of the book and movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, Josh Waitzkin has long been the top-ranked player for his age in the United States and a role model for chess-playing kids everywhere. Now, for the first time, Waitzkin reveals the aggressive tactics and psychological techniques that have propelled him to the forefront of the chess world.

      Learn More

    9. 101 Questions On How To Play Chess

      101 Questions On How To Play Chess

      Our Price: $2.95

      What is the object of the game of Chess? What is chess notation? How does the King move and Capture? These and a host of other Chess questions are answered simply and clearly in this indepensible guide for beginning players.

      Learn More

    10. Square One

      Square One

      Our Price: $17.95

      From ever popular instructor Bruce Pandolfini comes this entertaining, interactive and effective book for teaching young Chess players and other newcomers to the game.

      Learn More

    11. Beginning Chess

      Beginning Chess

      Our Price: $17.99

      Now even beginners can reap the rewards of Pandolfini's acclaimed teaching system. Over 300 problems, tailored to beginning players, encompass everything a player needs to learn, from the basic rules and vocabulary to the moves of various chessmen to sophisticated strategies. 300 line drawings.

      Learn More

    12. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

      Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

      Our Price: $7.95

      Learn to think the same way Bobby Fischer did. This is the fastest, most efficient, most enjoyable book on chess ever compiled. As the student, you start at the beginning and progressively develop your skills as you apply Bobby Fischer's principles and learn how to play Chess the Bobby way.

      Learn More

    13. The Batsford Book of Chess for Children

      The Batsford Book of Chess for Children

      Our Price: $14.95
      Chess is great for developing a child's analytical skills, fostering the competitive instinct—and having fun. Nothing beats this cute, character-based guide for teaching youngsters how to play. Jess and Jamie—two rough-and-tumble, chess-obsessed kids—explain it all: what the pieces are and how they move; the opening, middlegame, and endgame; checkmate; and sneaky tricks that win. The book's friendly, entertaining, and essential to any child's bookshelf. Learn More

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