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  1. Ishi Press (10)
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  15. Chess Evolution (1)
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  17. Everything Basics (1)
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  1. AN - Algebraic (2)
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  1. David MacEnulty (1)
  2. Fred Reinfeld (1)
  3. Susan Polgar (1)

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    How to Beat Your Kids at Chess
    An Adult Beginner's Guide to Chess - 2nd Edition
    Catalog Code: B0063RE

    How to Beat Your Kids at Chess is a book that truly starts at the beginning, with the most basic idea of all: the straight line. This book offers clear explanations, opportunities to practice each concept before moving on, and a systematic progression of ideas.

    How to Beat Your Kids at Chess

    How to be a Winner at Chess
    21st Century Edition
    Catalog Code: B0065RE

    The Essence of Good Chess The incomparable Fred Reinfeld is back in print! This new 21st-century edition is presented in modern algebraic notation in a double-column format, with more diagrams and a refresher course for beginners. How to be a Winner at Chess is among the very best introductory chess books ever produced, bar none. In it Reinfeld manages to capture the essence of good chess in a most readable, enjoyable, easy-to-grasp format. How to be a Winner at Chess is designed for the average player who knows the moves and rules but not much more. Warning! - you have to be able to read! Let Fred Reinfeld, the master wordsmith and instructor take you to the next level - in short turn you into a winner.

    How to be a Winner at Chess

    Learn Chess the Right Way
    Book 1 - Must-Know Checkmates
    Catalog Code: B0085RE

    Learn Chess the Right Way is a five-volume chess puzzle book series aimed at the novice, beginner and intermediate level player, using the unique methods of the award-winning coach and former world champion Susan Polgar. In Book 1, the focus is on one-move checkmate exercises. In each of the first five chapters, a specific piece delivers the checkmate.
    New Product!

    Learn Chess the Right Way


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