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      The Most Valuable Skills in Chess
      From the Basic Moves to Winning Your First Game - And Beyond
      Catalog Code: B0138GB

      This book makes his ideas and material available to all: teachers and students alike. He has been called the Tiger Woods of chess. In 1999, Maurice Ashley became the first African-American to qualify for the elite Grandmaster title, an achievement that was widely reported in the international media, including Time magazine, USA Today, New York Times, Sports Illustrated and The Times (London).

      The Most Valuable Skills in Chess

      Our Price: $17.95
      Chess for Children
      How to Play the World's Most Popular Board Game
      Catalog Code: B0157GB

      With this charming book, children will delight in learning the basic moves of chess - the most popular and challenging strategy game of all. All the rules of chess are clearly explained, step by step, assuming no prior knowledge. The lessons are reinforced by the inventive tales that George is told by his pet alligator Kirsty, self-proclaimed Grand Alligator of chess.

      Chess for Children

      Our Price: $16.95
      How to Beat Your Dad at Chess
      Including the 50 Deadly Checkmates
      Catalog Code: B0056GB

      This is not just a book for kids - for 'Dad' read any opponent who beats you regularly! This book teaches the 50 Deadly Checkmates - basic attacking patterns that occur repeatedly in games between players of all standards. Each mating motif is carefully and simply explained, and several illustrative examples are given. A final test enables the reader to grade his pattern recognition abilities, and the last chapter explains what to do if your Dad is Garry Kasparov. Fun, instructive - and guaranteed to improve your game.

      How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

      Our Price: $16.95

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