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    2002 2011 2002 to 2011
    1. Ishi Press (10)
    2. Everyman Chess (8)
    3. Mongoose Press (8)
    4. Simon and Schuster (4)
    5. Russell Enterprises (3)
    6. Gambit Publishing (3)
    7. Cardoza Chess (3)
    8. Chess Information (2)
    9. New in Chess (2)
    10. Batsford Chess (2)
    11. Self Published (1)
    12. Everything Basics (1)
    13. US Chess Federation (1)
    14. Chess Detective (1)
    15. Random House (1)
    16. Chess Evolution (1)
    17. Dover Chess (1)
    18. Quality Chess (1)
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    1. AN - Algebraic (3)
    1. Jacob Cantrell (1)
    2. Judee Shipman (1)
    3. Roz Katz (1)

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      Start Playing Chess Today!
      A Quick and Easy Guide to Chess!
      Catalog Code: B0054CZ

      Take large diagrams, straightforward instruction and helpful tips and quizzes—and what do you have? The winning formula for a quick and easy way to play chess today. Perfect for players new to the game, the author explains the basics of chess and each piece's characteristics —how they move, their relative value and how they can be used to checkmate opponents.

      Start Playing Chess Today!

      Our Price: $8.95
      Portable Chess Coach
      Learn How to Play and Win at Chess in One Easy Reading!
      Catalog Code: B0004CZ

      This entertaining guide for beginners of all ages is like a human chess coach. It clearly explains the basic rules and moves, opening strategies, middle game and endgame, plus the basic tactics and combinations to give you the winning edge. As you glide through the text, Judee helps you along with review questions, practice puzzles, and instructive games, and shows you the ten most common beginner's mistakes.

      Portable Chess Coach

      Our Price: $9.95
      The Basics of Winning Chess
      One Quick Reading Shows You How to Be a Winner!
      Catalog Code: B0020CZ

      Nine information-packed chapters and twenty-two diagrams show beginning players how to play and win at chess in one quick and easy reading. You'll learn the moves of the pieces, the rules and principles of play, the standard openings, as well as chess notation.

      The Basics of Winning Chess

      Our Price: $4.95

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