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CD - Anthology of Chess Combinations

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One of the most popular books on tactics and combinations ever released is now available on CD for the first time. The third edition of the Anthology of Chess Combinations features several major changes introduced by the Chess Informant Editorial Board, the main one being that it has been divided into two main parts featuring instructive and practical examples. As a foundation for the first part, the previous edition of the Anthology has been used with original classification keys pertaining to fundamental tactical motifs. The second part has been created to incorporate the elements of a workbook. More recent examples have been added and subdivided into three groups to maintain clear-cut structure. Each group has three difficulty levels without any classification keys, to make sure that the prospective solver cannot benefit from any hints. The third edition of the Anthology of Chess Combinations with 2,709 examples will help readers have a greater appreciation of the art of combinational chess and a fundamental understanding of how it can be achieved. Chess Informant Solver’s Kit Chess Informant Solver’s Kit is a sophisticated application designed for self-testing. It comes bundled with the CD version of the third edition of the Anthology of Chess Combinations. The user is provided with self-testing functionality along with features such as searching combinations, viewing in HTML format, exchanging subsets with other users and so on. Months, even years of enjoyment! Test your tactical ability by solving some of the greatest chess combinations in history!

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